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Reluctant lover chapter 6

This is chapter 6 of 10 chapters in the series Reluctant Lover

Last night was a blast. I didn’t know my lover could come so hard until I tried those toys on her. She came so many times I thought her heart would stop. My own orgasm was not so bad either for I had my first oral sex that night. However I still felt something was missing. I didn’t know what that was but I had to find out. The only way was to continue more of the sexual exploration with my lover. However she is still reluctant to do some of the stuff I see on the internet. One of those was domination or BDSM sex. She told me that she was a little afraid to try it but I had to convince her to do it with me. So it was back to the emails once again?

My dearest lover,

I know that new ideas such as anal or bondage might sound frightening at first. However if you don’t experiment then you might not know what your heart and body desires. That was what happened last night during our first anal play. From the way you screamed out your orgasms I felt that you must have enjoyed those toys in your ass. So please don’t say no to anything until you try it out.

I know that the bondage stuff might be a little overwhelming at first and it takes some time to get used to it. I have been researching this dominance scene for sometimes now and I have found that it can be one of the strongest acts of love making there is. The trick is to let go and enjoy the feelings of surprise, pleasure and of being helpless with no control otherwise you will remain tense throughout. The act of dominating your partner is not to punish or be cruel (although a little pain can be an aphrodisiac) but to try and give him or her the most intense pleasure possible. This comes after denial and teasing leading up to the great pleasure of release of orgasm.  The dominant is not really concerned with his or her own pleasure but that of his or her partner. If you go and look at most of the bondage movies it is the master or mistress who is giving the pleasure and the slave (he or she) is having the orgasms. I know that this concept might be strange at the beginning but once you try it then you will definitely like it. You know that I am not into inflicting cruel pain and I will never hurt you or do anything which you do not want to do and you can stop me anytime you want if you do not like it.

I am sending you below a few links to some BDSM porn movies which we could try out.

Please watch these movies and tell me what things attracted you the most. That is your homework for tonight.

Your reluctant lover.

I waited again hoping that I had not pushed my luck to the edge this time. She has been so good so far more than I could have imagined. So I was afraid that I might have exceeded my limits and ruined it for the both of us. A few hours later I received my answer.

To my Reluctant lover,

I very much enjoyed these last movies which you sent me. At the beginning I was reluctant to watch the whole movies but once I started the first one I immediately felt the effect on my nipples and my pussy. I was then in the mood to explore them all in more detail and this was what I liked:

I liked the dresses of the ladies where their breast were exposed. I liked the way the man clamped the women’s nipples then removed the clamps. I think I might like to try that one. I loved what the woman did on the man’s dick with that hand wand. After all it has a lot of uses. I liked the way the girl prisoner had to sit on an edge and her vagina rubbed against it then that dildo stick was inserted into her. You have changed my mind about putting things into my pussy and anus for pleasure.  Before last night I did not like putting anything other than your dick but now I’m willing to experiment and feel the pleasure with you. I liked the way the man was hung up higher above the girl and it was easy for her to play with his dick.

I hope that we make our own porn movie series someday so I can always watch them and masturbate when you are not with me. As you can see I’ve been a good student and I am learning all the lessons that you are sending me. As I am new to this domination sex why not send me an idea of what you will be doing to me the first time and I will try to follow your instructions. This way I won’t have to plunder into this and ruin it for you. I still have some more exploration and movies to watch. I will be waiting for your instructions next.

Your lover.

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