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Sea Witch

 Sea Witch

Earl cradled Daria in his arms, lifting her out of the van.  He carried her up the stairs to the beach house as she ruffled his dark curls.  “You should grow a beard, Earl, or at least some scruff – maybe a few tattoos.”

“Dare,” he responded, “I’m a Navy doctor.  I can’t wander around looking like a street urchin.  Besides, your sister’s not big on ink.  She says she likes me smooth and silky.”

 Daria reached for the doorknob since Earl’s hands were occupied.  “She’s not talking about your face, silly.”

Earl turned several shades of red as he settled Daria into her wheelchair.  “Quit being dirty, Dare.”

“Oh, you love it.  I’ve told you before, you’re marrying the wrong sister.  I could rock your world if you’d give me a chance – I know how to slurp a smoothie.”  Daria spun her wheels on a dime, perusing the flat.  She swirled through the kitchen and into the great room, then back down the hall to the bedrooms.

“I’m going back to help Cari with the luggage,” Earl announced.  “Your room is first on the right and don’t roll out on the balcony until I check it.”

“I’ll roll where I want, pretty doctor!”  Daria whirled into her assigned quarters.  The bedroom was simple and spacious so she could move around freely.  The ensuite bathroom had bars for transfer and stability.  Cari had researched the premises, studied the amenities to suit every need.

In the bedroom corner was a small vanity with a mirror, tiny drawers for Daria’s brushes and makeup, a place for her catheters – and a book.  Sea Witch by Anon Imus.  ‘How ridiculous,’ thought Daria.  She had seen a similar title months earlier on Amazon but had neglected to download it.  Her Kindle was packed to the brim.  Reading had been Daria’s primary activity since the accident, her escape from reality.

She flipped through the pages.  The book was hardbound and heavy.  There were sketches of characters – pirates!  Beautiful maidens.  Swashbuckling adventurers, murderous thieves, rape and pillaging.  ‘Perhaps I’ll read this later,’ she considered. 

“Daria!  Where you be?”  Cari walked through the bedroom door, rolling Daria’s suitcase.  “You like it – your room?”

“It’s fine.”  Daria placed the book on the vanity.

“You don’t look too excited, sweet sister.”  Cari plopped the suitcase on the bed, unzipped it and unpacked the contents into assorted piles.

“You can quit babying me, Cari.  I can do that myself.  Besides, I might have something in there I don’t want you to see.”

“Like what?  A bottle of scotch?  A big dildo?”

“So, what if I got both?” Daria snooted.  “Your dildo carries your luggage.  Some of us can’t run around picking up doctors.”

Cari folded her arms across her chest.  “Are we going back through this?  Dammit, Daria, I bust my ass finding the perfect beach bungalow, and I don’t even get a thank you – just more crap about Earl.”

“You deserve it, Cari, but I’m done arguing.  And thanks for bringing me on your fuck-fest.  Don’t worry.  I’ll wear my earbuds every night, so scream your heart out.”

Cari sat down on the bed.  “Dare, did you seriously think you had a shot at Earl?  I’m just being realistic here.”

“He was my doctor, Cari.  Not yours.  And, yea, he liked me, even if I couldn’t walk.  He promised I would…one day.”

“Firstly, doctors can’t date their patients,” Cari retorted.

“I’m not his patient anymore, Miss Board of Medical Ethics.”

“Fine.  I’m done,” Cari cringed, raising her hands in surrender.  “I stole your boyfriend.  We’re getting married, and you are my maid of honor, full military regalia.  Would you like to hit the beach or sit up here and sulk?”

“Sulk on the beach,” she replied.

Daria sat in her lounge chair, scanning her novel.  The tide circled her feet as the sun descended.  Across the horizon, she saw something odd – a ship – a dark silhouette, large and stately with masts and sails, like nothing she’d seen on the ocean.


“Hey, do you guys see that?”

Cari and Earl were wrapped in a blanket on the sand, oblivious and uninhibited.  Daria removed her earbuds, confirming her suspicions. 

