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Sam (#7): Return To Peninsula Park (2/2)

RECAP: We were at Peninsula park, having just had our third threesome of the day against a semi submerged rock.

We swam into the cove and continued until our hands hit the soft sand, then we pulled up and walked to the beach.  Our clothes were clinging showing their full busts which I playfully groped and so my growing cock also showed which they playfully fondled as we walked up.

As we stood, getting our blood pressure sorted, I Frenched Kate with my dick pressing against her crotch. Sam came from behind and started kissing her neck, then I unclicked the collar strap of Kate’s pack and Sam’s hands wandered over Kate’s bust and removed the shoulder strap, then wandered down and undid the waist strap. 

We carried on Frenching. As we began to strip Kate, her hands dove into my bottoms and started handing my cock, Sam’s hands wandered inside Kate’s bra, massaging her growing tits and nipples, then she unzipped it and dropped it.   As we were doing this, Kate untied my shorts and pulled them down exposing my cock which she continued to hand, and she was moaning gently at the pleasure of getting double-teamed.

Sam moved down to Kate’s shorts and started fingering her as I kissed Kate’s tits, then she dropped the shorts which she shed, and I briefly ran my cock over her wet entrance then gave several short thrusts as I pushed up causing more moans.

Sam and Kate switched places and I locked lips with my sexy girlfriend as Kate started neck kissing Sam and started to fondle her tits, then quickly stripped her pack off.  This time, I fondled Sam’s pussy inside her shorts as Kate fondled and her tits inside.  We stripped Sam simultaneously and still kissing her, I rubbed Sam’s pussy with my cock then thrusted several times, receiving a hard kiss.

Now, I got treated.  Sam carried on kissing me lustily as I stayed inside her gently probing as Kate kissed my neck and their hands quickly stripped me of my pack, then unzipped and pulled my top off.  

Kate dropped down and pulled me out of Sam, then she joined Kate in both kissing my cock with their lips touching in the middle.  “This cock is just the right size: long enough and wide enough to fill a pussy often, but not too big and wide that too much of it hurts,” Kate said, having had five doses of it in under 24 hours so far.  

Sam kissed Kate back, then briefly throated the growing organ it as Kate took my balls.  Then they switched.

Now it was lunch time.  Knowing what would happen next, I held back as they bent down to start unloading their bags.  

As I thought, I was presented with a pair of open clits. Licking my fingers, I put two into each bum hole and pushed all the way Kate while fingerling their bums faster and deeper.  They turned inwards and began kissing as I switched to her open bum and fucked gently and further each time, causing ooohs while still opening Sam up and now fingering her wet pussy.

I exited Kate and entered Sam’s open bum, fingering hers and Kate’s pussies as I went halfway in, then exited and gave Sam a few full thrusts.

They put their sandwiches on the bag, then they sat on the sand next to the bag, legs entwined, and pussies touching and started making out and grinding.

I put my bag next to the horny pair and took out my sandwiches.  I leaned in and Kate said, “Carrot, yum” and grabbed it in her lips.  Sam also grabbed it and, again, their lips met as the licked their secretions off it, their pussies grinding harder and a few moans emitting, causing me to thicken and widen in their lips.

I passed in a sandwich which they grabbed in their teeth and ate into until they kissed again, and I repeated this.

Kate slid out, got up and kissed me, then pushed me down.  She stood over me and slid hard onto my erect cock, causing a loud ooh as I hit her entrance, then top and Frenched me as she landed.  We sat there briefly, screwing and Frenching, then Sam passed in a sandwich which we ate while fucking harder.   

She stood up, turned around and put my cock in her bum as she sat down and started riding it slowly.  Sam wrapped her legs around us and fed Kate another sandwich, kissing as I anal’ d Kate deeper until I was fully in Kate, causing her to moan gently.

They swapped places as Sam gently sat her bum on my cock and worked my cock up her bum while they ate another sandwich and kissed until they were Frenching hard and riding my cock thicker and deeper.  Sam said to Kate, “He’s going to cum again,” and got off. 

Kate fronted me this time and her bum slid onto my cock, and she kissed me hard as my fat cock slid all the way up. Sam was kissing her neck and fondling her tits as we Frenched harder as she rode my hardening cock, and I thrusted up her bum to catch her.  I could feel her pussy twinge as my cock twinged precum into her bum.  Another, harder, twinge caused me to shoot another load up her and we Frenched deeper still as Sam’s hands roughed her tits, causing more twinges and a final load.  She said, “I’ve never had a load in my bum before,” and kissed me.

