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Reluctant lover chapter 9

This is chapter 9 of 10 chapters in the series Reluctant Lover


Again this chapter doesn’t include any emails or messages. It is only an account of what we did at our third bdsm session where I was the master and my lover was the slave:

After dinner we were sitting in the living room watching some TV when my lover un-expectantly went to the bedroom so I followed her to see what she was up to. To my surprise I found her sitting naked on her knees waiting for me. She has always been a good student and lately I was surprised to discover that she was also a very horny bitch which I am so glad to have as my fucking lover.

I gave her the hand wand and told her to masturbate. I loved watching her do that. I loved to see her eyes respond to the stimulation and her hands squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples while she was immersed into the act. I could not hold myself so I unzipped my pants, brought out my already hard cock and put in into her mouth. She immediately responded and started to suck on it one hand on my cock while the other still holding the vibrator to her pussy. We came together at the same time. She almost choked with my cum filling her mouth.

I told her to sit on an arm chair in our bedroom where I proceeded to tie her up with a long piece of Japanese rope which was strong but gently on the skin and didn’t leave any side marks. I made sure that I tied her legs high up on the arms of the chair so that her legs are spread wide open with her pussy and ass all exposed. Then I started to lick her cunt leaving no crevice untouched. I could sense her second orgasm approaching. She was ready to explode so I increased my pace and I was awarded by a flood of liquid that showered my face and mouth. All these years I didn’t know that my lover squirted so much. I had expected a little liquid to come out but not that amount of juice. I guess it took that much stimulation in the last couple of days to unlock the gates to her bodily fluids.

I left her panting for a few minutes until her breathing was back to normally once again. I immediately started my second assault but she was still so sensitive to my touch. She begged me to stop so I waited for a few extra minutes then started again. After applying some lubricants I brought out the vibrating anal beads and inserted it slowly in her asshole. By this time she was used to anal insertions and she loved it. I could feel that she liked this new toy however I didn’t operate it just then. I brought out another toy which we had not tried before. It was a large vibrating dildo that also rotated left and right and in circles. I put it inside her pussy but I did not operate that one as well. Once both toys were inside of her I switched both of them on at the same time and she screamed out and came so hard again. If she hadn’t been tied up to the chair she would have flown right out.

I untied the ropes and helped her to the bed where we lay together naked in each other’s arms until we drifted into sleep.

The next day I woke up in the morning to find her sucking my cock. I asked her how long had she been awake and she told me she woke up an hour ago and she was horny again. She started fondling my cock and it steadily grew in her hands. So she decided to do something about it. That is when I woke up to find her mouth engulfing my dick. So not to leave her have all the fun I pulled her legs towards me and had her sit on my face while she kept working on my dick. That was our first time we do the 69 position and I was thrilled with the ride. We alternated positions. One time she was on top while the other she was underneath. However we didn’t last long. A few minutes of sucking and licking both of us came one after the other.

I stayed home that day after calling up sick and we continued with our lovemaking in bed, in the shower, in the kitchen and finally in the living room while watching our favorite channel ‘Porn TV’. I believe I have opened up a gate of mutual pleasure which I hoped would never close. I didn’t expect my lover to be so receptive and I was glad as hell she was the Kamasutra incarnated.

Before I left to work the second day she told me that it was her turn to be the mistress and I was to be her slave and that I should prepare to be punished that night.

I am sure you must have guessed that I didn’t want to leave the house that day but she insisted. She said that she had to go to the sex shop this time and prepare for my night of blissful obedience. I was eventually pushed out of the house and I sadly went to work.

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