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Nudie Beach naughty time

I’d gone down to the local nudie beach for a swim and tan as usual.  Sometimes, there had been ladies that I’d chatted to and got to know better..

I lay on the sand close to the start of the beach so I could see all the comings and goings.  It was mostly the usual gang of old guys that made their way to the end of the beach and a few ladies who went to the mid section for a read and a swim.

A skinny lady with small tight tits and tight pussy walked on.  Busty girls definately got me going, but there was something about her that made my balls tight and cock hard which was very unusual.  I made eye contact with her and she smiled and walked over.

“Can I sit here,” Tight Girl asked.  I said “OK,” and put my book down to try to hide my erect cock.  She sat quite close to me: much closer than someone that I didn’t know would normally initially sit. I could see her tight nipples and the lips on her pussy that were starting to separate.

She asked me if I had been here before, I said that I come sometimes to  swim and look at the “view.”  She said, “Anything else? What is the view like today?”

I said, “Anything else? ” [smile] ” The view is very good today, what do you think”. I conspicuously looked up and down her hot body.

She smiled and “its good overall with a few especially good points. Its my first time here”.  She explained that she just moved to the area and wanted somewhere to be nude.  She asked if people hooked up here. I said that people aren’t supposed to as sometimes members of the public come here and there had been complaints, but at low tide, there is a very secluded bay nearby. 

I could see her nipples growing even bigger and her pussy lips swelling and moistening. My cock had grown even harder and longer at the increasingly which had pushed away the book that had covered it and a bead of precum had formed at its top.

I reached over with my hand and said, “I’m Tim.”  Tight Girl said, “I’m Tracy. Is that all I’m getting?”  I responded, “I could say that I’m horny because your hot: shall we fuck? But you’d think I was a letch!”  

Tracy moved in closer and said, “We are both horny judging by our bodies” and kissed me on the lips.  I kissed her back, this time open-mouthed and my tongue reached inside her open mouth.  Tracy returned my tongue kiss and we started Frenching. My cock was straight up and my balls tight: this skinny chick was really doing me.  I could see that Tracy’s pussy lips were even bigger and wetter than before so and her nipples had grown even bigger.

I realised that if we carried on much longer Tracy would be on me which wasn’t ideal as we were at the start of the beach. I stopped and said “we really should go round the corner so we can GO.”

Tracy groaned and stood up.  We walked around the corner towards the secluded bay, eyeing each other.   I was still hard and pre-cumming whilst Tracy’s pussy was wet and here nipples very pronounced.

Tracy asked about my previous times here: I said that I’d gone on a ‘date’ with someone from FS and this lady always took her first dates here to see how adventurous they were.  She asked if I was clean and I said, “Tested 2 weeks ago, nobody bare since.”  She replied that was tested clean recently and on the pill.

I quickly reached down with my free hand and stroked off my precum and put my hand to Tracy’s lips where she licked it off and moaned sweetly.  Then she used her hand to wipe off the juices from her pussy and let me lick them off her hand.  My cock stiffened a bit more.

Tracy said, “When we made eye contact, I just wanted to walk over and sit on your lap.”  I said, “Sounds good, you mean like in the swingers clubs?”  Tracy replied, “Yes: that is hot.”  I said, “Maybe if this goes well, we can try that somewhere?”  Tracy leaned over and mouth kissed me like she wanted me inside NOW, then released me.

We reached the secluded bay and I turned around and kissed her. We stood there for a few minutes making out with my erect cock between her pussy lips which caused Tracy to moan gently as I occasionally moved my it over the wet entrance.  Then we walked in towards the middle of the bay. There was only a couple straddling each other at the far end, so we stopped in the middle to give them distance.  Tracy said, “Sit down,” so I did. 

Tracy sat on my lap with her pussy against my cock and started kissing me.  I grabbed Tracy’s tits and started massaging them as our tongues probed deeper and faster. As we frenched, Tracy’s was sliding her open pussy up and down my shaft, making me harder as she slid faster.  This was a pure, horny, lust make out.

