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Sam’s kitchen fun (#6)

Sam and Tom got back from their run.  By now, their runs had generally become pure runs – after their first sex-filled running encounter, although if the opportunity arose, they weren’t afraid to rise to it!

I [Tom] had previously asked Sam if Kate, her flatmate, was seeing anyone.  Sam said she wasn’t, but one night after a few drinks, that she [Sam] had persuaded Kate to go onto the dating sites and hunt for FWB as she was not into hookups.  It turned out that Kate had struck lucky and found Pete, who she’d been out with on a few [vertical and horizontal] dates.

When we got back to Sam’s house, we could hear moaning and groaning. 

Tom said, “I didn’t think Kate was in tonight?” 

Sam said, “Neither did I, but it seems that Kate is doing Pete in the lounge.” 

I replied, “What happens if one of you catches the other at it?” 

Sam said that it rarely happened, but she went in the back door and fingered herself until Kate was finished.

I hadn’t paid much attention to Kate’s figure until now, but through the door glass, I could see Kate riding Pete reverse Cowgill.  Her breasts were probably DDs – a bit smaller than Sam’s, and Kate’s pussy was shaven – and filled with Pete’s sheathed dick.  Looking at Kate and Pete fucking, made my cock grow, and I could see Sam starting to finger herself.

I took Sam by the hand, and we walked round to the kitchen door.  On the way, I asked her how “open” she was with Kate.  Sam said there were times when they’d been naked in the house – but nothing sexual between them.

Sam gently unlocked and then opened the door.  We walked in holding hands and gently closed the door.  Sam took my hand and said, “You said ..” and put my hand down her running shorts.  In the background, we could hear Kate and Pete going harder.  My hand found Sam’s wet pussy and started rubbing it.  Sam slid her hand down my shorts and found my hard cock and started stroking it.  Sam leaned over and put her tongue into my open mouth, and I returned the kiss and started Frenching.  My fingers were probing deeper into Sam’s pussy as her hand was stroking my cock harder.

In the background, we could hear Kate’s horny moans as Pete fucked her harder. 

Sam said, “fuck me,” and undid my shorts ties and then dropped my shorts.  I took my hand out of her pussy and pulled down her shorts.

Sam then pulled off my top, and I reached under her tight top and briefly fondled her tits before lifting it completely off.  Now, we were completely naked against the kitchen wall with the horny Kate and Pete fucking in the background.

We resumed kissing, and I put my cock against Sam’s pussy and started rubbing her wet entrance.  The background fucking noise was getting louder as Kate seemed to be on the verge of cumming – this was turning us on knowing that a couple was fucking nearby. 

Sam stood up a bit higher and guided my cock into her wet pussy.  I dropped down a slight bit and pushed up. Now my cock was deep in Sam’s pussy, and my tongue was in her mouth.  Sam’s nipples were pushing against my chest. Our Frenching deepened as I started thrusting into Sam. We could hear Kate groaning as she started cumming.  This made Sam and I even hornier: my cock was growing, and Sam’s pussy started to grip my cock harder.

We heard, “FUCK .. FUCK . FUCK ..” as Kate came on Pete. 

Sam kissed me harder, and I thrust deeper into Sam.  Sam kissed me harder, which I returned, and her pussy squeezed my cock.  I thrust deeper and faster into Sam and her pussy started squeezing me harder as my balls started to tighten.  Sam started to moan as her pussy started pulsing my cock.  My balls started to twinge as I started to cum into Sam.  In return, Sam squeezed my cock and pulsated as she orgasmed.

Just as we finished cumming, Kate walked into the kitchen: naked.  I could see Kate’s nipples were erect and that her shaved pussy was dripping with her cum. She yelled out in surprise as she saw Sam and I still doing our post-sex make-out with me still inside Sam.  I wondered what to do – stay in Sam or come out.

Kate said, “I didn’t know you were here.” 

Sam slid off me: her pussy was dripping with my cum, and her nipples were still hard and said, “We heard you and Pete so we went into the kitchen to make out and got carried away.”

Kate had turned red by this point.  Sam said, “Why don’t we do a couples dinner?” and her finger reached down and scooped out some of my cum from her pussy and she guided it to my mouth. 

Kate looked stunned, and Sam said, “But we stay in our couples when we eat: it’s good fun.” 

Kate replied, “OK,” and called for Pete to come into the kitchen.  Pete who came in and was rather wary of seeing the naked Sam and I, but rather stiffly (unlike a part of his body) introduced himself to us.

Sam and I decided to have a shower while Kate and Pete started dinner.  Sam and I went into the bathroom and went into the shower together. In the shower, we started making out again.  My hands started roaming over Sam’s wet body and I could feel her nipples harden.  At the same time, Sam was washing me down and paying good attention to my dick with her hands. I said to Sam “Do we want more now – or wait until dinner and show them?” 

Sam leant down and kissed my cock and said, “Dinner.”

We left the shower and towelled off.  We walked into the kitchen, naked, and found Kate and Pete also naked, making out in the corner.  We could see Pete’s cock growing as Kate fondled it and Kate’s DD nipples bouncing.

Sam took me by the cock and led me to the sink.  She leaned in and open-mouth kissed me while moving my cock to her pussy.  I returned the kiss and slid my cock along the outside of Sam’s pussy as we Frenched deeper, and my cock started rubbing it.

Sam’s pussy was soon wet due to our making out and my cock’s rubbing. She guided me to a chair and leaned over me so her tits were dangling over my mouth. I took one of her tits and started sucking as Sam’s hands found my cock and started fondling it. Sam leaned in, and her wet pussy started rubbing up and down my erect cock as I kept sucking on her growing areolas.

We saw Pete slide into Kate, and Kate start to moan as he started to fuck her. For a shy person, Kate was getting more adventurous.

By now, my cock was rock hard, and we were kissing faster. Sam dropped down and slid into me. I looked over and could see Kate and Pete making out harder. Pete was pounding her pussy harder and harder. Seeing Kate and Pete fuck made me harder, and Sam’s Frenching and squeezing my cock caused me to get even harder.

Sam was riding me up and down as I fondled her tits. This seemed to be affecting Kate too, as we could hear her increasingly loud moans as Pete pounded her harder. By now, Sam and I were frenching very hard as her pussy squeezed my cock harder.

Kate started groaning, “FUCK .. FUCK .. FUCK,” as she started orgasming.

Sam kissed me harder, and I felt her pussy squeezing me as I felt my cock start to twitch as our kissing intensified. Soon, my cock was spasming as I shot my load into Sam. Sam gave me a long, passionate kiss.

A few minutes later, Kate walked over, her pussy dripping Pete’s cum, but her DD nipples were still erect. My cock started to stiffen at the sight. Maybe, we could switch partners next time?

Kate said to Sam, “screwing in the same room as you two was fun.”

Sam said, “Let’s really cook dinner this time, then see what’s for after’s.”

Kate just nodded.

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