“Oh, shit!  Oh fuck!  Yea, right there, Earl.  C’mon, harder!” 

Daria replaced her earbuds and went back to her book.


“Here she be, captain, the admiral’s youngest daughter, Leena, just as ye requested.”  The crew forced the beauty down to her knees.

Errol fisted the young girl’s hair, jerking her head back.  “Did ye think to escape my wrath, little wench, playin me a fool fer yer female persuasion just to run back to daddy with all me secrets?  Strip er down mates!”

The men viciously ripped off her dress and undergarments, tearing them to shreds.  Observing from the corner was Leena’s older sister, sworn in allegiance to the captain and his crew, the pirate’s lover for all eternity.

“Don’t ye worry, lass – ye won’t be needin no clothes fer the evenin banquet, and there be plenty cock left fer yer noble, pink pussy once we finish fuckin yer mouth!”


Cari washed Daria’s back in the shower as she did every night at home.  Daria despised her dependency, but options were limited.  She still couldn’t manage every need on her own.  “I’m sorry, Cari, about this afternoon.”

Cari hesitated briefly, then continued her gentle scrubbing.  “It’s okay, Dare.  I know it’s hard.  I shouldn’t have said some things…”

“You’re right, Cari.  I’ll never find a man who wants me.”

Cari put down the loofah.  “I never said that.  You’re beautiful, Daria.  Nothing has changed that.  Someone will come along.  You’ll fall in love.”

“I am in love.”

Cari looked at her sister.  The shower rained down on her gorgeous body.  Though her legs had slightly deteriorated since the accident, they were still full and muscular.  It occurred to Cari that if Daria posted a nude on Tinder, guys would never recognize she was paraplegic.  “You’re in love with Earl?”

Daria nodded affirmatively.  “I’m sorry.  I can’t help how I feel.”

Cari gave her a sisterly hug.  “What do you want, Daria?”

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “I mean…is there any way…could you just ask if he…would you mind if we…”

Cari blew out a breath, then smiled.  “I wouldn’t mind, Daria.  Would it bother you, though, if I’m there – assuming he agrees?”

“I want you there, Cari.  Do you really think he would consider it?”

“You already know he’s attracted to you, Dare.  I’m more concerned about controlling my jealousy than whether he’ll agree to fuck you.”

Lying in her bed, Daria opened her novel.  The pages seemed to turn themselves.


“Ye sister be full o cum.”  Errol pulled his thick shaft from Leena’s raw, ruined rectum.  Semen seeped across the girl’s gaping gash.  “She be worn as a rudder on a rocky coast – no use fer nothin but shark bait.”

“What now will you do with my beloved sister, Errol?  I love you.  I will always be with you.”  The older sister kissed the captain and fondled his flaccid prick, licking the remnants of semen from her fingers.

“I’ll take er to the deck fer floggin, sweet girl.  Whip er till she wilts.  Feed her piece by piece to the fishes.  Now, prove yer devotion, lassie, as ye sister failed miserably to do.  Suck my cock clean as ye watch her die.”

“Tie my naked sister to the mast, my captain.  Whip her till you’re satisfied she’s dead.  I will suck your salty dick until I drain your balls dry.”


The following morning, Earl draped Daria over his shoulder, ass to his cheek, and hauled her down to the beach.  He could smell her desire as he laid her on a blanket, unclipping her bikini top and slathering her back with sunscreen.

“Cari told me what you want,” Earl whispered.  He fondled Daria’s teenage globes, squeezing them firmly till her small nipples peaked.  “I’ve been wanting you again since the ‘accident’.  I’ve been missing this.”

“Cari should be here,” Daria softly objected.

“She needn’t see everything, Dare.  She needn’t know what I’ve done.”

Daria lacked the strength to refuse.  Earl kissed her as he hooked his forefinger through the crotch of her Nylon bottoms, pulling the material aside and bending to taste her.  He nibbled and kneaded her modest breasts, swirling his thumb round her sensitive clit as he pumped two digits inside her.  She was creamy in seconds.

