Pleasing My Master

Pleasing My Master

What do you need?

A slave to receive

what’s hot, thick, and leaking?


Master of action and word

of no power unheard

a conquering by you, my lord.


King of my castle

my legs you will lasso

for your ownership, I endure the hassle.


Obedience to command

on slender, forbidden land

striking ass, tits and all that’s grand.


We know this motion.

Your kiss but one devotion

to fuck and cling, drowning in my ocean.


Over clit heated lips forging gifts

surging with all the dominant lifts

to higher heights, destined delights adrift.


Come when ordered

eruptions claim my orchard

to bliss licking no greater borders.


Utter surrender in submission

gains the release of my petition

finding satisfaction by your ravishing possession.


    What do you think?


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    1. How lovely to read you again Amy – your poetry and astonishing erotica make my mouth water every time I read you – harriet-jacqui xxx

        • Well, you’ll attract a lot of interest with your sensational stories and poems, which is wonderful as Eroterite is free – Silk wasn’t but had a smashing social network. Hopefully many other former members of Booksie Silk will come over to here making this site the resounding success it deserves to be. Have you thought about recording some of your work, Amy, bringing your stories to life? If you ever do, message me and I’ll recommend the best I’ve ever used.

      • I’m sure you are, kindred, since it has been a while, and you’ve had a birthday in the midst of it all. I am pleased to have some place to turn to share whatever rattles about my head while chatting with friends. 😉

    2. Hi Amy!!!
      Do you have the same feeling as I do… that we have all been somehow siphoned up into Sam’s net?
      Maybe that’s the inspiration for your poem! In any event, I’m excited to see you here!

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