O Mighty Orion

A furry star so damp and bright

purred with grace and simmering light. 

Brushed against his heavenly belt

sprinkling her pearls above his kilt. 

O Mighty Orion, cease your play. 

I did not come to reminisce or stay. 

You came to steal my wavering heart, 

rip it out of my chest, smash it apart.

O Mighty Hunter, she wickedly gasped. 

a kiss on the lips was all I asked.

I want that kiss, and for you to stay,

to hold in my arms for a night or day.

That all depends on your hardened vigil,

between your Saiph and starry Rigel.

I have what you want, a behemoth 

behind a nebulous cloud of milky cloth. 

I don’t believe you have what it takes 

to make my Kitten moan or shake. 

I will gather and wake every feline in you.

I will hunt very animal until you say “I do.”

O Mighty Lover, do not say those words.

Goddess Gaia is fond of her worldly herds. 

I don’t care about any god or goddess. 

I’m Poseidon’s son, and a Gorgon menace. 

You have angered the lady of Earth and Land. 

She will turn your ashes into stone and sand. 

I only care for you and those promised nights,

where I will forever be between your thighs.  

O Poor Orion, your heart was so pure. 

The wrath of a goddess you could not endure.  

You died for your insolence and earthly love. 

And Zeus placed you among the stars above. 

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