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Sam #11: (1/2) Kate’s post breakup treat

Recap: Tom and Sam had first hooked up whilst they were out running on the waterfront. This soon turned into a full relationship. Four months later, her flatmate Kate had caught them having sex in the kitchen after she had screwed her FB, Pete. Pete had left suddenly, leaving Kate naked and horny, and had ended up in a threesome with Sam and Tom. The “Itch Scratch” as they called it, did not recur.

We had realised that Kate and us were like Kosh’s Vorlon ship on B5: As it could self-initiate a jump to hyperspace, then return to normal space, Kate could initiate a jump to Sex Space. After our Sex Space, we would return to Friend Space.

Four months later though, Kate had ended up screwing Tom hard in the spa, then they had all gone to Peninsula Park for a sex-filled day to unwind.

Kate and Sam’s friendship was as tight as their bodies. They were in the same Year 1 class and had quickly become tight friends in a small class that was unusually close. By age 10, only the wiliest hogget could evade any of the class. By their teens, everyone was capable with a .22, which wasn’t good for the local bunnies. Moreover, they had realised that a pair of possum eyes in the tree meant $5. Sam and Kate were especially good at Possuming. 

Leaving school Sam, Kate, Sarah, Andy, and Hogget had all gone to VU and flatted. Sam and Kate both did Chemical Sciences. They had a few dates, but their view was that “a man that can’t go out to the coop and two hours later present the now-late ex-resident on the table with sides isn’t what we are used to.” Sadly, a lot of the uni guys didn’t know the stove that well, so those relationships that they had, quickly fizzled. They had also had a few flings, but they too never lasted as they were in for the long term whereas the guys wanted a “quick turnover”.

Sam was 3 months older, slightly taller, and a few kilos lighter than Kate. Kate had admitted to me, Tom, shortly after I had met her that “Sam has a slightly lighter personality. I have an ‘edge’ because when we suited up and stepped onto the Puma or -92 heading out to the Platform, we wondered whether the DITCH DRILL we practiced was going to be for real this time.” 

Sam and I hugged her, and I replied, “We all do.’

Kate responded, “Yes, and yours is Jo”, my late fiancé who since I met Sam, I found out had been in some of their classes, “We see you thinking of her sometimes and we know she’s looking down happy that you found Sam. Not sure about the times with me though.”  

At this point, our hug was crushing.

The Massage School was the local college where Therapists could get their qualification and registration. I had first gone there after sustaining yet another injury and I hit it off with the supervisors Drs Jo and Andy as they supervised the students who were treating me. I liked the way they guided the student to hit my problem spots and they liked the way I gave instant feedback rather than either getting beaten up or having a dud session like some other people did. Shortly after I started dating Sam, I took her along for an intro session which she enjoyed, and had then brought along Kate when she was free.

3 months into our relationship, the College had an offer for a four-week Couples course where we would learn the basics of massage and anatomy and practice it in our couples. Sam and Kate had jumped on the idea Kate who had now been coupled with Pete for a short time had persuaded him.  

The course had eight couples. Half of the Practical time would be spent within the couple and the rest we would mix around the group. Drs Jo and Andy had agreed that Sam and I would spend half of the Group time on Kate and Pete and mix the rest. The Trio had enjoyed the time, while Pete was his usual guarded self: he had really done it to keep Kate sweet. 

I had taken up the offer of a discounted massage table and creams early on as Sam was keen on practicing at home.

During the course, I asked Jo and Andy if, given our history here, they could give us some tips on massaging each other. This resulted in a 90-minute session where they showed us the other’s spots and how to massage them out.

From then on, Sam, Kate, and I would regularly lie on the table while someone would massage. Sometimes, a few days after a race, one would take the torso and the other the legs for a faster turnover. However, when it was Sam and I, we would invariably both be naked and there would be “extras.”