I stayed inside, as we all alternated kissing.

We moved onto eat the bananas, still kissing each other all over.

I got the sunscreen out and gave some to Sam.  I started at the top of Kate, massaging it in as Sam worked up.  I paid special attention to her bust and engorged nipples as Sam massaged around her clit where we met, kissed, and jointly fingered Kate, causing her to twinge and moan loudly.  My free hand was fingering Sam’s pussy and hers was doing my cock hard.

Kate took her turn on Sam as, again I massaged the cream in going hard on her nipples as Kate went hard on Sam’s pussy where we made out.  Now Sam got a full fingering, and it was her turn to moan and twinge as our free hands did the other’s bit.

They now took their turn on me, Kate going down and Sam going up.  They met in the middle and had another dose of my carrot, taking turns for one to throat and one to balls.

We laid out on the beach sexed out and chatted, taking turns to roll on each other to kiss and gently ride each other, which wasn’t difficult for me as being around these two, naked, busty girls, my cock remained hard, so it got ridden a few times. If Sam was riding, Kate was either kissing me or kissing Sam’s tits and vice versa.

This was playful sex, rather than sex to orgasm sex.

It was now 230 and we decided that we would have a naked swim before leaving.  I got up and they grabbed my cock and licked it clean of their juices, playfully nipping it with their teeth to grow it.

We walked into the water and washed each other down thoroughly, concentrating on nipples, entrances and cock while kissing each other.  All 6 hands were fully engaged in the cleaning.

With a final kiss, Kate freestyled off, then started back sculling as her breasts floated in the water.

I grabbed Sam and lifted her onto my erect cock, hitting her entrance on the way in and then slamming my balls against it as I went all the way.  She closed her legs around my waist with a gentle moan and said, “Naughty, we agreed that this is about Kate,” and kissed me hard with a love-making kiss as she her pussy clenched me.  

With Kate looking on and her breasts floating, we kissed hard and fast, thrusting as Sam clenched harder and gently moaned as my cock excited her.  Then she unclenched her legs and kissed me.

We swam off after Kate and I caught up with her, grabbing her waist and pushing her onto my cock like with Sam and causing her to oomh as I hit her hard.  Kate wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist and we kissed gently in our Sex Kiss and fast as I thrusted into her with her pushing against me.

Sam back sculled around us, likewise with her bust floating which turned us on. Our kissing and thrusting against each other accelerated as my Sam-hardened cock grew and filled her, stimulating her pussy to twinge and gentle but harder oomhs as I kept hitting her spot.  We were now kissing and screwing hard and fast as she let a final oomh as her pussy clenched on me causing a gentle twitch and fire from me.

We stood there kissing as Sam came over and we engaged in a three-way make out with Kate still on my hard, but slightly softening cock. Kate said”, That was a horny fuck … especially horny one,” and kissed us in turn.

Sam said, “Water sex is really hot,” and kissed me hard, then a mouth kiss for Kate.

Kate disengaged and we leisurely swam for 10 minutes, then headed back to the beach.  We put on our semi dry clothes, kissing each other, and checking for fit, then put our packs and googles on and armed our watches.

We swam out of the cove, blissfully sexed but energised for the swim, turning right out, and tracking the coast close so we could find the beachlet for Letchy’s Exit.  

On dry land, they adjusted their tops for breathing as my cock came up for air at the sight of their slightly exposed busts and visible nipples in the wet tops.

We stowed our googles and swapped them for glasses as we walked slowly up the steps, building our blood pressure and aligning our balance.  Then it was a gentle 4k along the ridge and down to the car park.

At the car, I dismantled the MirrorSafe and extracted the key.  We grabbed our dry gear and walked to the toilets. The car park was sparsely used, and nobody was about, so we headed for the open shower.

We dropped our packs and stood under the shower heads, letting the cool tank water run over our clothed bodies and pushing our tops and bottoms out slightly so the refreshing liquid would run between our skin and the clothing.  I leaned over to the middle and kissed Sam, tuned around and kissed Kate.

Soo, we were play kissing under the showers.

A mother and boy came into view, stopping our kissing as we turned off the shower. We heard a squeak, “Is that those Europeans we saw earlier at the cafe?”

I could see mum giving us a beady eye in our clinging clothes and she replied, “Yes seems to be them.  They must have been for a run as they look verrry fit,” and gave us a sly glance as she walked off.

