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Reluctant lover chapter 10

This is chapter 10 of 10 chapters in the series Reluctant Lover

You can also imagine that I didn’t do any useful work that day. I kept thinking about my lover, no my mistress, and what she was planning to do to me. However before it was time for me to leave the office and go back home I was surprised to receive an email from her.

My Reluctant Slave,

Ever since you opened my eyes to the wonderful world of domination I have not been able to think of anything else. It only took a few sessions by you to see that we were meant to do this you and I. I am not saying that we will always live as a Dom and a Sub but I am hoping that this life will ever be a vital part of our sex life. 

I have been also researching everything there is on all aspects of domination and I find it very interesting and stimulating. As you said it can be the highest form of love making if approached correctly and I thank you with all my heart for pointing it out to me.

So as you once did and in order to show you how grateful I am, I will tell you this one time what I am planning to do to you during your first night of sexual dominance. This time I am to be your mistress and you will to be my slave. These are a few details of the first session so I hope you are up to it:

After dinner I want you to go to the bathroom and take all your clothes off. Then I want you to open up the closet. Inside you will find a chastity cock cage.  I want you to put it on and lock your cock inside. I am sure you can read the instruction on the box with no problems. You will also find a collar and a leash. I want you to put those around your neck and wait for me in the bathroom.

You know that after dinner I usually like to exercise on the treadmill. So I will be coming into the bathroom where you will hand me the key to the cock cage then I will pull you by the leash and you will crawl on your hands and knees to the other room where we have the treadmill.

Then I will handcuff you onto the poles of the treadmill and you can watch me do my workout. You will be waiting for me on the floor for an hour until I finish. Of course I might be exercising naked today since it is so hot but your miserable cock will be locked up squashed inside the metal cage wanting to get out but it can’t.

After my workout is done then the real torture begins. I will make you lie on the floor with my body all dirty and sweaty and I will sit on your face until you can’t breath and you will lick my pussy and my asshole so they are all clean and shiny. You will have to make me come all over your face. I am hoping this will be my first orgasm for the evening and if I don’t have more then you will be severely punished.

Then we begin another kind of exercise session. This time an exercise in body torture and humiliation. I will be using all kinds of torture devices. I might use clamps to torture your nipples. I might be using the hand wand vibrator on your dick. I will definitely be using the whips and the paddles on your body and your ass, slapping, whipping, biting, nipple pulling, licking, pulling on your cock cage until I am sure of your utter submission.

Then I will put a strap-on dildo in your mouth and I want to sit on it and ride your mouth while playing with your caged cock until I come for the second time. I better come the second time. Do you understand slave?

All this while your cock is still locked up in its cage. If you are a good boy then I might let you loose and let you come. That is for me to decide how and when but then again I might not. Maybe I will make you sleep with your cock locked up all night and maybe set you free in the morning or maybe not….

But the night is still young. If I feel like it I might decide to continue with the torture until the morning.

This is just a sample of the first day of punishment. The second day will be a surprise. Will you be up to it? I wonder.

Your Mistress and lover

Oh my God. What have I unleashed unto this world? I scrambled to send her my reply:

To my Mistress

I will be driving home as fast as I can.

No more the reluctant lover but your slave forever

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