A week after Peninsula Park, we had been at my place when they bit the bullet: Kate had got promoted and was going to be away at Long Beach and the Pads more, and Sam and I were together most nights. They decided that Sam would move in with me, Kate into the annexe and that Sam would rent out her place. Two weeks later, they were in, and Sam had tenants.

Meanwhile, Kate had finally scored a six. She had met Bruce at the Engineers Society three months ago and they had become friends, then a few weeks later, started dating at which point she had let Pete go.

It was now four months into Kate and Bruce’s relationship.  

The last night, Sunday, we all had dinner, then Kate and Bruce retired to the annexe for the night but had left very early for work. Bruce had seemed to Sam, and I rather subdued which was unusual. We had discussed it in bed, and she said she’d raise it with Kate at breakfast.

Today was a rarity: we were all working from home. Before dinner, I had set the bread to prove on the bench overnight.

We set the alarms for 630 as it was high tide, and we wanted a speed run and swim. I quickly added the remaining flour to the bread, put it in a tin, and set the bread maker to PROVE+BAKE so we would have fresh bread upon return.

We quickly dressed in our tri gear, and I got to carry the keys, hats, and goggles as I had the only top with pockets. We ran out of the house and along the waterfront to Jersey Bay, turning near Ladies Cove, and reversed course to the beach where I distributed the swim gear. 

We swam for 30 minutes, then ran home and jumped in our showers before dressing and breakfasting in the kitchen and eating the fresh bread. Sam had raised the Bruce Issue. Kate replied, “He’s been a bit off all week, and he definitely was later on.” At that point, work was calling us to our desks, so we loaded the DishDrawer.

Though the day, Sam and I worked in the office area and Kate in the annexe lounge, but we gathered in the kitchen for coffee and lunch. During lunch we briefly chatted about the rest of the week: tomorrow, Sam had a team day in the office, but we would do The Dog (a 5k run originally held there, but now at Doxy’s bar: like a lot of long-time runners, the original name had stuck as a term of art) in the evening as we usually did.

We worked until dinner, then Kate joined us in the lounge and opened a new bottle and we were chatting lightly about the day. Tonight was Hainan Chicken leftovers from last night. 

I had just turned off the hob when Kate’s phone rang. It was Bruce. Kate sat on the sofa, and we could see her mood slam into darkness as we heard her saying, “What … Why … Are you sure” and put the phone on the table once the call had ended. She stood, dazed at the shock.

Sam over and put her arms around Kate. Kate said, “Bruce dumped me. He says he says we can’t see each other enough to make it work long-term. I asked if we could meet to discuss, but he said he’s made his mind up.”

Kate buried her head in Sam’s shoulder, sobbing.

I went over to the kitchen and grabbed the glasses from the bench top and returned to the sofa. Kate released herself from Sam, took her glass and downed it in one hit, and returned it to me. Sam went to the bench to refill as Kate stood up and buried herself in my shoulder as I was 3″ taller than her. She started crying again as I wrapped my arms around her, causing me to start tearing up just as Sam arrived back. Sam loosely held Kate from behind and ran her fingers through Kate’s hair to soothe her.

Kate relaxed her grip on me to take the fresh glass and downed half of it as Sam and I took a slug from our glasses. We held Kate, gently rubbing her hair to soothe her, but regularly loosening so we could drink.

Soon, the glasses and the bottle were empty, and I released Kate and grabbed another from the rack. As I left, Sam held Kate and kissed her gently on the cheek saying, “We are here, we love you.”

I returned with the new bottle and filled the glasses. We drank a quarter of the glass as I returned to comfort Kate, and I kissed her gently on the cheek. Kate returned Sam’s kiss and held her tight.

We stood there holding and intermittently affirming Kate, sometimes releasing so we could all drink and swap around when the bottle was empty. 

By now, there were two bottles on the bench and another empty on the table. We were drunk as dinner had got the bird, but Kate was further gone than us. Sam was holding Kate and did the kiss again. This time, Kate reached up and kissed Sam on the lips. Sam returned the kiss.

