Secret Ride

I wanted to be tied,
I wanted to be teased,
He wanted to get me,
To his knees.
Oh so wet,
Oh so hard,
Wanting to scream,
Till I see stars.
One little whip,
One little sting,
Makes little you.
Jump on a spring.
You say it’s a pulse,
It responds to a beat,
What is it called,
If I’m in heat?
Watch it glisten,
Watch it shine,
Twinkling diamonds,
Rolling behind.
To my back,
Massage the mounds,
Deepening moans,
Intensified sounds.
You wanted to play,
I wanted to see,
With tightening ropes,
On a Malabo breeze.
Is it time?
To take it there.
Wicked smiles,
Devilish glare,
This is our secret.
No, it’s not.
We have to keep it.
Not if you hit that spot.
Time has run out.
I’m wound tight on a sting.
It’s time to do,
This devilish thing.
Once we are done.
And all has been tried.
No one knew,
I took that ride.

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