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Reluctant lover chapter 5

This is chapter 5 of 10 chapters in the series Reluctant Lover

This chapter doesn’t include any emails or messages. I only tried to write what happened after my lover asked me to bring home some sex toys and how we used them that night. I kept hiding my erection all the time I was in the sex shop but I finally managed to buy what she wanted.

We awkwardly started out our night of passionate sex by taking out the toys from their boxes and tried to learn how to operate them. This slowly progressed into the normal kissing and fondling which we were all familiar with. But I didn’t want this night to be a normal night like the ones we had in the past. So I pushed her on the bed and told her to spread her legs wide apart.

The first thing I did was to go down on her. I started to lick her entrance with long strokes all the way from her clit down to her other hole. She was tense at the beginning since that was our first time at oral sex. She eventually relaxed and enjoyed the sensation. It didn’t take her long to come. She was always a fast comer. Then it was her turn and she started to suck my dick. It was a sloppy first time but I enjoyed it anyway. I knew that eventually we would get the hang of this. I told her I was coming so she would prepare herself but she took my dick out of her mouth and had me come in front of her face. I guess she wanted to see how I ejaculated as she touched and licked my semen for the first time. I was hoping that next time I would have the opportunity to shot my load in her mouth. Well you don’t get all your wishes on the first try.

We lay together in bed for a few minutes trying to relax after our first oral session. But again I didn’t want that night to end. I took out an eye mask which I also bought from the sex shop. I was hiding that in my pocket so I could surprise her with it and she was definitely surprised. However she was a little reluctant to put it on at the beginning. She did not say it implicitly but I could see it in her eyes. It was the first time she wore a mask to our love making and she was afraid to give up her senses to the unknown. However she conceded and laid on her back waiting for me to begin.

I brought out the water and anal lubricants and spread large amount of the liquids on both her pussy and asshole. Then I started to use a regular dildo vibrator on her pussy and she responded immediately with another fast orgasm. I told you she was a fast comer. She started to apologize for coming so fast since she thought the night was over so quickly but I assured her that this was not over and we still have many more toys to try out. I could see her smile brighten up the room and she rested for a few more minutes on the bed waiting for me to continue.

I reapplied more lubricants as the first batch was starting to dry off and I licked her pussy to see how sensitive she was. Then I slowly started to insert the anal beads in her asshole one ball at a time while licking her pussy at the same time. I could see her hands tensing up but from the smile on her face I knew that she was enjoying it. After all the beads have gone inside I brought out the dildo vibrator and pushed it slowly into her pussy. I didn’t stop there. I finally put the wand vibrator on her clit and watched her explode. She screamed out my name so loud I hoped that the neighbors didn’t think I was doing something to her for they must have heard her all over the neighborhood. Then I proceeded to pull out the vibrator and the anal beads and to my surprise she started to come once again. I thought I was doing something wrong because her body kept trashing and convulsing from one orgasm after another until it was finally over.

I wanted to know if she was ok but she didn’t speak to me at first. I took off the mask of her eyes and they were still closed. I hoped that every thing was ok. Then she suddenly opened her eyes, looked at me, sprang up and started kissing me so hard that I was not able to breath. She pushed her tongue so far inside my mouth that I thought it would go all the way inside my throat. She then told me that this was the most intense orgasm she had ever had and thanked me with more kisses all over my mouth, face and neck.

We lay together and talked all night. It was the first time we talked about our sex life. It was a revelation for the both of us. I knew that we still had a long way to go and I will continue to send her emails but I knew we were on the right track to fulfilling our sexual desires. 

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