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Reluctant lover chapter 7

This is chapter 7 of 10 chapters in the series Reluctant Lover


What a relief. I managed to convince my lover to try Bdsm. However for her first time she wants me to send her instructions on our first session. She wants me to draw her a map so she knows what to do and what to expect during the first night of her initiation into the world of domination.

My dearest Slave,

Ok so you want to be dominated? It is going to be a long night so you better be prepared and rested for me. This will be your first night as a salve. We can do that for the first week then it would be your turn to be the mistress. By the way from now on when I am the dominant you will call me ‘Master’ and answer me by ‘Yes Master’ understand? And when it is your turn I will call you ‘Mistress’. Now start counting how many times you will be coming my slave. The first session will start like this:

After dinner I will go to the bedroom then you follow me a few minutes later. You will go to the bedroom and wait for your instructions. I will order you to take of your clothes and you do it slowly until every single piece is on the floor. I will put the mask on your eyes where it will stay all night and tell you to sit on your knees on the floor. I know that you want to take off my clothes. You want to hold my cock and put it in your mouth but not yet. You are not allowed to touch me until your punishment is over.

I bring out a handcuff and tie your hands behind your back. I push your head to the floor with your ass in the air. Your holes are now exposed. I will fondle your pussy and asshole from behind just to get you started. You are now dripping wet on the verge of your first orgasm. So I use the hand wand on your pussy to make you come the first time and I leave you panting on the floor but this is not over.

Once you can take your breath back I want your ass up in the air again waiting for its second punishment of the night. After a few minutes of waiting I start on your ass once again and you start to respond to my touch the second time. But this time it would not be your pussy I will attack. I bring a whip and whip your ass slowly with steady strikes until it is a little red and tingling from the touch of pain. Then I use a cain and a paddle to complete the mission. But you moan out load, needing more, wanting more. You have to beg me for more, beg me for release but I can’t do that. I won’t do that. I bring out the butt plug and the dildo and I shove them up your pussy and asshole. This time you come so load I have to put a gag on your mouth to stop you screaming and I leave you again on the floor to recover.

You are still on your knees on the floor with your hands tied behind your back and the mask on your eyes. I take off the mouth gag and I shove my cock in your mouth and you immediately start to lick it and suck as if your life depends on it. You lick the tip of my cock then you go down to my balls and you suck the first one then the second. Then you go back up and try to put it all the way inside your throat. I try to help you by pushing your head all the way in. When I am on the verge of exploding I pull out and spray my load all over your face and breasts. I leave you wet and dripping with my cum all over your body.

I take off the handcuffs but leave you on your knees on the floor. I give you the hand wand and order you to masturbate for me. You take the instruments and immediately put it on your clit and start it on maximum. After sucking cock you are ready to come so bad and you do in just a few minutes.

I carry you to bed because by then your legs would not be able to hold you. I lay you on the bed on your back with your arms and legs open wide and you drift asleep in a few seconds.

You wake up a few hours later to see me down between your legs licking your pussy and pushing you to your fourth and final orgasm of the night. Maybe! The night is still young so we have to see about that.

Your reluctant master.

I didn’t expect her to answer this time since I only wrote to tell her what to expect out of our first bdsm session but I did get a brief reply.

To my Reluctant Master,

I am so ready for your abuse ‘Master’. I can stay awake as long as you keep giving me those intense orgasms. I can come as many times as you want. I can’t wait for you to use those toys on me once again.

Please tell me again what you will do the next time. I am so fucking horny for you right now I think you leave me no choice but to rub myself until I come.

Your lover and slave.

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