Kate released slightly and said, “I need a massage. The works with a Tom Special,” and kissed Sam open-mouthed. 

Sam looked at me and I looked down, then up. “Tom Special” was when I had rear-fucked her in a bad temper after she had used me as a sex toy. Her orgasms had been so loud that the Police had been called out by the neighbours!

We released slightly and Kate turned around into my front and open mouth kissed me which I returned with a tongue to acknowledge.

We had been holding Kate so long, it was now dark, and the fairy lights were on. It was a warm night, still in the high teens. I went into the garage, grabbed the massage table and the cream, and erected the table on the deck.

Kate and Sam walked out to the deck and started kissing again and I started kissing Kate’s neck. As they kissed, Kate ran her hands up Sam’s T-shirt, lifting it up to fondle Sam’s braless bust. Sam’s hands returned the favour as her hands went up Kate’s T-Shirt. Kate kissed Sam harder which she returned as her hands found Kate’s bust.

From the back, my hands helped Sam remove Kate’s T-shirt as I joined Sam in fondling Kate and kissing her neck, causing Kate to fondle and kiss Sam harder and remove her shirt. They kissed harder and Kate responded by pushing her hand down Sam’s shorts and starting to finger her. Sam kissed back and ran her finger down Kate fingering her, causing a gentle moan.

Still behind, I kissed Kate’s neck hard and moved my hands into Kate’s shorts, so she was being doubled. Kate was moaning between kisses. Sam broke the kiss and briefly kissed Kate all the way down as she pushed off her shorts, stopping to tongue her briefly as I carried on necking and fingering her before Sam stood.

Kate took her turn to kiss Sam down and dropped her shorts whilst kissing her entrance.  

Kate returned to Sam and held her tight, kissing her hard. Sam returned the kiss, grinding herself against Kate.  

Kate broke off the kiss and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me hard. I held her tight and kissed her back. Sam reached from behind and dropped my shorts, then pushing my cock to Kate’s entrance, causing her to moan.

Kate released and pulled my top off in one go, then said, “I’m bursting, but horny too” and kissed me as she headed to the second bathroom.

I grabbed Sam and we went to the main bathroom. As we entered, I pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard. As she returned the kiss, I pushed my cock into her wet pussy and pushed deep into her. Sam kissed me hard and squeezed me, then said “I love that you always have a piece of me when it’s about Kate,” and kissed me.

I pulled out of Sam and managed to deflate so I could pee, then Sam peed too.

When we got outside, Kate was lying on the table face down. We took the massage oil and quickly rubbed it into each other, whilst having a quick French.

Sam and I took sides, and we kissed Kate’s neck, working across and down her body with short lift-ups to French each other. As we worked down, Kate started moaning. When we got to her pelvis, we took turns kissing deeply with our tongues to flick her entrance, causing longer moans, and then we quickly kissed down her legs.

We applied the massage cream to our hands. Sam started at the base of Kate’s skull and started massaging gently while I worked up from her ankles. As Sam got to Kate’s breasts, she massaged them from the back briefly, then moved down. When I got to Kate’s pelvis, I massaged deeply, finding her clit, and fingering it deeply, but briefly.

Sam and I moved along Kate’s body. As we met, I kissed Sam and fondled her bust before we moved along Kate. Sam repeated the fingering causing moans as I found Kate’s flattened bust. I reached under her and massaged her nipples, then moved up her neck.

Sam and I reached Kate’s extremities at the same time and stopped. 

Kate rolled over with me next to her head. She reached over, grabbed my cock, and throated me hard but briefly, then rolled back.  

We applied more cream to our hands. I kissed Kate on the lips, then started massaging my way down as Sam worked up. When I got to her bust, I put extra cream on and massaged around her tits thoroughly then used the same diligence on the tits and nipples causing more moans. 

Sam had reached Kate’s entrance and massaged around the lips, then fingered her, going deep causing louder moans, then moved up, crossing me at the buttocks where we kissed hard while I moved down to Kate’s entrance. 

