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Psychiatric Ward patient number 70

Barbara, Vika, Thomas Stone

Psychiatric Ward patient number 70

The nurse walked into the office of Dr Sam Jones. She was holding one of her patient’s files to give to the doctor’s secretary.
“What have you brought to us this time Angel,” the secretary asked. Angel was one of the nurses at the city’s notorious Psychiatric ward. This was where all the difficult cases were brought to be locked up or treated.
“This is a tough one Elie,” Angel said, “I don’t know if Dr Jones can handle it.”
Elie had been working for Dr Sam for many years and she had seen him treat some of the worst psychiatric patients imaginable. Many believe that her boss’s methods are somewhat controversial but no one can argue with his success rate.
“You know how Dr Jones works,” Elie said, “he can be very thorough.”
“Oh I’ve experienced Dr Jones thoroughness first hand,” Angel said.
“Yeh I bet you did,” Elie said, “but now back to work. Whose file is it you are holding?”
“This is patient number 70. Her name is Jane Doe. She was brought here a few days ago,” Angel began to brief Elie on the new patient, “she is a real nut case. She has a thing against men. She likes to abuse them physically, mentally as well as sexually in all sort of ways.”
“I thought some men liked to be abused these days,” Elie laughingly interjected, “but why bring her here? This is a psychiatric ward and not a BD dungeon.”
“Well her boyfriend thought that she needed to be locked up in here and I believe that Dr Jones might be able to help her,” Angel explained.
“What did she do so that a boyfriend would bring his lover to a mental hospital?” Elie wondered out loud.
“According to the information in the file she locked him up in a cage for a week and she sexually abused him in every manner imaginable,” Angel explained again.
“Ouch,” Elie was surprised, “I think I would bring my boyfriend here if he did something like that to me. Anyway I will give her file to the Dr and I am sure he will come up with a viable treatment.”
“You must be joking Dr,” Elie was shocked at what Dr Sam was proposing. She knew how dramatic his treatments could be. Hell sometimes she thinks that he should be the one locked up in this hospital. But this time he had really gone overboard. Anyway who was she to object. He was the Doc and she has to do what he tells her.
Jane Doe, or Psychiatric Ward patient number 70 according to her file, was escorted into the treatment room by nurse Angel. Jane was a young woman in her late twenties. She was a slim brunet with green eyes and a beautiful but sad face. She was dressed up in the green robe which all patients in the hospital had to wear. Her full round breasts were almost visible between the loose buttons of her robe.
“Hello Jane,” Elie said, “Please relax,” she tried to reassure her, “Angel and I are here just to do a routine exam. Don’t worry you’re in safe hands.” But she could see that Jane wasn’t convinced.
The room they had brought her into smelled of hospital disinfectants and the the large medical chair which stood in the middle of the room didn’t help to alleviate her concern either. It resembled a gynecologist examination chair with levers and leg supports and she kept looking at it with dread.
“Let’s take off your robe and help you get comfortable in the chair,” Elie ¬†continued to reassure her but it didn’t help much.
Elie and Angel unbuttoned Jane’s robe and they assisted her to climb up the high seat. Jane was almost naked except for her white panties. She rested her legs on the padded supports and Elie tied them to the metallic frame. Meanwhile Angle strapped her hands to the arm rests until she could not move any of her extremities.
Jane had been examined by a woman gynecologist before but that was the first time her hands and feet were strapped to an examination chair. She wondered if it was a security measure they had to do in this hospital. After all this was a mental facility and she agreed to enter here on her own accord. She really wanted someone to help her. Ever since she was a young girl she had always been afraid of men. The only time she felt secure was when a man was under her snarls and she was dominating them to the extreme. She had many boyfriends but non of them lasted long. Some even didn’t last the night. They all ran away when her sadistic side emerged. She had never ever experienced an orgasm in her life even when she lost her virginity. Since that day she hadn’t allowed any man to touch her in an intimate way not even a woman.
Jane’s legs were now spread wide apart as she was fixed to the chair waiting for the nurse to start the examination when suddenly Dr Sam Jones entered the room.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Jane screamed out. She didn’t expect him to be here. This was the first time a man has seen her tied up like that and she felt vulnerable. She tried to wiggle her way out of the chair but she couldn’t.
