Nice & Naughty

Nice & Naughty

“Scott!” Mom yells from downstairs for the fourth time.

“Yeah?” I yell back, slipping on my loafers.

“Hurry up!”

I roll my eyes again because she sounds like a bad song stuck on repeat.  Move the hell on, damn! Not like I really wanna go to this damn party anyway. It’s like totally not my thing to hang out with, you know, old people. All I want to do is chill, play my PlayStation, and maybe watch YouTube. And yeah… Pornhub to finish the night right with my joystick.

“Scott!” Mom yells again in that shrill voice of hers when she’s really agitated and heading for bitch-town.

I try not to grind my teeth. The things an only son puts up with! “What, mother dear?” I sing-song in sweet tones, knowing it drives her up the wall. Love her as I do, she really gets on my nerves sometimes. 

“For the love of God, would you come on?! We don’t wanna be late for the Christmas party!”

In front of my mirror, I open my eyes and review my reflection. An oversized sweater in a deep green over the best dark jeans I own don’t make me appear like a slob. I picked my loafers because they were comfortable. Honestly, Mom would have a fit if I wore sneakers to this annual party thrown by the well-to-do neighbors in the cul-de-sac. She warned me like ten times already not to embarrass her by looking like I’m homeless. I mean, what did she expect from me? Miracles? Fashion is her thing, not mine.

Wearing business-casual attire from work in a button-down white shirt and black slacks with white pinstripes, Dad pops half his tall body through my open bedroom door. “Hey, bud, what’s taking so long? You know how Mom hates being late. I’d like to avert a meltdown if I can.”

I run my hand through the dark waves of my hair, trapping it behind my ears with a sigh. So I woke up late…sue me! I needed to bathe and shave. The electric razor took much longer than I thought it should because I hadn’t done it since starting my freshmen semester at community college. I still have a fair bit of hair on my jaw, but it is neater, at least with dark stubble. 

My hair is curly and unruly, like a girl’s, which I was teased about all the time in high school. However, once I hit college, I got lazy. What can I say? I always liked my big curls; strangely, the girls did, too. It was the main reason why I let my hair grow. Saved money on haircuts, also. The longer it got, the curlier it got. The girls just couldn’t keep their hands out of it, which still puzzles me. I’d been laid way more in the last three months than in the entire four years of high school! 

Hell, who am I kidding? I just lost my virginity three months ago! Being a math tutor full-time has its benefits. Not the money. It’s mediocre. Girls willing to do about anything to pass math make up for it big time.

And no, I’m not a stud. Far from it. I swear that I’m average-looking. Light brown eyes, average build, and tall like my dad. There’s nothing movie-star special about me. I do have great hair going for me, but that’s about it. Believe me, I use it to my advantage because I’m so shy.

“Scott Jay Clemson!” Mom screeches, and I know what that means. She’s about to kick my ass!

“Done!” I yell.

“Great!” Dad disappears, but I hear him holler, “He’s coming down now, Ann.”

She stomps up the stairs, and I meet Mom before her foot steps on the second floor. Her beautiful face is flushed red like an apple. She shoves a platter of freshly baked cookies at me. “Here!”

I take the tray with wide eyes. Mom makes the best cookies for Christmas with nuts, chocolate, and love! She makes me carry the tray of temptation on purpose to torment me because I made her wait so long. She knows my weakness. I hope we get to the neighbor’s house fast because I won’t be able to resist. Before we’re even out the door, I eat two of ’em. Damn, they’re sinful!

“No samplin’, Scott. Those are for the party,” she says without a backward glance.

“Uh-hmm,” I grunt as I chew through my guilt, but stop when Mom glowers at me with narrowed eyes. I smile without the show of teeth. There are no crumbs. I’m good about leaving no evidence from years of practice.

