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Enrage me is what you do. That is why we don’t play. Be a good pet, and maybe you will see the light of day….

Engage me that’s what you do when I look into your eyes… Your baby blues are as beautiful as the clear blue skies.

Embrace me in your arms, and in a lovers kiss. It takes my breath away when we do this.

Enthrall me when you whisper sweet words in my ear. For your words break me down. Make me drop to my knees.

Entwine are my fingers that run through your hair, As you taste the sweet offering that’s found between my legs…

Enter at your own risk. My walls are tight. Do you think your phallus can handle me as I take you for a ride?

Ecstasy is what I feel when you fill every inch of my depth. Thrusting with great force making me soaking wet.

Enslave in my dungeon is where you will stay. Until I decide for you to come out to play with me again….

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    1. Line five; (Entwine to Entwined)
      Last line: (Enslave to Enslaved)

      I love the delicate approach here to this BDSM fantasy. There’s depth to the piece and depth to the relationship.
      The poetic technique you’re using – repetition of the letter ‘E’ in your initial word for every line – is unique and eye-catching.

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