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Second Half of the Haircut

This is chapter 2 of 2 chapters in the series Haircut

Sam returned to the barbershop the next day to finish his uncompleted half haircut. 


“Here he is…” I announced playfully as my new favorite client walked through the door. He’s got a spring in his step and looks unusually giddy for a guy with half a haircut. 

“Morning Laureen…err…I see you have help today…” He said looking awkwardly at Janet as she stood folding towels at the backwash. I could see the unspoken disappointment on his face and it made me grin widely. This guy is adorable. 

“Oh Sam you know I don’t need help with anything. I’m great at what I do. It’s what keeps guys like you…coming…” I winked enjoying the light flush of his cheeks. I love them timid, love it when they look almost frightened, but most of all I love a dark horse. This guy is certainly that. He looks harmless, shy, but he had no problem ploughing into me yesterday or demanding another appointment for today. 

The thought made me laugh as I studied his unfinished hair cut. But after a few seconds that fire inside me sparked to life. Damn that excitements a rush!! 

“Okay Janet can you wash Sam’s hair for me please and since he’s our favorite customer, we’ll give him the special treatment and extend that massage” I smirked at Sam and ignored Janet’s confusion. She’s so innocent and has that same endearing shyness about her as Sam. She’s a dreamer and constantly talking about being more outgoing. Well today I’m going to give her a crash course in confidence. 

I busied myself with the appointment book while I listened to them chatting about every day crap. It’s cute really as they seem to be really hitting it off. For a split second I wondered if he would take her on a date, but quickly wrote the idea off. After today neither will be interested in the niceties. Life has much more excitement out there. This is what it is and nothing more. A haircut. 

I turned to watch them and Janet’s doing her job very well it would seem. Those jeans of Sam’s hide nothing. I bit my lip looking at the straining erection. Janet’s massages are great, not that she’s aware of that or the effect she has on the opposite sex. 

I walked over and kneeled in front of him. I could have chuckled when I saw Janet’s questioning glance as Sam talks about his job. I winked at her before unzipping his fly. He jumped making me chuckle, but I persisted and being the dark horse he is, he returned his hands to the arm rests. 

“Janet I want you to watch this but don’t stop massaging Sam’s head okay?” I said as though this was a normal daily task I was performing. She nodded looking like a deer in headlights making me want to laugh again. 

I pulled out his cock and ran my tongue up the shaft. I did it again but watched Janet this time. She looks enthralled. I knew it. I knew she would love this. It was like a lottery win for me. Two shy people and hopefully two dark horses. 

Precum oozed out of him and I licked his slit before sucking the tip. He tastes sweet, very fitting for the guy he is. My hunger was getting the better of me with every taste on my tongue. I started to work him. Taking more of him in my mouth as I sucked furiously. Both hands on my hair as he moaned out into the empty salon. 

Just as I knew he would he started to push himself to the back of my throat. I pulled away chuckling as he sat up in outrage almost letting water drip down his face. I straddled him and brought my face just inches from his. Close enough to feel that warm breath on my skin. “Patience baby, I have to finish your haircut…” I teased. He’s no longer interested in such menial things. 

“Okay Janet let’s bring him over to this section and we’ll finish up the back…” I instructed sounding all business, but secretly giddy about what comes next. I love my job. 

“Sh…should I put a gown on him? It’s….it’s just then his….his…will be covered up and you won’t be able to…” Janet looked like she might actually choke on her words as she uncomfortably spat them out. 

“Won’t be able to what?” I asked playing the innocent I never will be. I took the gown from her and wrapped it around Sam. He looks almost as amused as me at poor Janet’s obvious craving for more. He should look happy, he’s about to get top shelf customer service. 

“Janet why don’t you sit up there and show Sam your tattoo…” I started and almost bust into giggles at her shock. She hates her new tattoo as it’s a result of her burning desire to experience more and too much tequila. I ushered her towards the shelf connected to the mirror as she looks a good mixture of petrified and excited. 

I picked up my scissors and snipped away telling Sam all about this tattoo but leaving out where it is. I watched her slip off her panties and discard them as she climbed up on the shelf in front of us. She looked at me for reassurance and I nodded feeling ridiculously excited and horny. My own panties are a good testament to that. 

“Fuck! That’s…err….wow!!” Sam said wide eyed as Janet opened her legs to reveal the picture on her waxed pussy. It is unexpected and only Janet would get a tattoo on her pussy and pick an ice cream cone. I studied her face as Sam studied her “art work” and her smile spoke volumes. 