Damn! The cookies are still warm and gooey, just the way I like ’em. Mom and Dad walk at a brisk pace ahead, and I followed behind, sneaking another cookie to chomp.  Num… num… I love cookies! So then, I’m the worst person to carry the cookie tray, but we are almost there, thank God! Before my parents could knock on the door, an older woman with very short, ash-blond hair opens the door. She wears a fitted red sweater dress with white trim. Greeting my parents by name, she hugs them and then greets me with a side hug.

“How ya doin’, Scottie?” Mrs. Webber takes the platter off my hands, or at least tries to.

I don’t want to let it go, but Mom gives me a stern glalook. I release the prize with a pout. “Fine.”

“Well, come in and make yourselves at home.” Mrs. Webber shuts the door behind us, and then her husband, in a Santa suit and hat, waves as he hands my parents cups of eggnog. 

“Hey, glad you could make it!” Mr. Webber says while leaning near me, “You know our girls just arrived back in town this afternoon instead of next week.”

My jaw almost drops as I gaze into his sharp blue eyes. “For real?”

Mr. Webber nods in amusement. “Yep, give ’em a shout, will ya? They’re back in the family room.”

I need no more motivation as I nearly run toward the family room. The last time I saw the Webber daughters was at graduation. We never traveled the same social circles since the girls were popular and very cute. I shared classes with them along with the school bus for years, though. 

The family room is a familiar spot of the Webber house to me. It’s where I tutored the girls in math and science for two years straight after school. Sure enough, when I arrive at the family room, I find them like their Dad says. Both stand in front of the couch playing Mario Kart on the Wii. They actually bump into each other at the hip in the way their little carts crash into one another on the big screen TV. 

One of the sisters in a red long-sleeve tee and black yoga pants leaps up and down when her cart crosses the finish line first. She points at her sister with finger shooters. “In your face, Tay!”

The other sister, wearing a black long-sleeve tee and matching yoga pants, casts her straight blond hair behind her with a roll of her eyes. “Whatever, you cheatin’ twit!”

The first long-haired blonde slaps her own bum in yoga pants and shakes it at her sister with a giggle. “Suck it, loser!”

Standing at the door, I laugh without helping it. “I see you girls haven’t changed.”

Both sisters glare back at me in surprise, and then I could see the writing on their shirts. On the red shirt was “She’s Nice” with an arrow pointing to the side where the other sister stood with her black shirt that said “She’s Naughty” with an arrow pointing back to the other girl. I laugh a little harder with my hands in my pockets because that sums up these girls for certain. 

They give me identical looks of wonder and interest. “Wow,” they say together, sounding like an echo. They’re identical twins, after all. “Scott?”

I nod, enter the room with my shy smile, and run my hand through my long, curling hair. “What’s up, Tatum and Carrie.”

They gape at each other. I think it’s Tatum who whispers into Carrie’s ear. Both girls giggle and blush. I don’t move because I’m not sure what to do. God, I’ve had crushes on these girls like forever! They are still cute, if not more so in their attire. I just love yoga pants even more than cookies!

“Well, um, just wanted to say hi. I’ll see ya ’round.” I turn to leave and sigh at how lame I am. God, I need a backbone! I stare down as my cock stirs in my jeans.  No! Not that kind of bone! Ugh!

The next thing I experience is fingers in my hair. I stop walking and gaze behind me. “Oooo, soft.” Redshirt Naughty Carrie is there, staring back at me with her blue eyes shining. Black shirt Nice Tatum jogs up to me and touches my hair like her sister. 

I offer a lopsided smile more at ease by the moment. Once again, my hair saves me from embarrassment in breaking the ice for me. This attention does not help my other problem, tenting in front of me.

“You’re right, Carrie. It is soft.” Tatum asks, looking up into my eyes, “Scott, when did you get so… cute?” 

I laugh and shrug at their attention, rather shocked. “You think so, huh?”

Carrie nods. “And you can’t leave yet.” She takes my arm and guides me to the couch. 

“Yeah, we need to catch up.” Tatum follows the lead of her sister and grabs my other arm.