Sam moved up Kate, dragging her bust along Kate as her hands massaged Kate. Sam now took her turn massaging Kate’s bust deeply and thoroughly. 

When Sam reached Kate’s neck, Kate opened her mouth and Sam leaned in and kissed her deeply with her tongue. Kate whispered to Sam, “Special. Now,” and Sam got off Kate.

Kate got off the table and I came to her and kissed her open mouth hard. Kate kissed me hard and grabbed my cock, rubbing it on her pussy and started to moan with the sensation, then she said, “Special Time,” disengaged, and dragged me by the cock to the outdoor table where she leaned over.

I grabbed Kate’s tits hard and slid my cock into her exposed pussy. Kate called, “That’s normal: I want you to hit me like before.”

Sam was next to me, fingering herself as I withdrew. I grabbed Kate’s tits harder and managed to clip her entrance on the way in as I pushed in hard and fast, hitting her top with my tip and the entrance with my balls. Kate let out an OOOOHHH as I hit home. I pulled out fast and then moved fast in, clipping her tight pussy, and moving fast to the end causing a louder moan.  

Again, I grabbed her bust tighter as I pulled out and then pushed hard in against her tightening pussy, slamming her hard at the end with my tip and the entrance with my balls causing a louder scream.

Sam was fingering herself hard seeing us fuck. I was really hard seeing her finger and feeling Kate tighten on me and yell out. I exited her and entered hard as she screamed and started twinging causing my load to shoot into her. I held her bust tight as I thrusted hard and fast slamming her repeatedly as shot my load into her. With a final scream, she mixed her cum into my load.

Hearing Kate and I orgasm caused Sam to moan loudly as she came.  

I pulled Kate up and carried on fondling as I fucked gently. Sam put her arms around Kate’s neck and mouth kissed her. I removed one hand from Kate and fondled Sam as our orgasms subsided.

It was then we realised that we no longer felt the booze.

We disengaged and walked off to the main shower. The light from the streetlights and the stars coming full-length skylight and head-height window was enough to illuminate the large walk-in shower. We got in and turned the water on. In between making out, used our hands to clean everyone off then dried each other off.

We walked naked into the kitchen where I turned the lights on low. I quickly microwaved some of the cold leftovers.

As we ate, Sam said to Kate, “We are outside tonight, zip in with us?’ Kate nodded and went to the garage and grabbed the sleeping bags.

I went inside and turned off the lights as Sam and Kate laid out the bags, unzipped them, and then zipped them in together. As I returned, I grabbed some cushions from the pile and put them behind.

Sam slid into the bag, then Kate front to Sam and kissed her and they made out briefly while I slid in. Kate turned around and briefly made out with me as we sandwiched her until we all quickly crashed.

We awoke to the sun peeking over the fence, illuminating the Dahlia heads. As we warmed, we briefly kissed, then slid out of the bag naked and went inside to get dressed, dropping the bag into the garage.

Over breakfast in the kitchen, we agreed that Sam would drive into the office, then meet us at The Dog, and that we would bus in after work. 

In the paper, I saw an ad: COUPLES RETREAT: MIDWEEK SPECIAL. I passed this around and said, “We’ve got loads of holiday, why don’t I hit them up to see if we can all go this week?” Sam and Kate nodded approval.

Kate took her laptop and put it in Sam’s dock so she wouldn’t be alone. We worked through the morning, only stopping to get up and hug when I felt Kate sag. This was a hug of pure sympathy: The Sex Jumpgate (yes, we are B5 fans) was now closed!

Mid-morning, I called the lodge and enquired if they had any Luxury Packages available this week, but for three friends, not a couple. They said that tomorrow was free and that they would do the deluxe package at the standard rate. I texted Sam and asked Kate and quickly got the OK from both, so I rang back and gave them my card to book.