“You’re so fucking wet, Dare!  Your sister likes to taste herself.”  Earl offered his slimy fingers to Daria’s mouth.  She sucked them obediently.

“She likes this?” Daria asked.  Earl nodded with a smile.  “What else does she like?”  Earl slid his dripping digits down Daria’s crack, probing her tight starfish entrance.

“She loves it when I fuck her up the ass.”

“Then do it, Earl, but please take it slow.  I can feel everything.  I just can’t move my legs.”

Suddenly, there was a shadow.

“I thought I told you both to wait for me!”  Cari glared at her sister with dagger eyes.

“Yea, she took off her top, just begging for it, babe.  She asked me to suck her tits,” Earl lied. 

Daria was caught off guard.  “I didn’t do…I didn’t say…” she stammered.

“Shut up, bitch!  What was she saying when I first walked up, Earl?”  Cari slipped out of her bikini.

“She wanted me to fuck her up the ass, babe.  She insisted I do everything that I usually do for you.”

“But I didn’t…” Daria refuted.

“Shut up, I said!”  Cari clamped her hand over her sister’s mouth.  “I’m sick of hearing it.  You want to get fucked, Daria?  Alright, then.  Spread her flaccid legs till you split her slutty seam, Earl.  That’s the beauty of banging a cripple – no resistance.  Spread them like she did for that quarterback.  Remember him, Daria?  Josh Broaden?  The guy you fucked on the football field the night after homecoming. Did you suck him off taking you home?  He drove off a cliff, dead on arrival; you were paralyzed in a ditch, his black dick in your mouth.”

“Damn, Cari, your sister’s a skank.”  Earl splayed Daria’s thighs like a wishbone.  “Suck this cock, dirty slut, before I shove it up your chute!  You’ll want to lube it first.”

Daria looked up at Earl, his prick down her throat as the sky turned darker with clouds.  His features seemed to change, no longer clean shaven.  Tattoos appeared on his face.

Kneeling behind Earl, Cari positioned his erection between her sister’s pale cheeks.  “Fuck the little wench!  Hard and deep.  Stretch her tiny butthole till it bleeds!”  Cari cupped Earl’s ass in her hands, nudging him rhythmically with a series of thrusts, shoving him balls deep to the edge of eruption.  His scrotum was screaming when Cari handed him the dildo; a thick, black replica with ridges and veins, compliments of Daria’s beach bag.

“What the hell?” Earl gasped, struggling to keep pace.

“That’s your patient’s quiet fetish, Earl.  Black cock.  Her backstage boyfriend in high school.”  Daria shook her head as if denying the accusation, unable to speak.  “Slam it in her cunt,” Cari commanded.  “I want to see her paint it with cum.”

Daria recognized the feeling.  She had felt it once before that night after homecoming, that feeling of fullness, that shattering climax.  Not one, but two cocks.  Not one, but two studs – a lascivious truce – two massive explosions with rivers of semen.  Her terrible secret.

 She was full beyond belief, both holes being pounded, creaming on a black throbbing shaft up her slit.  White sperm up her ass.  Headlights and a blaring horn.  The memory of two jealous lovers.

“You’re a murderer, Earl…”


“She be turnin pirate, captain.  She be turnin sea witch.  She be gathrin her pieces and the pieces of ships. 

She be buildin a vessel.  She be sailin the waves.  She be comin fer ya, captain.  It be vengeance she craves. 

Best ye be off.


The ghostly woman emerged from the tide and foam.  “Errol,” she whispered.  “I’ve come for you, Errol,” dragging him backwards into the surf – into the blue beyond – pulling him by the hair, screaming.

“Leena!” the man cried as she pulled him under water.

“He promised your legs,” she whispered to Daria…voice from the mist.  “A captain keeps his promises.”

Daria arose and walked to the ocean as Cari watched in disbelief.  She picked up a ship’s plank floating in the waves.  It was etched with the name of a book.


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