So there I sit between two of the hottest girls from high school as they ask me question after question. Do I like school? Do I still tutor? Do I have a girlfriend? I give my answers and feel the strong need to relieve the pressure at my crotch all the while. They seem very intent on my answers. During this conversation, all I can think of is the fact I’ve never been this turned on. Oh sure, there’s that time I happened to go find a bathroom, and I spotted one of them topless in her room.

I don’t remember which twin it had been when I arrived early for a tutoring session. Her door is ajar, right? I don’t think she realizes she has a gawking audience. Her hair is wet, like she just got out of the shower. Her A-cup-sized breasts receive the most sensual lotion treatment, with both her hands stroking and groping those little bells. 

While doing this, either Nice or Naughty wears the cutest white boy shorts that cling in all the right places. I hurry on to the bathroom when I hear someone coming. At the toilet, I relieve my full bladder that’s got my stomach in knots, so I thought, but my dick is still hard after I pee. I can think of only one thing. On the commode, I lean back and jerk off the tension insanely quick for fear of getting caught because I won’t ever make it through my tutoring session with the hotties otherwise. 

Now, I sit between my fantasy girls, asking them the same questions they fired at me. They tell me the canned answers. No boyfriends. School is different but good. Campus life is exciting, with so many parties every week. They are always busy when not studying. I have no doubt about that.

Then they challenge me to a few games of Mario Kart. While I find the game kinda juvenile by the cartoonish appearance of it, when I start playing, I’m laughing my ass off. The girls shove me in their mock frustration at how I edge a win every race. To my surprise, the game is quite fun. Neither of them like it much coming second to me. The sisters are so competitive but giggle throughout in high spirits. 

“You know what,” Tatum asks while wrapping her little finger around a curl of my hair when we take a break from the video game. 

“What?” I wonder with the lift of my eyebrow and grin. 

“Carrie always regrets that we never even once… you know.” Tatum forms one hand into a circle and sticks her the index finger of her other hand in and out of it three times.

“No shit? Really?“ I focus on Carrie with my eyes going wide, and she gives me a sweet smile.

My boner eased a bit, but with talk like this, it twitches to attention. I want to be cool, but this is hard with these cute girls running their hands through my hair again. My damn cock is getting harder by the moment. My oversized sweater won’t be able to hide it forever. These days, it doesn’t take much to set me off. I’m always so horny!

“All the football guys we’ve dated have such little dicks.” Naughty Carrie comments with a pout.

Nice Tatum nods with a sigh of disappointment. “Yeah. Nice bodies but cocktail wieners.”

“Steroids do that,” I say with my breath coming out in a pant. Their hands drifted down my hair, along my chest to outline the bulge thickening in my jeans.

“Oooo, I bet you have a nice dick, dontcha you, Scott.” Naughty lifts my sweater to have a better examination.

“Won’t you show it to us?” Nice inquires, staring into my eyes.

I scan to see if anybody else is around. No one is. I lick my lips. “Our parents are right out there along with the rest of the neighborhood.”

Naughty whispers in my ear, “We can go upstairs.”

I gulp hard. “What about the party?”

Both giggle in response. “Makes it more fun,” they say together.

I glance back, and no one is checking for us. The old people are all too busy drinking and socializing to care about what we’re up to anyhow. When I note each of these hot twins’ mischievous smiles, how could I say no? And, the hell if I do.  

My heart beats faster than ever and leaps in my throat when Nice unzips me right there on the couch! I suck in a breath in shock when Naughty slips her hand through my boxer briefs. We’re still alone by my cursory scan. While doing that, I hear a gasp as Naughty helps tug big Scottie out to play. Frankly, my cock makes me a bit proud when both girls stare down with gleams of lust in their blue eyes, licking their lips.  

“Twist my tits and call me Molly! Would you look at that, Tay?” Naughty Carrie whispers with a shake of her head and my lower one. The end of my dick pearls with a bit of my pre-cum for her effort. 