We all got hold of our managers and booked two days leave. I texted Jo, our SpineWave practitioner, to see if she could do us first thing tomorrow. Jo replied that she was she had a private at 10, but she could do us at 9 which I acquiesced. 

I went to the garden and cut a salad that I plated. I dismantled the remains of Sunday’s bird and heated it up, then mixed it through the salad. We ate it in silence on the sofa. I turned to Kate and said, “At The Dog, Bruce is the person in front. You want to catch him to slap him for dumping you.” She nodded and I continued, “But Bruce is a changeling and when we catch him, he jumps to the next person”, Kate smiled wanly at my bad example and I concluded, “We are your wingmen to get you to slap him!”

We worked through until 430, then we got changed into our tri gear. I put a change of clothes and a towel in my backpack and went into the lounge. Kate walked in from the annexe with her spares in hand and dropped them into my bag.

We left the house and walked to the beach bus stop. As we waited, Kate leaned her back into me and I put my arm over her shoulder so she could feel me. The bus arrived and we tapped on and found a seat. Kate leaned into me and fell asleep as I watched the waterfront go by.

When we got to Doxy’s it was 520pm and there was a queue as Loey hadn’t arrived to man the EFTPOS to help our Peach the race organiser.

Sam texted us 15 away.

Kate was in front of me and leaned into me, then turned around and hugged me. We progressed slowly through and repeated the lean and hug a few times.

A few of the regulars shot looks at us as they knew that she’s Sam’s friend, not my GF.

Sam walked down the queue and kissed me on the lips, then turned and hugged Kate. They stood there briefly until it was our turn for Peach to register us and Loey to zap my card.

We dropped our bags in the corner and safety pinned the numbers: me onto my singlet, them onto their shorts as they were in the sports bras again, and walked out to the start line.  

Kate was sullen, so we sandwich hugged her again and I semi-whispered, “Bruce!”. Kate smiled and we waited for Peach to arrive to call the start.

Peach jumped on the wall to the usual call of “Hail the Queen” and issued the usual instructions, then 3-2-1’d to start us.

We ran steadily through to 2k at the Tank Point where I called out to Sam and Kate “170” [heart rate] and got replies of “168” and “171”: we were in the sweet spot: high enough to be fast, low enough not to stitch.  

As we ran down Tank Road to the turn, we could see Andy and Rat leading out on the return, but no females. Halfway down, we spotted Emma, then Susie exited the turn just as we entered it. This meant that Sam and Kate were equal third and only 300m behind Emma. My watch displayed 10:45: we were 20 – 40 seconds ahead of our normal split.

I called “Bruce: slowly” and got grunts in return as we opened up slightly.

At the 3.5k mark, we caught and passed Susie and could see Emma. At 4k, we passed Susie and I called “Bruce, Bruce”. We accelerated to the finish and as we rounded the final turn, my watch was showing 181. Kate grunted “Team” and we spread out in a line, and we crossed the finish together, then collapsed in a heap on the ground, exhausted as Peach called out “20:30.”

Our clothes were soaked and clinging, showing our full contours, particularly Sam and Kate, and our nipples were peaking through the fabric.

We wrapped our arms around Kate to congratulate her: she had dropped 2 minutes off her course best. Kate whispered to us, “That was fun. I need to strip out of these wet clothes, now. Together.”

We walked back to the bar and grabbed our bags. We went to the accessible toilet at the back. We closed the door behind us, and Kate kissed Sam which elicited a return tongue. As Kate unzipped Sam’s top, I went behind Kate and started kissing her neck while reaching in front and unzipped her top. Kate and Sam kissed harder as they threw their tops onto the floor, and I fondled Kate with one hand and Sam with the other.

Sam reached down and dropped Kate’s shorts, fingering her briefly on the way. Kate reciprocated the drop and finger.

I lifted my top and dropped my shorts, presenting myself to them. First Sam, then Kate tongue kissed me, then they dropped and took sides on my cock, kissing it from base to tip.  

