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Nothing Personal ch 3

This is chapter 3 of 5 chapters in the series Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal 3

Can she be much colder than his?!?! I’ve given this woman more than she deserves. She’s nothing without me. She can at least show me some respect when I fuck her. Maybe act like she was enjoying herself. I don’t really care if she does or doesn’t. I’ve stopped enjoying our frolics in bed a long time ago. When I want to enjoy myself I’ll pay for it. I sure as hell can afford much better. Who needs her?! She is the one who needs me. Whenever I’m home and I want a quick one I expect her to be there to give it to me. Other than that she can go to hell for all I care. She wanted a college degree so I gave her one. She wanted money so I showered her with goods until she drowned of designer clothes. But kids, love, family …. all that crap are not my cup of tea.

Our relationship has always been that of mutual interest. She married me knowing I have the money to get her places. I married her to get me to those places. I needed to be seen as a family man. In my line of business it is always good to hide among the unsuspecting masses. Tax wise it was also the perfect setup. I had to get me a wife so I picked her up from a bar and we got married a few days later. Love was never a thing for us. She knew it when we first met so why was she acting the victim right now?! I have no idea what has gone into her?!

Even when I’m pounding her, I can see the venom spewing out of her eyes. Sex had become a quick 1-2-3 act now a days. First I tell her to undress. Then she lays on her back opening her legs wide for me. The final act ends up with me coming in her cold pussy a few minutes later. Every time I did it I felt I was fucking a cold stiff as she looked up at the ceiling waiting for me to finish. I don’t expect her to come herself. Frankly I don’t care if she does or doesn’t as long as I get what I ask for.

Our lives have started to spiral a few years after we met. At the beginning I was enjoying the idea of having someone in my bed every night. She also tried to get a little enjoyment out of it but that didn’t last long. Years passed and we grew colder and more apart. We’ve even started sleeping in separate bedrooms a few years back. I came one night to find her in bed masturbating as she was watching some porn movie. I was turned on when I saw her laying with her legs wide open. She was using a dildo vibrator which she shoved in and out of her wet pussy. She was startled when she saw me standing at the door looking at her. But she kept at it as if I didn’t exist. She wanted me to see how much she was enjoying that vibrator as she came on the bed, a thing she hadn’t done when we fucked for a very long time. After she finished she just put that toy back in the drawer next to her bed and went to sleep turning her back towards me. That is when I realized we could never be together like we used to even if we tried. The next day I moved her stuff into the guest room.

“Dan. I want a divorce,” she said after we finished our 1-2-3 act. We have had this argument a few times already and it always ended up at the same place each time. 

“Over my dead body!!!”  I shouted before I stormed out of the house and headed straight to my office. Divorce was out of the question. Her seeing anyone else was even worse. She can screw a light bulb for all I care but fucking any one but me is impossible. She might go and develop some feelings or emotions for that someone and spill my secrets which I I can’t afford right now.

At 12 o’clock at night I was sitting in my office waiting of him. I set up this meeting at this time so no one was in the building, not even my secretary whom I’ve kept just for those over time hours. I had hired that secretary specially for her additional skills when my wife was acting a bitch. She sure as hell was willing to provide them much better than that cold stiff ever did. But this time I wanted to be alone. This was a meeting of a personal nature and it was better handled in utter secrecy.

At 12 exactly, he walked into my office jolting me out of my troubled thoughts. I’ve been thinking about June, my wife, for months now and it is starting to affect my work. I had to resolve this once and for all. So I called this man hoping he could get me the answers I needed. “You come very much recommend Mr Nathan,” addressing the man who was sitting in the leather chair across my desk. He was wearing a black suit and staring blankly at me.

“I don’t think we’re here to exchange compliments Mr Ackerman. You’ve hired me for a job, so I suggest you explain what you want me to do,” the man in black replied.

“You are right Mr Nathan,” I replied, “let’s get to business. I think my wife is seeing someone and I need you to find out what she’s been up to.”

The reaction on his face was unreadable. This man was a pro but I could feel he didn’t like what he just heard. “I suggest you hire a private investigator or maybe a marriage counselor Mr Ackerman. I don’t do this kind of work.”

“I know exactly what you do MR NATHAN,” I almost burst out at the guy. But I remembered who I was talking to so I tried to calm myself down. “I just need you to make sure before you do what you have to do.”

At 2 in the morning our business was finalized. We had agreed on all the details and he took all the information he needed to start his work.

I wasn’t sorry for what I was about to do. It was all her fault. Now I had to wait for Mr Nathan to finish his job.

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