“I’ll do one better.” Nice Tatum leans over to catch it with her tongue before she licks the sensitive head like a favorite lollipop. I hiss and check back again. The coast is still clear! 

Nice tosses her head so her straw hair flips on my thigh. I can see her pretty face licking my dick without obstruction now, and man is it hot! She enjoys what she’s doing as she smiles and licks more of my stiff shaft.

The other sister watches with an envious grin and then looks up at my face, going flush. In my ear while stroking my hair behind it, she whispers, “I think she wanted to do that more than me.”

I nod and try to control my breathing. Not happening.  

“You like that, Scottie? You like the feel of her tongue on your head?” Naughty asked me, and her sister went beyond licking then. Nice caps my helmet and sucks.

I groan with the close of my eyes for a moment. Then I feel Naughty’s mouth on mine as her sister sinks more of me in her hot mouth. A tongue swirls on my cock, and another tongue mimics the same strokes in my mouth. It’s so wonderful that I groan again.

I hear a loud pop and check behind us. Still, no one when I break the kiss with Naughty. I look down at Nice, fisting my cock and jerking it up and down faster and faster. 

“Who knew, Scott, that you’re packing this beefy sausage in your jeans?” She shakes her head as she licks her lips.

Carrie giggles. “I told you we should’ve found out years ago.”

Tatum glances at her sister, giggling, too. “I know. I know. You’re turn now, sis. You’ve gotta taste this!”

“Oh, I can do one better.” Carrie giggles more as she stands. In an instant, she peels away her yoga pants and flashes me a smooth pussy. She then turns and wiggles a beautiful ass at me, too. Nice Tatum releases me so her sister can hold me in her small fist. Before I can say anything, in reverse cowgirl Naughty sits on my pole, teasing my helmet with her hot, wet entrance. 

“Ahhh!” I rasp, and then the other sister is at my side kissing me. She grabs my hands and pulls them under her black long-sleeve shirt. My hands cup her unrestrained bells and feel her nipples harden under my palms. Her hands leave mine, and I take over, massaging her as I’ve always wanted.  

In the meantime, Nice shoves a hand inside her own yoga pants rubbing circles over her clit I presume. She moans softly, breaking the kiss as I watch her pleasure herself. “Do you like that, Scott?” Naughty asks me while taking more of my cock inside her.  

I throw my head back and groan. “Oh, yeah!”

Naughty feels so good moving up and down my cock she coats with her wetness each go ’round. It’s not long before she’s bouncing on my lap. She turns her head to the side with her own hands in her mouth, muffling the sexy sounds she’s making. 

Without warning, two fingers are shoved inside my mouth, and they taste like pussy. I groan again as I watch the other sister. My thumb and index finger pinch her nipples, which makes her whimper. I gladly suck on her fingers. Her flavor is as I imagined it would be—like sweet arousal.  

One of my hands drifts from her breasts to the inside of her yoga pants, that are soaked. It seems Nice is just as wet as her sister. I coat my digit in her slickness before I finger in and out of her entrance at the same time her sister lifts her beautiful bum up and down on my cock. 

“Oooh, oooh, I’m cumming,” Naughty whispers as she shudders while moving still up and down my cock faster than before. I’m about to explode as I fill Nice with two of my fingers. I ram them deep, wanting her close like me and her sister. It’s not long before her walls close on my digits as she rocks back and forth. Her legs tremble. 

“So am I,” I pant in a low tone.

Nice says in her own pant, “Not inside her. Cum on her ass. I wanna taste it.”

So, just when Naughty’s walls clamp down on my shaft, I’m able to pull out. Nanoseconds later, pulse after pulse of my cum shoots out, aiming for Tatum’s ass. I jerk my cock furiously for every drop of cum when Nice takes over, stroking big Scottie. Arming my forehead of sweat, I collapse against the couch and watch them. Both girls are using their fingers to pick up my cum and lick it. 

I am dazed in amazement, yet so glad I came to the neighborhood Christmas party. Nice and Naughty make it the best ever this year!

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