We were so close that our noses were touching each other’s cheeks. We were in a loop of kissing harder, my hands fondling her tight tits and Tracy greasing my shaft with her juices.  On the next upstroke, Tracy lifted up even higher and dropped down fully onto my cock and kissed me harder which made me harder and wider inside her.  The kissing and her riding me up and down meant that her pussy started clamping my shaft.  I could feel my balls start to really tighten as her pussy squeezed harder on me.  Our kissing was the hardest I’d ever known.  I could feel her start pussy start to twinge as she let out gentle moans.  My balls started to twinge as her pussy squeezed me harder. 

Then she let out a large moan as she orgasmed causing my cock shot its full load into her.  She gave me a final, deep kiss and said “Wow.”

Tracy said, “I want to go for a walk and let everyone see my dripping pussy.” 

I kissed Tracy hard on the lips and grabbed her nipples.  Tracy stuck her tongue in my mouth and kissed me back.  As my tongue entered her mouth, I could feel my cock swell up again and slide along the outside of Tracy’s cummy pussy.  She moaned and then pulled back, “Cummy display, then more cum.”

As we held hands and walked around the headland to the main nudie beach, I could see the thick cum dripping out of her wide pussy lips.  Her nipples, like my cock were fully erect.  We stood in the middle of the beach, near the water’s edge looking around.  We could see some guy cocks stiffen and a few women blush and stroke themselves, so we turned and smiled at them.  We wondered if any of them would com and say “Hi,” but none did.

We stood there and made out for a few minutes, getting hornier again.  I could feel Tracy’s nipples harden which only pushed my cock further to her pussy.

Then the display was over here, so we walked to the start of the beach, near where I saw Tracy at the start.  Again we made out and got the same responses.  Tracy said, “Swim” and led me by the hand to the water behind us.

We went in waist deep and started making out again, but she quickly pulled off me and swam away out of the shallows. 

I swam after her into the chest deep water and I caught her up. I pulled her to me.  As she spun around, she wrapped her legs around my chest and kissed me.  She dropped down and using a hand, guided my cock into her pussy.  My feet were on the seabed, but my neck was just above water, so the people could only see that much of us.

I stood there with Tracy around my neck and cock as we gently made out in view of the beach and she gently rode my growing cock with slight up and down movements of her pelvis. I said to her, “Do you want to ride me hard?”  Tracy, knowing that I meant at the other bay gave me a final, passionate kiss and slid off me.

We waded back to the beach and onto the sand.  My cock was still hard from the stand-up and her pussy lips were open.

We walked back to the secluded bay and she immediately grabbed my cock and said, “Part 2”.

Again, we waded out, but this time only to our hips as there was no-one about.  She wrapped her arms around me and planted a fuck-me open-mouth kiss on my lips.  I kissed her back, but bent my knees so she could wrap her legs around my waist again.  She gook the hint and wrapped them around me, sliding down onto to my erect cock which I had guided into position.  

I kissed her hard and stood up, sending my cock deep into her pussy. She kissed me back harder, which  I returned, and started moving up and down my cock.  We were now making out hard like we had little time left to fuck. I would thrust up with my hips, sending my thickening cock deeper into her tightening pussy. Then she would kiss me harder and ride my cock, squeezing it. Despite the cooling breeze, we were sweating.

With each rise and fall, I could her pussy tighten around my thickening cock and my balls tighten.  Somehow, our kissing had got even faster, then she started moaning and her pussy twitch which led me to fuck her harder, inducing my balls to return the twitch.  Her moans became louder and  deeper and her twitches caused my balls to push my juices into her.

With one final, loud moan and an enormous squeeze, she came just at the peak of my ejaculation. 

We stayed in the shallows for a few minutes making out, then she unwrapped her legs from around me and we swam for a while to clean off.

When we got back to the shallows, I kissed her and she responded with a short tonguing causing my cock to stiffen again.  We picked up our clothes and walked back to the now much emptier, main nudie beach.  I gave her a kiss and we put our clothes on.

“Dinner?”, I said.  Tracy said “yes, you are.” and gave me one final kiss before we walked off to her nearby house.

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