Dr Sam Jones came over and stood in front of her and asked, “are you comfortable Jane?” The doctor was a middle aged handsome man, average height, well built with a round face and a lovely smile. His thick blond hair hid a few streaks of white stripes which reflected an aura of confidence and intelligence. For the past several months Jane and the doctor have had many sessions and she has seen how kind he can be but now that she was helpless in front of him she felt petrified. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Would he?
“Don’t you dare touch me,” she screamed at him.
But Dr Jones put his hand on her thigh and said, “but this is just our intention my dear,” he explained, “look Jane you know that you are a sexually deprived woman. That is why you bring out your frustration on men. It is the reason why you sexually abuse them and treat them badly.”
“What are you planning to do to me?” Jane yelled out in fear.
“Oh we are here to treat you my dear,” Dr Jones said, “we are going to make you come for the first time in your life. You have to know how it feels in order to enjoy it.”
“NO,” Jane screamed again, “I will sue your asses off,” as she thrashed and yelled trying to escape from her restraints.
“Oh you know you can’t do that,” he said, “you have already signed a consent form and you committed yourself to our hospital ward and now you are under our care. So sit still and relax,”
“Shall we start girls?” The doctor asked his secretary and the nurse and they both smiled and nodded their heads in approval.
He grabbed hold of a scissor and started to cut Jane’s panties off as she continued to curse and shout at him, “you shit, you bastard, you son of a bitch,” then he held the shredded panties in his hand and with one strong pull he removed it from underneath her exposing her pussy for all to see.
“Ok Angel. We will start by getting her wet and ready,” he said, “so sit down between her legs and start licking her pussy,” and the nurse scrambled to obey. She sat on a small tool and began to gently stroke Jane’s exposed entrance before she brought her head down and start to lick what ever she could get her tongue on.
“Oh you fuckers,” Jane screamed and wiggled her waist trying to escape the assault of the nurse’s mouth and tongue but she couldn’t.
Meanwhile Doctor Sam and his secretary stood on either side of Jane and they began to fondle her breasts to increase her stimulus. “You can suck on her nipple Elie,” the doctor ordered and as usual his assistant was eager to obey her boss’s commands. First she played with the little bud until she felt it start to harden then she put it in her mouth and flickered her tongue all around making it wet and juicy. The doctor followed suit. He did to the other nipple exactly what his secretary was doing to the first.
Eventually Jane’s wiggling started to subside. Her shouts and screams began to go down lower and lower. They could all feel that she was responding to the treatment. It was the first time in her life that she felt something like that and she didn’t expect it. She closed her eyes and started to moan out loud, “oh. Emm. Oh you fuckers, oh shit I am coming, oh fuuuuuuuckk,” and her bottled up juices sprouted out from her pussy for the first time in her life and splashed on nurse Angel’s smiling face.
“That is good Jane. Very good,” the doctor said, “I bet you didn’t know you’re a squirter. Did you?”
“Now get me the hell out of here,” Jane shouted after she got her breath back.
“Oh no my dear,” Doctor Sam said, “we have just started.”
“Please Doc. Please. Why are you doing this to me?” Jane was about to cry.
“You see my dear one orgasm is not enough,” he explained, “after a couple of those your body will start to want to explore your sexuality and you will want to taste more of those feelings again and again. That is when I know that our treatment has worked.”
“Oh shit. Not another one of those again,” Jane cried, “I don’t know if my heart can take another orgasm?”
“Don’t worry dear. It will,” the doctor reassured her then he said, “ok Elie it is your turn now. Bring the vibrator from my bag and sit between her legs. You know what you have to do.”
Elie ran to bring her boss’s bag and brought out the large dildo vibrator which he always kept in there. The doctor prided himself on using the best and biggest tools in the industry and this was one of those. It was a long tool resembling a man’s dick only with two wiggly tongues protruding from one side of the long rod. She had seen the doctor use this instrument many times. She had even been at one end of it on many occasions and she knew exactly how it worked and where. So Elie put the vibrator on Jane’s wet pussy and switched it on. She liked the humming sound of this toy and she could hear that Jane was starting to feel aroused once again, “oh shit. What the hell is that?” Jane screamed yet again but Elie continued with her stimulation.
