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Reluctant lover chapter 3

This is chapter 3 of 10 chapters in the series Reluctant Lover

Ok that went well. I thought that this was the start of my new sex life which I had been waiting for so long and I wasn’t wrong.  I guess I was a fool all that time, reluctant to approach my lover who was just there in front of me. Reluctant to ask for sex which I could have gotten so easily. Reluctant to explore new ways of fucking my lover all these years. So I sent her another email. I thought why not push my luck a little further to see what could happen.

My dearest lover,

I can’t wait to send you my first email. However why don’t we make a new commitment between us from now on. I will send you a message or an email one day and it would be your turn to send me another the next. No reply is necessary but it would be helpful. It doesn’t have to be a long one just a wink is enough.

If this works out then we can do this for a long time even when you are on your period. I always want you to be horny even when we don’t have sex which might be impossible after all that stimulation. 

I will make you come at times and places when you least expect it. If one of us forgets to send a message then she/he will have to make it up with extra compensation! 

Of course we won’t and can’t do this role playing every night and I am ok with just quite calm sex but I thought that it would be nice to try something new every once in a while. As for me I haven’t felt so excited for a long time specially as I was trying to research the internet to find new ways to make you horny and make you come as much as possible. 

We will be sleeping together (preferably naked) every night. Our bodies will be eager for each other and exited by all the new possibilities of love making which we have not tried before. We will have to look over every erotic book, text, porn movie or sexy picture on the internet to find new ideas to spice up our sex life. I am hoping that we will have a chance to try them all. How about that to keep us excited the rest of our lives?

Your reluctant lover.

P.S. I think that whoever invented this sexting is probably going to heaven.

So I waited again to receive her reply and I was surprised to receive this email:

To my Reluctant lover,

I would love to do this sexting with you. It makes my pussy tingle just from the idea that you will be looking for ways to make me come. I always dreamt of having sex with you every single night although I thought that you were not interested in me anymore.

I have always known that you leave our bed at night and masturbate all alone but I could not figure out why. I followed you one day and watched you from behind the open door while you were doing it. At first I wanted to shout at you then as I watched I got exited and my hands slowly drifted down to the entrance of my pussy. I put my hands inside my panties and caressed my clit. I exploded at the same time you did but I ran away to bed afraid to tell you. The second day I watched you again and I wanted to surprise you by approaching you and pulling your pajamas down and sucking your cock until you shot your load in my mouth. Again I was afraid to do that. Afraid that you didn’t want me to touch you. I guess we are both the reluctant lovers who are afraid of exploring our sexuality. Well not anymore.

So just to show you how eager I am to do new things with you I propose that we get some of those sex toys to help us in our love making. I always dreamt of my pussy being aroused with a vibrator and having you insert some kind of thing in my asshole. Although this will be my first time so please choose something small the first time and you have to be gentle with me. I am still not comfortable of doing full anal sex just yet but maybe someday we could try that out. You know that even when I might not be in the mood for sex it is not that difficult to arouse me. I come very quickly so if you just slip your fingers into my pussy every day I promise I will come no matter what. 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I will wax and scrub and oil my body. I will be getting ready for you.

Your lover.

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