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Note to my Lesbian Lover

From a second story apartment…


I’m so totally taken by your visions and affection… I love the sound of rain on a tin roof, thunderstorms in the afternoon, and the quaking torrential atmosphere of inclement weather. I love the rolling black clouds and the flashes across the sky. I love being in your arms when the heavens are angry, feeling your protection circling around me, a blanket of bare skin. I love to be naked with you, sweaty and uncovered, open to the melting humidity, a solitary window, a quiet breeze, footsteps on the sidewalk below us.

They, the pedestrians, have no idea we are kissing in the dimly lit room just two stories above. Across the way, there is a couple making love on a mattress, their curtains drawn aside in a brazen exhibition. We wave, the two of us together in unison, then kiss and commence our own demonstration.

They watch as I make you come, burying my face between your silky thighs. They can see you arch your back. They can almost hear you moan. When they observe how I rise up and kiss your lips, how you accept my tongue deep in your mouth, they can almost taste what I share with you.

As I get on my knees and plant my pussy to the curves of your complexion, I show them the face you always see before I break into storm, before the thunder rocks the bed and the rain comes down in sheets. They see the naked body that clutches and quivers to the electricity of your mouth sucking on my clit. They see the lightening flash across my face as I cream on your cheeks and reach for the headboard to hold myself steady. They see the dark clouds dissipate from my eyes, the beads of wetness dripping down my breasts, your fingers kneading the flesh of my ass.

They see and they know, unlike sidewalk pedestrians, the heat that we bring to summer…you and me in a room, sweltering in front of an open window.

    What do you think?


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    1. You’re writing from a state of orgasm, kitten, squirting sex like a masturbating mistress of mind-blowing sexual magnitude – and you just blow hotter and hotter. Can’t get enough of your dirty prose at the moment, or ever! isla xxx

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