I turned Kate around. As I mouth kissed her, I placed my cock on her entrance and pushed in. Kate kissed me back as I pushed in further into her wetness. I carried on pushing in and out of her but leaned over and kissed Sam as I screwed. Sam leaned in and returned my kiss as I went harder and faster into Kate’s tightening hole.

Kate reached over and fingered Sam as I kissed her hard and screwed Kate fast. Kate was now moaning gently, and I felt her start to twinge. I kissed Sam harder as I went faster and harder into Kate, causing her to twinge faster and finger Sam harder. Kate’s twinging caused my balls to start throbbing and my cock to widen, pushing against her and kissing Sam harder.

Soon, Kate was pumping my cock harder and faster as my balls shot my precum into her causing her to moan harder and I knew she was nearly there. I kissed Sam harder causing her to moan. As I went deep into her and shot my first proper load, I held off as she climaxed. 

I slow-fucked her briefly but sped up on Sam and exited Kate, going straight into Sam causing her to moan and tighten at the surprise of my hard cock in her. I turned my head and mouth kissed Kate.  

Now I was going hard in Sam and soft in Kate. Soon, Sam was squeezing me as I fucked her pussy fast, causing me to shoot into her. Sam squeezed me hard and moaned deeply. I shot my last load into Sam as I felt her climax.

Kate turned around and mouth kissed Sam, then me, and said “6:50: we need to clean up and get in for prizegiving.”

We quickly group towelled off and got dressed into our shorts and T-shirts, then made our way outside to the queue where we swapped our numbers for the included beer. I ordered nachos as we were hungry from the hot, quick run and ensuing sex.

In the queue we saw James, Sam’s ex, approaching with a brunette in arm. James came up to me and said, “Babe, you were hot tonight'” and put his arms on my shoulder. I felt tap, tap, tap from a finger on my shoulder. 3 months together I read into that as his eyes looked sideways at Sam. Brunette looked on shocked as she was wondering why her BF was hitting on a guy and I looked into her eyes and rolled them which conveyed the message he’s being silly. Then James looked straight at Sam and shook her hands saying with three finger taps to convey the message to Sam, “Hey mate”, but his eyes were on me now. Finally, he hummed the beginning of Rocket Man’s chorus looking at Kate. She took her index finger from her fist and slowly raised her arm launch.

James then said, “Jenna, meet Sam, my ex” pointing at Sam, “Tom her boyfriend”, pointing at me, “and Kate, her rocket scientist flatmate.”  

Jenna was now smiling and said, “You’re the Sam and Tom”, causing Sam, James and I to open our mouths in surprise.  

Kate said, “Home Cooking is Best?” which dug us further deeper into suspense.

Jenna replied, “Yes,  and The Souffle Rises Twice.”  I twigged now and nudged Sam.  We knew that these were the two attempted rocket catch missions that Kate had been involved with, so Jenna must have been too.

Kate replied,  “Jenna likes them fast and big: she’s a Sikorsky chick!”.  I smiled at the thought of Kate’s Big and Fast after HCB and got a pinch on the bum from Sam.

James continued, “Jenna, Tom is a true gent. Tonight, he escorted these two to the first and second female. He made the rest of men look like mere mice.”

Kate said, “He’s got, oops, meant getting his reward tonight.” Sam playfully slapped Kate for her misstep, for Tom had already got his reward by quickying them in the loo and she thought another reward would be coming from both later too.

Sam took Jenna to one side and said, “You have a great guy. I loved being with him, then our time was up. I’m happy for you.”

Jenna smiled and said, “You certainly fell on your feet with babe.”

As we exited the queue, Peach came up to Kate and said, “You slammed it tonight.”

Kate replied, “I got dumped yesterday, but they” pointing at Sam and I, “said they’d push me through here tonight.”

Finally, Peach had the microphone and called out, “Third Emma, joint winners Kate and Sam. Any words Kate?”