Doctor Sam meanwhile retreated to sit on a chair to watch what his assistance was doing. He knew how professional she can be but it was his duty to observe her to make sure everything went well. He knew that all that action was bound to have an affect on his own cock which began to expand inside his pants. And nurse Angle came to the rescue as she always did.
“Can I help you alleviate that?” Angel shyly asked the doctor.
“I thought you’d never ask,” he replied and she knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants to reach his throbbing dick. She brought it out and immediately put it in her mouth. Nurse Angle was an expert in medical relief and she loved to help those in need and he was in a great need at that moment.
“Oh you fucking shit,” Jane shouted out, “you fucking shit,” and again.
Elie had started to insert the dildo vibrator into Jane’s entrance and Jane was cursing at her. She had already switched on the vibrating tongues on the dildo and they were touching her clit. Jane’s screams increased, “you bitch, you’re making me come again,” Jane said, ” you shit. Oh fuck. Oh fuck I can’t stand this, oh fuck. I am coming again oh shiiiiiiiiiittttttt,” as more of her juices shot out of her pussy once again.
“That is excellent you two,” doctor Sam said. He was still sitting on the chair and being given a blow job by the expert nurse.
“Great job Elie,” he said to his assistance, “now let Jane rest and come over here to help the nurse.” Of course Elie couldn’t say no to her boss so she walked over and knelt next to the nurse. Angle was glad that Elie was there to help because the Doctor’s cock was so demanding that both girls had to give their utmost concentration to get the job done. They licked him together all the way from the tip until the base of his balls. Then they took turns in sucking him with their mouths as the other played with his balls.
Jane opened her eyes after her second orgasm subsided to see the two girls working on the doctor’s cock. She had thought that she would be sick after being subjected to this humiliating treatment but she felt intrigued once again. Having two orgasms in the same session was unbelievable. And seeing the Doctor and the girls in front of her was making her horny once again. She couldn’t understand how that was possible but she couldn’t take her eyes away from them.
Doctor Sam saw her looking at them and smiled, “how was that Jane?” He asked but Jane didn’t answer. “How would you like to have this thing inside of you?” And he gently pushed the girls back and approached his patient.
“You wouldn’t dare,” she yelled. Only this time she knew she wanted it but how could she allow him to humiliate her like that? Oh fuck but how she longed to be fucked by a real dick right now. Her eyes must have betrayed her feelings only her body was still in defense mode. She tried to thrash a little bit but not as hard as last time but she wanted him. Oh fuck she wanted his cock right now.
The doctor positioned himself between Jane’s entrance and started to slowly insert his cock inside. He was assisted by the two girls who held his dick and guided it exactly to Jane’s waiting pussy. As it completely went inside they walked around to either side of Jane and returned to squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples.
The doctor pumped his dick in and out of Jane’s pussy and she started shouting again. Only this time she wasn’t trying to push him away. She was encouraging him to fuck her harder, “you son of a bitch, give it to me harder, harder oh fuck. I am coming again you son of biiiiiitchhh.”
Her final words were enough to push him to load his cum inside her pussy as she thrashed about and bucked from lust and ecstasy.
A few minute passed by and Jane managed to opened her eyes once again. She must have passed out from her last orgasm. What the fuck? How could she have had three orgasm in one night? Three?
She saw Doctor Sam Jones and his two assistants looking at her smiling but she was still strapped to the chair, “how was that Jane?” the doctor finally asked.
“This was incredible,” Jane replied.
“I believe you are healed my dear,” doctor Sam said, “I have signed your release forms and you are free to leave the psychiatric ward,” he added.
“NO,” Jane shouted, “no doctor. I don’t want to leave.”

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  1. Well, it’s comforting to know that Dr. Sam and his assistants are out there healing the likes of the sexually deprived. Thank goodness they got to Jane before she turned on some poor unsuspecting man and cut off his testicles. Now, she’s just a pussycat

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