Please Forgive


We met by chance

I didn’t expect, 

in her hands, my heart to dance.


It’s not the eyes

nor my lies.

It’s the hows, the bees, and the whys.


It is the hair

most probably. 

Red, shiny, wriggly and fair. 


Who am I Kidding. 

It is not all that.

It is her laugh when she’s slapping.


My face

to wake me up.

To show me the way out of my maze.


She is my friend, 

my love.

A gift from God, the lord, a send.


We’ve never met,

probably won’t. 

I hope we’d do, one day, I pray, I bet. 


This chance is set 

in my stars,

before the bang, before we met.


She loves to twist

and turns,

to dig, to ask, to learn, to list,


My dreams,

my life,

my stumbles, my bashful schemes,


I pray she does

forgive my whine, 

my cuss, my shouts and my fuss. 


Where would I be

if not for her.

She helps me live, she help me see.


The fool I am.

The love I bore,

in my heart for her and me.


It’s not my fault. 

It’s probably all,

my peppers, my sugars mingled with salt.


I woke up wet, 

from sweat. 

I could not sleep until these words were set.


Please don’t slam

the door.

Please understand. It’s who I am.


Please forgive

what I just said.

I might as well be gone and dead.


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