“Do you like ice cream Sam?” I asked knowing that he picked up the loaded words. The big grin was there  immediately. “Lick her cone. It’s your favorite flavor…” I urged and was surprised myself when he dived straight in there. He’s even hungrier than I am. 

So I snipped at his hair with great difficulty as he devoured his morning treat. Just watching his head move as he licked her pussy made my own cry out for attention. Janet’s moans weren’t helping either as she clung onto the shelf edge as he tongue fucked her. Both her legs rested either side of him. She’s got great legs. Beautiful bronzed pins. 

Unbelievably I was still cutting. It’s bound to be uneven. I doubt he’s going to care or maybe he’ll use it as another excuse for a third appointment. I smiled knowing he probably would. Men are predictable creatures. 

Janet started to tremble and I knew he was ready for the big payload as he grabbed both her thighs in a firm grip and sucked relentlessly as she bucked against him. It was like watching art. A picture that I’d drawn. 

I found myself stepping back to admire it in its full glory. Janet looks spent as Sam sits up and pulls off the gown. “Delicious” he said and my heart pounded.  Shit, shy guy’s gone! He turned to find me as if I was his next prey. 

“I think it’s time we washed your fucking hair!” He smirked as he walked over to me and closed the gap between us. I never had time to think much less respond as he kissed me. Straight away I tasted Janet. Damn maybe that’s my favorite flavor too! 

My earlier thoughts were correct. Shy guy was no more and the real Sam has come out to play. He pulled me towards the backwashes and spun me around so my back was against his chest. “Did you finish it?” He whispered huskily in my ear before biting down on the lobe. 

“Fuck! Err….not yet…” I answered feeling betrayed by my lack of wit. Normally my flirtatious charm never fails me, but Jesus he’s got my head spinning. That warm breath hitting my cheek as he licks along my jaw line. Those hands cupping my tits greedily before working their way down to hitch up my skirt. 

“Not good enough. What am I going to do with you?” He almost snapped but I knew he was just as lost in the moment as me. “Janet I want you to document this. We need to show this girl what happens when she doesn’t do her job properly…” He instructed but it was more like a demand and no one was about to argue with him. 

My heart hammered with excitement as I watched him hand her his phone. Suddenly I felt like the innocent. He’s certainly got a few tricks up his sleeve. Janet smiled almost wickedly making me soak my panties even more. She disappeared then as he pushed me down so I was kneeling on the chair against the sink. My brown waves falling around me as he  hitched my skirt right up to reveal my purple panties. The satin soaked between my thighs. 

“This is how you use your hands” he said and then those digits were fingering my crease. Sweeping up the juices and coating his hand. He tweaked my bud making me moan before he started to finger fuck me. One…two…oh fuck three! I wriggled as he plowed them into me relentlessly. I turned to see Janet filming every detail as Sam worked his magic. Just the feel of his hand slamming against me had my legs shaking in ecstasy. 

“Fuck yeah don’t stop!” I begged just as I had the day before, but he didn’t listen this time and his fingers slipped out as soon as my words did. “No!” I yelled in outrage. This is my show. 

There is no better way to shut me up then how he did. In fact it’s probably one of the only ways to guarantee it. He slammed into me with his cock making me gasp. Gripping my hips as he plowed in again and again. Every thrust making me moan loudly as I gripped the sink to keep me steady. The sound of sex filled the room as his body smacked against mine. 

“Shit!” I yelled in surprise as he yanked my head back by my hair. Pulling it as it wrapped around his fist. This guy knows exactly how to work me. I’m close to exploding and I can’t wait. 

“I’ve always wanted to see these…” I heard Janet before I saw her and I was astounded when she ripped open my blouse to reveal my tits bouncing away in my bra. She licked her lips as she pushed one cup aside and filmed my heavy breast dancing to Sam’s rhythm. Today certainly had been a day full of surprises.  

It was all too much. Better then I imagined. I started to convulse, my body shaking in his firm grip and it was the grunts from him as he blew his load that finished me off. I gave him my honey. Coated his cock as he filled me up with his own treat. It’s been a delicious day for all. 

I turned and sat at the backwash breathless as Sam settled back in his chair. He smirked as he tried to steady his own breathing. I smiled as he picked up the gown again. Can’t knock his persistence. 

“Finish my fucking haircut” he laughed making me and Janet crease up with him. I love my job. 

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