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Reluctant lover chapter 8

This is chapter 8 of 10 chapters in the series Reluctant Lover

Our first night of bondage sex went exactly as I planned and my lover enjoyed it as much as I did. We managed to follow the details which I had written in my email and my lover responded with great enthusiasm. At first I thought that having told her what I would be doing would have ruined the surprise but I guess it only managed to alleviate her fear of this new experience. And she wants more. However she wants me again to send her instructions for our second bdsm session, so I couldn’t disappoint her.

My dearest Slave,

Did you enjoy our last night my slave? Do you want to be dominated once again? I have brought new devises and toys for our second sessions which I am sure you will find interesting. These are the details of the second session so prepare for it:

After dinner I will go to the bedroom again. This time I need a little more time. So you follow me half an hour later. The lights of the room will be dimmed but you will quietly go to the middle of the room and take all your clothes of. I have brought another mask which I want you to put on. This is only a head mask with opening for the eyes and mouth. It will be on the bed so put it on before you sit on your knees, head on the floor and your ass up in the air waiting for further instructions.

I will be watching you without saying anything to make sure you do it right and if you don’t then you will get twice the spanking.

Since you enjoyed the anal plug so much I will put the small plug in your ass where it will stay for the duration of the session. I will take it out at the end of the night if you are a good girl otherwise I might leave it in there for the next day.

Then I will have you stand up and tie your hands with rope and hang you up from the ceiling. I have come up with a special way to do that whereby your hands will be pulled up towards the ceiling. I will also use a spreader bar to spread your legs apart so your vagina will be exposed and your body waiting for the torture to begin.

Then I will proceeded to torture your body. I will use the whip on your back and on your breasts. I will use the long paddle to hit your pussy and your nipples. I want to see you squirm and shake from the effect of this torture until you beg me to stop.

For the first of your orgasm I will use the hand wand which you seem to like so much. I will make you come while you are suspended from the ceiling and legs spread wide apart. You will come so hard that you can not stand anymore.

I will take the ropes off but not the leg spreader and leave you laying on the floor. I know that your first orgasm usually comes quickly so now that we have gotten this over with we are ready to proceed to the second part.

After you are ready you will sit back on your knees again. I have brought nipple clamps which are connected to an o-ring that goes in your mouth. I will put the ring in your mouth then the 2 clamps on your nipples. They might pinch a little at first but the sensation of pain will be exquisite. Once the ring and clamps are in place you will not be able to move your head to much without pulling on the clamps and nipples. Guess what is the purpose of the o-ring? It is to have my cock slide inside your mouth. I will fuck your mouth and shoot my cum inside. Since you would not be able to close your mouth my cum will drip from your open mouth into your clamped breasts. The nipple torture is finally over but when I remove the clamps you will moan from the pain begging me to leave them on.

I order you to go back to the original position with your ass in the air and your head on the floor. Your legs are still tied in the spreader bar so your ass is again exposed and waiting for me. This time I want to fuck you doggy style. When I go in and out of your pussy I want to feel the butt plug still embedded in your ass. You come when I tell you to come and not before that. Do you understand slave.

Your reluctant master.

Again I received a brief reaction to my last email:

To my Reluctant Master,

Yes master I enjoyed last night a lot. I can’t wait for this next torturing session. Ever since the first session I didn’t want the sensation to stop and I have been dreaming wildly about what you will do to me next. I will be your obedient slave and not object to anything you do to me anymore. Since you are my master you choose the position that you find most pleasing to you. I will submit to all the abuse and fucking. My pussy and asshole are at your command day and night. I will be at your service forever and ever.

Don’t tell me what you are planning for the next session. I want to be surprised next time. And I beg you to give me as many orgasms as you can. Please don’t end it after just 1 or 2 orgasm. I have been a good slave. I need many many more. Could my master be kind enough to reward me with this request?

Your lover and slave.

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