Kate said, “I got dumped yesterday and Sam and Tom told me they’d run it out of me today. So, I say to the ladies out here: if you get dumped do two things. Firstly, run it out here. Secondly.” as her voice trailed, she licked her top lip and ran her finger slowly over Peach’s exposed elbow. Sam, standing next to Kate pinched her bum hard enough for her to smile.

Peach stood there in stunned silence like the crowd, then Susie called out, “Go girls, that’s the attitude,” as the room erupted. As she left the stage, Susie and Emma came up to Kate and put their arms around her saying, “When you jumped us, we held on and were going to jump you at the end but couldn’t. Now we know why,” and hugged her.

I then won the $100 bar tab, which we decided sorted out dinner. 

During our wait for dinner, Kate was inundated by seemingly every female in the room coming over to congratulate her. A few asked, “Have you done it?” and she just raised an eyebrow in response.

It was 9pm by the time we got to Sam’s Car. Sam selected Sarah Brightman tracks and the Soprano started singing the soft, but haunting and powerful Deliver Me, which I thought very appropriate given what had just happened and Kate playfully slapped us on the shoulder. By the time we had arrived home, it was 915 and the Soprano had just finished singing the haunting love song that is Phantom. It was a dark, clear night still in the low 20s. Sam said to Kate, “Sleep where?”

Kate said, “Zip in again, but we shower first?’

We walked through the main door, shedding our shoes and Kate led us to the main bathroom which as usual, was naturally lit from the windows.  

Kate kissed me deep and, reaching inside my shorts, fondled my cock as I returned the kiss and lifted up her T-shirt. Sam kissed Kate’s neck, found her clit, and fingered it. We carried on kissing and groping as Kate was stripped and my shorts were on the floor.

Kate turned to Sam and kissed her, fondling her entrance s I went behind and kissed my lusty love’s neck, and my hands wandered around her bust, with my cock between her legs and getting hits from Kate’s hands.

Kate removed Sam’s shorts and started grinding pussy against pussy as I removed Sam’s top and carried on kissing her neck with my cock now touching two wetnesses.

Sam led me by the cock and Kate by the hand to the shower.

We entered together and Kate kissed me again, so I kissed her back. We started French-style fuck-kissing and I pushed deep into her wet. Sam turned on the pressuriser and set the diverter to RAIN + ROSE and let the powerful jets of warm water cleanse us and set the rose to JET, hosing our screwing bodies down, then up her pussy. 

Under the starlit water, Sam held us and kissed down Kate’s side, stopping for her crushed breast and fingering her opening as it swallowed my cock, causing her to moan gently as her inside started to squeeze me.

Sam’s touches and kisses on us drove our kissing and fucking harder as Kate squeezed hard and moaned causing my precum to shoot into her, resulting in a loud moan and a harder squeeze.

As usual, I held back, fucking and kissing harder and being stimulated by Sam on me now as Kate climaxed causing me to shoot into her.  

I gave her a final hard kiss and thrust and exited, pushing Sam to the floor, and entering her suddenly and hard. Kate sat over Sam and her tongue entered Kate’s cum dripping pussy to start cleaning it out as my cock thrusted into her as I leaned over and kissed Kate again.

The water was pouring over our entangled bodies as Kate and I fuck-kissed hard, my cock filled Sam’s tightening pussy and her tongue and lips worked on Kate’s cum-filled pussy.

Sam could feel our kissing and she started moaning and pulsing, causing me to loosen and shoot my load into her deepness.

Kate kissed me harder, and I thrusted again, shooting a final load into Sam, causing her to suck Kate’s pussy hard as she orgasmed, resulting in Kate screaming as she too, came.

We lay in a heap, my cock still in Kate with the water relaxing us, then we kissed again and hand scrubbed, again ensuring every hole and mound was spotless.

We exited and towelled off. Then walked naked onto the deck, closing the doors behind, and slid into the enlarged bag.

Kate wrapped herself around Sam and I reared Sam too. We were completely exhausted from running and sex and faster than a cicada can chirp, three naked humans were asleep.


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