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Reluctant lover chapter 4

This is chapter 4 of 10 chapters in the series Reluctant Lover


Well that was another surprise. I didn’t know that she knows I masturbate and I was shocked that she even saw me do it. I was even more surprised to know that she enjoyed watching me in the act. I certainly didn’t know that my lover was so kinky. She was even eager to try out new sex toys which we have not done before. She wants to be fucked with a vibrator in her pussy. She is also interested to have one inserted in her ass. How could I have missed all that? She also wants me to make her orgasm every single night! Could this even be possible? I definitely needed to know more about my lovers needs especially the kind of toys and things she was willing to try out. So again the best way was to ask her one more time:

My dearest lover,

I am very exited that you want to try out some new sex toys. This will definitely spice up our nights. I know that you might be embarrassed to visit a sex shop so I volunteer to do it the first time. I have below a websites to a sex shops which I could pass by on my way home. However it would be helpful if you tell me what gadgets you like. Money is no problem. I will buy what ever you want.

And don’t forget to choose from all the different types and categories of sex toys.

-Vibrators (hand wand, rotating….)

-Dildos (small, large….)

-Anal toys (beads, plugs, strap-on…..)

-Bondage toys (whips, collars, masks, clamps, ropes…)

Why not tell me what kind of sexy clothes you also prefer. I can get a few sexy outfits which you could try as well. Your pleasure is all that I desire so don’t be afraid to experiment.

I am hoping that one day we could visit the shop together and choose from the different sex toys in the store. By the way next time when you see me masturbate please feel free to join me.

Your reluctant lover.

This time I waited a few hours to finally receive her reply. She must have looked over every page of the website because I received a long list of items in her email:

To my Reluctant lover,

I spent a long time looking through the online catalog. I looked at every product they have and imagined us using them. I’m ready to try whatever you like. The most important thing for me is to please you. I want to see those juices squeezed out of your cock and into my mouth and I love the way you touch me and make me reach those big o’s. 

I chose below the toys that I thought we could try out first. You can also pick your own so why not surprise me.

-Hitachi hand wand vibrator (I have seen many uses of this vibrator not to mention it being used as a massage tool)

-7 inch dildo vibrator (I guess you want to put this thing in my pussy and see me squirm from pleasure)

-small butt plug (we can try the small one and graduate to the big one in time)

-anal beads (I have always imagined such beads inserted all the way inside my asshole. But please use lots of lubricant. I could also insert this in your asshole if you are willing to do this)

-vibrating anal beads (more beads to try)

-vibrating cock rings (This is for you. I thought that you might enjoy this. You can fuck me while wearing it on your cock) 

-vibrating bullet (I don’t know how many things could be inserted in my holes at once but that is for you to investigate)

I also looked at a few outfits but the ones which attracted me the most were the half breasted bras. So why not bring the one your like. I want you to see how my nipples get hard and I want you to touch them and squeeze them while you fuck me. And please bring all kinds of lubricants because we will be needing them with all these toys to try out.

I love you and love whatever you do to me but I don’t know about the bondage stuff. I am afraid to try it. I am afraid of the torture and the spanking. Maybe this is not my style. I don’t know! Maybe later?

I will go to bed tonight knowing that my lover is not far away thinking of ways to stimulate my senses. I am sending you with this email a few nude pictures of my body so you can see how much I am aching for you. Enjoy.

Your lover.

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