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The neighbour #1: Neighbours become more than just friends

Tammy and I had been neighbours for several years. 

Initially, there was a sizeable group of neighbours that caught up regularly, but over time, the others stopped attending events, then Tammy and my partners left us.  But Tammy and I still carried on the catchups as friends: but just the two of us.

We were quite open with each other – talking about work problems, dating (or lack of) problems.  Sometimes, we’d go to the cinema, other times for a run.  But if we were feeling low, it would be TV like MAFS, Love Island where we could have a drink or several and make rude commentary about what was going on the TV.  Whilst we would hug each other sometimes, it was always solely platonic .

Tonight, was a very low night: the weather had been bad, our work was boring and miserable and our dating lives were dry as the Sahara. It was my turn to cook.  As usual with us, the guest brought desert and wine.  As it was quite hot outside, I was wearing a T-Shirt and Shorts and Tammy was wearing a vest top and skirt.

Tammy and I had finished off the first bottle before we had got through the main course, so I found another in the cupboard: we definately miserable to deal to the wine that quickly.   

We decided to watch Love Island on the sofa as usual, but the second bottle was gone by the first ad break: not surprising as not much had happened!  I got out the home-made Limoncello – this is rather stiff at 25%, but easy to go down. By our standards, we were very loose and we knew a hangover was on the menu for tomorrow!

The second part was the Kissing Challenge.  We started laughing at this and took another hit of the Limoncello, then Tammy said “why don’t we try this .. but keep it tame.”

 This was a surprise to me as whilst we were tactile, we weren’t this tactile, even when drunk.  The first contestant kissed the guy on the stomach, so Tammy leaned over and kissed me on the stomach through my T-shirt.  As she leant over, I could see down her top to her braless D-cup tits.  Whilst I had seen them encased in swimwear before, this was the first time I’d seen them in their full glory and I felt my balls tighten at the view.  We had another shot of Limoncello to brighten things up as the girl on the TV made a rather half-hearted job of the kissing!

Then the next contestant kissed the next guy on the stomach: rather boring, so I leant over and kissed Tammy on her clothed stomach.  The third contestant kissed the guy on his upper torso: Tammy said “he has bigger tits than I do.”

I thought that this was not true, but not that untruthful.   Tammy kissed me on my t-shirted nipple which again caused a reflex below.  The next contestant also kissed the guy on his tits: I leant into Tammy and kissed the top of her breast: I didn’t want to push things and ruin our friendship.  As I looked into Tammy’s eyes, I could see her nipples had grown under her top.  This, in turn had made my dick grow hard.

All the booze had really loosened us up!

Then one of the girls kissed one of the guys on the lips.  Tammy moved in to kiss me on the lips, hovered to make eye contact, then kissed me on the cheek.  We both decided another shot was in order!  I was hoping that it was now an ad break.  But the next girl gave the guy a full “fuck me” tonguing.  I leant into Tammy and made eye contact.  Tammy drew close to me and pulled my head into hers.  I kissed her on the lips and quickly withdrew.  Tammy pulled me back in and open-mouth kissed me.  I leant in harder and put my tongue into Tammy’s mouth and kissed her back.

I pulled back and said “are you sure?” 

Tammy stood up and dropped onto my lap and kissed me back, harder.  I returned the kiss and we got into a loop of kissing harder and harder. I could feel Tammy’s hot pussy on my cock.

As we did this my cock which was trapped between our bodies was getting harder and longer until it poked out of my shorts. 

Tammy could feel my cock against her body, then she looked down and saw my head.  She said “wow: I didn’t know you have such a big cock.”  I blushed at this and Tammy said “better see how thick exactly”

She bent down and released my cock from my shorts and started kissing the shaft, then she moved on to full throating my cock which made it bigger and she licked my precum off with her tongue.  She then stood up and as she did, I grabbed her vest top and lifted it off, exposing her ample bust with the fat, hard nipples.  Tammy leant over and took my top off.

I bent down to drop Tammy’s shorts and as I did, I slid my fingers onto her wet pussy and started fingering her.  Tammy took one hand and brought my face into hers and started Frenching me.  With the other hand, she started wanking my cock, making it even bigger.  We were now in a cycle of Frenching harder, pussy fingering deeper and cock being wanked harder.

I pushed Tammy against the wall and shoved my cock between her legs and started rubbing her wet pussy with my cock.  As I pushed in, I Frenched Tammy’s open mouth and grabbed her tits and started fondling them which elicited a moan.  Again, we were Frenching harder and deeper as my fat cock rubbed Tammy’s pussy.  Tammy moaned again and this time, grabbed my cock on the out stroke and slid it into her pussy lips.  I bent my knees slightly and started thrusting upwards as I kissed Tammy harder.  In turn, Tammy kissed me harder as I slid inside her wet pussy further.

I was now pushing the edge of Tammy’s pussy with my thickened cock as Tammy started squeezing my cock and moaning.  I kissed Tammy harder and thrusted deeper and faster as my balls started to twitch.  Tammy squeezed me harder as she moaned louder and then her pussy started pulsing on my cock, squeezing the cum to the top.  I kissed Tammy harder as she reached her climax as I shot my load deep into her.

We held each other in a sweaty, tight embrace, me still in her and made out – but gentler than before.  I dropped out of and kissed her.  Tammy said “wow, that was mind blowing.”

I said “should we have done that: we are friends?”

Tammy said “we should have done it ages ago!” and bent down and cleaned the mess off my cock and moaned.

“Wow, ” I said “normally drunken fumbles can be damp squibs, but this ..”

Tammy kissed me and said, “This was hardcore, but I don’t feel hammered.” I suddenly realised that I wasn’t drunk either: weird.  I said “same here” and kissed her back.

We started making out again, but gently. We both turned and saw the clock: it was now 11pm.  We both realised that it was time for bed, so I took Tammy by the hand and led her to my bed.  After the exertion, we were asleep very fast.

In the morning, I woke to the alarm going off.  I realised that I was hard and Tammy’s naked body was half on me.  As I woke, Tammy woke too.  I said “you still OK with yesterday?”

Tammy moved around on me and slid my cock into her wet pussy and said kissed my open mouth with a full French.  As she had arched her back slightly, I got a good view of her tits, so I massaged them as we Frenched and she rode my cock.  Our feedback rhythm carried on with the Frenching and nipples fondling leading to Tammy squeezing harder on my thickening cock. 

Tammy was kissing me harder and she started to moan as her pussy starts throbbing.  My balls returned the throb as Tammy kissed me harder with one final moan which causes my balls to empty into her pussy. 

I pulled Tammy into me and we began our post-coital wind-down make-out .  We realised it was work time, so Tammy got off me and we headed for the shower together.  We turned the water on and started making out, then fondling as we cleaned each other up.  I was hard with Tammy’s hot body next to me, but time was short and we both decided that making love had better be postponed until after work, so we towelled off together and Tammy retrieved her clothes from the lounge floor.

This was the first time that when we hugged goodbye, it was an open mouth kiss goodbye .. until later

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    1. Well, that’s a sweet story. If both were free (single) the majority of the time in this friendship, I would have expected something to happen earlier. Usually, one or the other has a pretty tight steady and that keeps the sparks from flying – but not always. The regular get togethers for dinner imply they both are available most of the time.

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