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Nothing Personal ch 2

This is chapter 2 of 5 chapters in the series Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal 2

He was a handsome man, smartly dressed, drinking a ginger ale or some sort of a white soda and he was looking at me from across the bar. I’ve never thought of having an affair outside of my marriage but I was having second thoughts at that moment. It wasn’t like my marriage was perfect or my husband was the epitome of fidelity. He was an asshole, a womanizer and a liar. That is why I was sitting across the bar at ten o’clock at night on a dark rainy day.

I’ve been married for more than ten years and I have nothing to show for it, no children, no job, no dreams…nothing. Just a bimbo on the arms of a man who is a basically a weapons dealer hiding behind a business man’s facade. I have no problems with the kind of work he did but some of the circles he rubs shoulders with are just filth masquerading in designer clothes. All he ever needed from me was to complete his image, that of the perfect loving family man. He was on one of his so called business trips selling a bunch of guns to children and psychopaths who were intent on killing themselves and I had to leave the house to breath.

The man sitting across the bar was smiling at me. It would be rude of me not to smile back. Oh my god… he is walking over!!!. Maybe I should not have given him the idea that I wanted company. But I did. I so wanted someone to talk to right now. I haven’t really talked to a man for a long time. Maybe talk is not the only thing on my mind but the night is young. Besides he has those beautiful green eyes which shine when he smiles. I love greens. They just fill me with a sense of peace and security which I haven’t felt for a long time.

“You shouldn’t have dyed your hair that shade,” the first thing he said before he sat on the stool next to me.

“Excuse me?!” I almost chocked on the vodka going down the wrong pipe. Give me a break will you?! Why are all men such assholes?!

“Your hair,” the idiot kept at it. “The color is fading and I prefer your original black,” he still insisted.

I wanted to leave but I had to shoot this guy before I did. “So what are you? a referee in a professional stylist competition?”

He chuckled back before he said, “oh no. Nothing of this kind. I just don’t know why a beautiful woman like you would want to ruin her hair so badly.”

If he didn’t fix what he started I would have thrown the last of my drink in his face. But he sure did fix it good. “And what shade would you prefer me use?” I was curious where this was going.

“Use color. Blue, green, red…anything that stands out or leave it in its original midnight black.” This guy was full of himself. I liked it.

He was sitting close to me now and I could see the wrinkles around his eyes. He is probably in his late forties but surprisingly fit for his age. I liked it even more. “I gather the Mrs doesn’t like to use colors?” I could also be smart. I used to be smart. A degree in psychology smart. I missed it though. I guess not using what I had trained for for years just gets you a little rusty. Now I have my chance again and I’m liking it more and more.

“Divorced,” he replied, “she didn’t like what I did for a living.”

“And what might that be?” more please.

“Insurance business,” he added, “life insurance.”

“And a hair specialist on the side,” I added and we burst out laughing.

I had never relaxed with a man like I did with this guy. Come to think of it I have never relaxed with a man ever. I met my husband right after I finished high school. I was working at a bar to save up for college. He was my quick ladder up that road. I shouldn’t have taken that first step but I did and I have to bare the consequences. But I did get the four year college degree that I wanted. Definitely not worth it.

“Would you like to continue our conversation in my place?” he asked as the bartender was packing up his stuff preparing to close for the night. It was almost three in the morning and I didn’t want the night to end. I know this was his excuse to get me on my back but I was waiting for that excuse all night. Less than half an hour later he was on his back and I was between his legs trying to figure out how to get that stubborn zipper down. My head was spinning from the last six or seven glasses of champagne but I finally got it down. 

Now that was what I have been missing for years. Springing up like a pole out of his pants, it was a perfect 8. I wanted to taste it so badly, I was shivering just from the thought that something so beautiful was throbbing in my hands. I have never been an oral type of gal. I tried a couple of times with my husband but I got nausea just from seeing his wobbling in front of my face. Maybe it wasn’t the act but the person I had to act it for. He tried to force me to do it on a few occasions but I refused each time until he finally gave up. Now I surprised myself when I put that cock in my mouth and tried to push it as far as it could go. I did it and I loved it. But before that I wanted to lick it as I have seen it done in many porn movies which I often watched when my husband went on his long trips leaving me to masturbate all alone at home.

Putting that mushroom head in my mouth and sucking it was a thrill. I could taste some of the salty drops of his pre-cum trickling out of his tiny hole. It wasn’t so bad. Actually better than I had expected. The thought of drinking what was about to explode in my mouth gave me another thrill. I had never done anything like that before. All the doors to my prohibitions started to  break down. Suddenly I was eager to try everything. I wanted it all. I kept my mouth locked on his shaft anticipating what was about to come. I worked with my hands up and down all the way to his balls, milking it, squeezing it almost to death. In less than a minute he sprung his load making me gag as it filled my mouth. I tried to swallow as much as I could, trying to keep his cock warm inside, sucking without stopping to take a breath. I made sure I milked the last drop to my surprised delight. 

Of course the night didn’t end here and neither did the following day. I have never felt so alive as the day I met Jim, or what ever his name was. As I said, I’ve never thought of having an affair outside of my marriage but I am glad I did. Now I can’t wait to do it again with his guy or any other.

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