The changing rooms were deserted and there was one labelled FAMILY so we grabbed our gear, headed in and bolted the door so we could change together.

I kissed Sam, then Kate as our hands wandered over each other and the took their turn to kiss.  We quickly undressed and stood naked on the floor as we gathered our towels from the bags.  I took the opportunity of two exposed holes to quickly insert myself into Kate and gave her a few play fucks causing a moan as they kissed, then entered Sam and ground against her as they continued to kiss.

They leant over and gave my cock a quick clean with their mouths, then stood up and kissed me so I could taste the juices.

We towelled each other off diligently ensuring that every part of everyone was dry.

Sam reached into her bag and pulled out a plastic box.  She opened it and whipped out a Mint Creme which she put in her mouth and presented to me.  I took it mid-way and our lips met as we ate it.  My cock tip hit her pussy as Kate fed in another biscuit causing my cock to gently push up.

Sam reached over, inserted another into her teeth and fed Kate one.  They kissed as I gently played her entrance. 

Kate reached into the tin and grabbed a biscuit, nodding to me.  I turned, putting my cock into her entrance and grabbed the biscuit, pushing in as we ate, kissed and my cock ate her pussy.  Sam fed another into us as we kissed and prodded.  I gave a final push as Sam fed in the last creme causing us to kiss harder as I ground my cock into her.  As we made out, grinding against each other causing her to clench on me, Sam fingered herself deeper.  I felt Kate’s increasingly frequent pulses squeezing my cock causing me to thicken and widen and my balls to tighten.  I was surprised that I had any cum left, but a busty bird will always ensure that I’m loaded.

We could see Sam fingering fast and deep as we kissed harder and fucked faster with my balls grinding against her entrance as I filled her depths.  She now did long, hard twinges causing my balls to shoot precum into her.  She kissed me harder and twinged like she was strangling me, causing a slug of cum to shoot into her and she ooowed at the result. 

Sam was smiling as her wet pussy was now wide open with her fingering and came over and kissed me as I shot my final load into Kate, causing Sam to cum and moan as we all apexed.  Then she wrapped her arms around us

We stood there engaging in a shared post-cum make out.

Then we got dressed, commando as usual and exited the changing room for the car.

I selected Chris Rhea’s On the Beach as the starter with the dink, dink, dink tune keeping us awake, then continued with the gruff northerner’s Road to Hell album, though this had been the On and Off the Beach and Road to Horniness for us.

We were very sexed out now, but very awake from the last lust.  We decided to OrderIn from Khan restaurant near my office.  Just as we arrived at the waterfront, Kate used the app to order and set a delay on 30 minutes saying, “Time to clean up, hot shower first,” and tickled the back of our necks.

We tossed our wet clothes into the front loader in the garage and stripped our clothes off, then turned it on.

Sam led me by the cock and Kate by the hand to the shower.


Upon entering together, I tuned on the pressuriser and set the diverter to RAIN + ROSE and let the powerful jets of warm water cleanse us as we kissed and hand scrubbed, again ensuring every hole and mound was spotless.

We exited and towelled off.  Just as we concluded, the bell rang.  Kate was nearest the door and said, “I’ll go” and ran off, still naked, but we were close behind her.

She answered the door to the OrderIn guy and recognised him from a few months ago at her place.  She moved in and kissed him playfully on the lips saying, “You again.” This poor teenager went white as a sheet at the repeat experience and recoiled, running off.  Thankfully, he’d put our dinner on the step before ringing.

Kate turned round and jumped onto my chest, landing hard on my erect cock causing a loud oowww as my cock hit her entrance, then slammed into her top end, causing a pleasant pain, as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, then Sam as she playfully and excitedly rode me briefly.

Sam said smirking, “what random luck that he gets flashed by you again,” and rubbed Kate’s pussy with one hand and my hers with the other.

Kate dropped off me and picked the dinner off the step.

We made our way to the patio and sat naked picnic style feeding each other the naans which we dipped in the hot curries over beer from the fridge.

We put Babylon 5 on the screen. Soon there was a scene where Kosh’s Vorlon ship self-jumps into Hyperspace, but Sinclair’s Alliance ship being less advanced has to use a Jump Gate.

We smiled as we realised that we were now exiting Sex Space and back into Friends (but naked ones) Space again.  Kate could trigger the jump when she wanted to, but she had a reason to.

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