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Nothing Personal ch 5

This is chapter 5 of 5 chapters in the series Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal 5

The Secretary

“GET ME A MARTINI,” his voice crackled on the intercom.

I’ve been working for this fucker for a few months now. I was already starting to regret my decision. I knew I didn’t have much secretarial qualifications other than answering the phone and looking good behind a desk. I thought my life would turn for the better when I saw that add for this job in one of the sleazy magazines I used to read. I should have known better. I was a model and a dancer but I really wanted out of my dead end job. So I took the risk and here I was, a slut for a sleaze prick who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

I ran to grab his martini before he shouted again. Who the hell drinks a martini at eleven in the morning anyways!? He sure doesn’t look like a martini guy. He pretends to be, but he is just a low life smuggler who dabbles in all kinds of illegal shit specially guns and stuff. I should have left when I had the chance but I was stuck in this shit hole. I knew too much and he’s not a nice guy.

I remember the first week I started working for this asshole. It didn’t take him long to start hitting on me. I was used to this, so I didn’t find it strange. As a matter of fact I was hoping for it. Being a sec for a wealthy dick did have its perks; travel, fancy restaurants and sex. Of course sex, what did you expect?! He thought he was a stud but I’d known better. If he wasn’t already married I would have pushed harder. I’ve met the wife a few times. She is a nice face. She wanted out but that was not happening. As I said, he’s not a nice guy.

“It took you so long,” complaining as I entered the room with his martini in my hand. He was sitting on the plum leather couch in his large office, resting his feet on the coffee table as he held his cell in his hand. I wanted to throw that martini in his face to wash that stupid grin off.

“You look happy today,” I almost asked like I cared, “what are we celebrating?” wondering why he asked for that martini so early in the morning. He looked at me, smirking as his eyes scanned my well trimmed body. I knew what he wanted. It was written in bold on his horny face: SEX.

“I just got off the phone,” he said, “it’s you and me now, Slick. June has decided to take a long cruise and I don’t think she’s coming back.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about and frankly I didn’t care. His problem with his wife was his own concern. I had my own and right now it was a sack of shit, sitting on the couch, opening it’s legs, and waiting for me to do the work I’ve been hired for. I approached, gave him his drink and knelt between his thighs to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. In less than a second he was naked from the waist down with his shaft throbbing for me to touch it. And so it began. 

I grabbed his cock and started playing with it, pulling and squeezing to make it even harder. It wasn’t a big thing but I had to make use of what I had. He just sat up there drinking his martini and watching me do all the work. I wasn’t in the mood for a blow today. So I continued to use my hands as much as I could to bring him off but he wanted more. He laid back on the couch after finishing his drink and waited for me to hop on. So I stood up removed my panties and straddled his cock until it went all the way in. As I said, it wasn’t a big thing so it slid without much effort. After working on that cock I had started to feel a little wet myself, so that helped as well.

I did not take any of my clothes off. I didn’t intend to. He still had his shirt and tie on as well. When I started to see drops of sweat building on his forehead I knew he was almost there. He tried to pull his tie off to help with his breathing but it was too late.

Suddenly his eyes bulged and he froze. He looked at me in surprise, wondering what was going on. He body jerked and his muscles spasmed. His breath almost stopped as his mouth started foaming. He wanted to stand up or push me away but he couldn’t. He could only look at me as I sat on top of him waiting to see this through.

“How did you like your drink you little fuck?” I asked with a chuckle. I was starting to enjoy this, finally able to to pour my heart out.  “Oh and June says Hi by the way.” I added as I looked in his eyes to see if he understood what was about to happen him. I think he did. Even though he could not speak or move a muscle, his eyes said it all. Tears started to flow from the corner of his eyes as he tried his best to breath. This is exactly what June said would happen when she gave me that small bottle of drops to put in his drink. I was sorry she wasn’t here to see this. I wished her well where ever she was.

But one thing for sure, she didn’t tell me what would happen to his cock after drinking this stuff. I was curious to find out. It was still hard in my pussy and it kept getting harder. I had read somewhere that some people orgasm big right at the end, so I intended to find out.

To his surprise I kept astride pumping him for that last seed. “Oh my God!!! It is true…Oh shit this is big,” I haven’t felt anything like this before. It was really getting bigger almost tearing my pussy out as it kept growing. I was ecstatic. I was on top of an almost dead man and enjoying it. “Oh fuck, oh fuck..” I cried as I kept riding him to his end. I felt on fire. I continued going up and down like mad until I finally felt it. “Oh… fuccccccck..” I screamed my last as he shot an enormous load of cum inside of me propelling me to do the same before he gave out his last breath.

I never believed in my life that I would be looking into the eyes of a man as I fucked him to death. It was a strange feeling. As much as I tried to feel sorry for him, I couldn’t. He’s a pig and he got off easy. Well, at least he enjoyed it before the end.

I stood up, cleaned off his spunk and put on my panties to leave. But before I did I knelt next to him and whispered in his ear, “just to let you know I wiped your bank account clean,” I don’t know why I wanted to get this off my chest but I did. It is always good to confess even to a stiff. “It has all been transferred to my overseas account,” I was almost chuckling as I said that. “Sorry boss. it’s nothing personal. Just business….mmm… actually no it’s not. It’s very much personal,” laughing for the last time as I left his office to head straight to the airport.

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