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Below you will find some guidelines to help you publish your contents on Eroterite:

(We recommend you switch to light mode when you are using the posting editor. Light/Dark modes are found in the upper right corner of your screen.)

All posts can be viewed, edited, or deleted from your DASHBOARD.

1- Please note that all Art and Literature; Stories, Poems, Books, Images, Audio…etc are deemed the property and exclusive copyright of their writers. You (as the writer) will always be the owner of all materials submitted and/or published on our site. However you may not post, distribute, or reproduce any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner.

We at Eroterite are only considered the carrier of the content. We are not responsible for any information that comprises the content. By joining and/or publishing your works in, you confirm that you are of legal age and that you agree with all our Terms and Policy.

2- Before you begin publishing you have to choose if you want to include it as part of a Series. Series are any form of literary work that needs to be divided into chapters. Example of Series are: Books, Novels, Novella, Plays, Chronicles or Journals. To Add or Edit a Series go to the Series Management Portal 

3- You have to include a Title for your post or audio otherwise it will not be published.

4- Pictures and Images have become important tools in any literary promotion. Therefore we encourage our writers to include images to illustrate their work. It is important to upload a Feature Image (cover image) associated with your post or audio. This feature image will be the main image of your post or audio.

You can also upload imbedded images, or a gallery of images, inside your text. However please try to restrict the graphic size to 730(width) x 300(height) pixels.

5- Posts over 15,000 words are difficult to read or process. Therefore we encourage you to break it down into chapters or included as part of a Series .

6- The first 20 words of your post will appear in the “featured entry” on the main page. Therefore we suggest to use the first 20 words in your post as a summary or as an excerpt of your work.

7- You can publish in a variety of Categories. Such categories can be divided into:

Genre : Romance, Action & Adventure, Science-fiction, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, War & Military, Crime & Mystery…

Types : Short-Stories, Poetry, Articles, Essays and Series…

Audio: Audio Post, Audio Podcast…

Series: Book, Novel, Novella, Play, Chronicle or Journal…

Content: You can also choose to categorize your work according to Content such as BDSM, Anal, Oral, Threesome, Group, Lesbian, Gay….etc

You can also choose to publish in Multiple Categories. To choose multiple categories, press the “Command or Control key” and click the pad or mouse on your computer.

We very much encourage you to categorize your post into Multiple Categories so that your readers can easily find your work and it can be included into the different archives and search categories.

For example if you want to publish a Book about Oral Poetry, you can set up a new series in the Series Portal then add the “Book” as well as “Poetry” and “Oral” categories when you publish your post. Make sure to add all those categories to each chapter in that series to be consistent through out your work.

8- If you wish to upload an Audio post or a Podcast you can do so using the “Upload Audio” file link. However make sure you assign the appropriate audio category (in the categories selection) as well, in order for readers to find your audios easier.

9- Tags can also be used to further classify the content of your posts or audio. However we recommend you use the Tags which have already been created. If you do not find the Tag you want, then feel free to add a new Tag that is relevant to your post.

10- You can choose to save your posts as Draft. Draft is where you temporary store your work “offline” where it will NOT be viewed by anyone. You can edit/publish your drafts from your DASHBOARD whenever you wish.

11- IMPORTANT: Please note that at Eroterite we do not accept any content which feature underage people / minors (under 18 years old). We also do not publish bestiality, blood-related incest, reluctance and force. Furthermore we don’t publish some fetishes like scat. Content that contain references to minors will NOT be published, and will be removed when found, and the subscriber/author will be banned from the site (for more details check our Terms and Policies)