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Nothing Personal ch 1

This is chapter 1 of 5 chapters in the series Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal 1

Her legs rapped around my neck while her hands grabbed my head pulling me further between her thighs. I had my hands behind her, firmly around her cheeks, squeezing her firm ass, drowning my mouth inside her dripping cunt. Her long skirt covered my head. I was in total darkness underneath her dress. But I didn’t need the light to see what I had to do. I was right at her entrance and she was moaning out of ecstasy.


“Ohhhh….fuuuuckkk,” I barely heard her voice from down there, “faster baby, faster…”


She didn’t need to tell me twice for my tongue to rage inside of her like a mad boar. It flickered in and out of her pussy licking every spot, slashing right and left wherever it went. I stopped to suck at her bud for a second then continued to travel further and further inside, opening her up even wider to suck more of her nectars inside my mouth. My nose was also trying to bury itself as far as it could go, trying to smell the perfume of lust trickling out of her gapping pussy.


I happily ate my heart desires, even when her thighs crushed my head between them like a nutcracker. My hands cupped her breasts from outside her dress, squeezing her hard nipples as she laid on her back on the foldout chair.


A few minutes of this delightful torture, her legs started to rub around my ears erratically. Her breathing got heavier and heavier. Her hands started pulling on my hair almost taking my scalp out in her fingers. She was on the verge of an orgasm, and she was reacting uncontrollably to what her body was telling her. She shivered from pleasure awaiting another orgasm. Having experienced her first a minute ago, she thought I would pull away after she erupted in my mouth. But, I kept at it, sucking and licking away and now she was about to plunge into her second. Her sensitive clit and lips wanted me to stop but every other fiber of her body did not. That was when I did.


I pulled out from her pussy despite her not wanting me to. “No. No. Noooo…” she cried out, but I had better plans.


I was a heavy build man, muscular and much taller than she was. She didn’t have a chance. I grabbed her by her legs and flipped her with a swift toss until she was face down on the chair. Scrambling to get on her hands and knees she knew what was coming. Even though she was still fully dressed, she knew that that wasn’t a hindrance. I shoved aside the whimsy fabric of her skirt to reveal her naked ass. She didn’t have any panties on. They had been torn away few minutes earlier. There was nothing to stop me from plunging my hard cock inside her pussy oblivious to her screams.


“Ohhhh…. fuck me, fuck me…” as if I wasn’t doing that already, “harder, harder,” which I did until she exploded with a final, “fuuuuckkkkkk…” and I sprayed my own babies inside of her for the last time.


It was a pity I had to do this. I really liked this girl. She was a twenty-eight year old beauty, blue-eyed with red hair while I was approaching my fifties and feeling every minute of it. Again, that wasn’t going to stop me from doing her.


Besides, I love redheads. Red was my favorite color. I knew that wasn’t really the color of her hair but who cares. She dyed it on purpose putting on those silly eyeglasses to hide her face, but all that didn’t really help. I could spot her among a thousand in a crowd. Unfortunately for her, I was here for a job, and she was it.


“Oh NO,” she exhaled, “what’s the meaning of this?” She looked at the barrel of my silencer gun, which I firmly held in my hands. I never left without my gun. It’s my best friend, and a means to a living. I was a professional hitman, and her name happened to be written on my latest contract.


“I am sorry, June.” I really was.


“Dan sent you?” June knew it was over. Of course, I wasn’t going to say anything, but it was pretty obvious. She thought that she could escape her husband, but her running days were over. She just messed with the wrong man. Her husband was a schmuck, but still he was the one who signed that contract.


“You could always tell him you couldn’t find me,” her voice trembling as she almost begged.


This was always the saddest moment in our business when the good guys were slaughtered by the bad. But, everyone had to eat, and it was her turn to be meat.


“I could, my dear, but not today,” my last reply before pulling the trigger.   The bullet went through her like a sting. She put her hands where the blood started to burst out of her stomach forming a red round blotch on her white dress.


I put my gun away and stepped towards her, holding her steady as her legs started to wobble from shock. Our eyes met for the last time. The expression on her face was more of surprise than it was pain. “How could you?!” I could almost hear her say. June didn’t believe I was capable of pulling that trigger after the wonderful times we spent together.


I had been stalking this gal for some time, informing her husband what she was planning to do. She wanted to get away from him and when she booked a place on this cruiser, I was given the order to stop her for good. So here we were, aboard this ship, a place June thought that she was safe from him. Unfortunately, she didn’t see me coming. When I approached her, she had already relaxed her guard and was open bait in my trap. We met, we talked, we fucked and now she was about to die in my arms.


Her eyes started to flicker, and her body began to shiver. I put my mouth on hers as I felt the last breath of her life escaping into mine. “I’m so sorry, my dear. It’s nothing personal,” were the last words June heard before plunging down into the vast ocean to her final resting place.

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