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Nothing Personal ch 4

This is chapter 4 of 5 chapters in the series Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal 4

It was our tenth night is a row going at it. I don’t think I’ve had this much sex for the past year. More than that I don’t think I’ve enjoyed it for as long as can remember. 

“Oh fuuuckkkkk…give it to me baby,” I didn’t even know I was a screamer until I met this guy. “Oh yes Jim… YEESSSSSS…” I was starting to see stars as I orgasmed once too many times that night. But he kept pounding me from behind with his fingers in my red hair puling at it as he pummeled his big cock inside my aching pussy. 

“I am coming June,” I heard him say. That was my cue to pull away and turn around keeling in front of him so I could drink his juices the way I liked it. I didn’t even know I liked it until I drank my first sip of salty wine the day we met. Ever since that day I’ve become a semen addict.

“I booked us a cabin aboard a ship leaving to the Bahamas tomorrow,” I said as we were lying in bed taking a break from our last joust of screaming. The cigaret stud I was sipping was reaching it’s end. He just lay next to me without saying a word. “I really hope you can join me on that cruise.”

“What about your husband June?” he asked, “won’t he be looking for you?”

I didn’t need to be reminded of my husband right now. I am sure he would. But I was hoping to get further south, maybe as far south as Rio and start all over again. I was still young. I could make it on my own with the cash I had been stacking for the last couple of years. 

“Don’t worry about my husband,” actually he should be worried. I was. I haven’t told Jim who my husband was and what he did for a living. He’d be scared shitless if he knew. But I figured having a guy with me might just be the cover I needed to get away. I had to take a chance. 

I stood up, put on my clothes to leave. But before I did I placed one of the cruise tickets on the dresser. He was watching me as I dressed up while he was still lying in bed. “Good bye Jim.” I was really hoping this guy would come with me but from the look on his face I knew he was having second thoughts. If he did it would be great. If not I could always find another aboard that cruiser.

I was wrong. Oh fuck was I wrong…..

Now I was looking at the barrel of a gun in Jim’s hand and wondering what a fool I was. How could I have been so blind?!

“What’s the meaning of this?” I wanted to scream at my stupidity. When I saw him boarding the ship I thought I had made it. I had finally hooked a man who could make me happy, and the sex was unbelievable. He has been fucking me for days since the boat left dock. Now we are in the middle of the atlantic ocean, half away on the leg of our journey. I was even excited when he dragged me behind him to find this secluded place where we could go at it again. What an idiot I’ve been?! Even if I scream no one could here me from here.

“I am sorry June,” he said. Yeh. Yeh… I am the one who was sorry. Sorry for finding this guy in the first place. Or was he the one who found me?! Idiot!!!

“Dan sent you?” I wanted to know. When he didn’t reply I knew my suspicions were correct. I thought I could escape my husband. Guess I was wrong. No one escapes those people. How the hell did I end up here?!

“You could always tell him you couldn’t find me,” my voice was trembling as I said this. I was prepared to beg for my life if I knew this would help.

“I could my dear, but not today,” he coldly said. Dan surely picked the right man for this job. He must have paid him well to do me, and he did me good in every way possible. 

I heard the clicking sound of the gun before the bullet went through me like a slap. I almost fell back. I didn’t expect he would do it so quickly. The first second didn’t register in my brain until I felt the sharp pain exploding in my stomach. I put my hands where I knew the blood would start to burst out of my body. I felt sorry for my new white dress. It was probably being soaked red. I couldn’t look down. It was all a shock to me, especially seeing the man who has been fucking me for the last two weeks pull that trigger. 

He slowly put his gun away and stepped towards me, holding me steady as my legs started to wobble uncontrollably. Our eyes met for the last time. I was  was even more surprised that he did that. “How could you?!” I wanted to scream at him but my mouth was dry as a cactus tree. “How could he pull that trigger after the wonderful times we had spent together?!” I kept asking myself over and over again.

My eyes started to blur and I felt a shiver run through my spin. When he put his mouth on mine I felt cold. It was as if he was sucking the last breath out of my life. 

“I’m so sorry my dear. Its nothing personal,” were the last words I heard before plunging down into the vast ocean to my final resting place.

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