Mutual Pleasure

I walk in the bedroom to find you lying naked on the bed, masturbating. You know I have voyeuristic tendencies so I’m sure it was no accident that I caught you. I stand there in the doorway, watching you, as you watch me, using your right hand to slowly stroke your cock and I feel my pussy getting wet.

I slowly unbutton my shirt, peeling it off, letting it land on the floor. I see you start to smirk just a bit as you continue to very slowly manipulate your member. Next I unhook my bra from the back, letting it join my shirt on the floor. Now that my breasts are free, my hands move over them, slowly caressing the skin, teasing and pulling on my nipples until they are stiff peaks. I see you tugging on your hard cock, rubbing the head as you continue to watch me.

Soon I unbutton my jean shorts, letting them slide down my legs to land at my feet. I’m not wearing any panties so you can see my wetness on display.

“Mind if I join you?” I ask.

“Not at all,” you reply.

I walk over to the bed and sit down beside your outstretched legs. I’m grab an extra pillow and maneuver my body so that I’m lying back, facing you, my legs bent over your legs. Your right hand continues to stroke and play with your dick, your left hand resting on your left thigh. I reach down with both hands, holding my pretty pink lips open for your viewing pleasure. I know you can see how wet you’ve made me. With two fingers from my right hand, I scoop up some of that wetness and bring it to my mouth. I suck on the sweet nectar, continuing to watch you as you watch me. I hear a small moan behind your wicked smile, as you rub a little harder.

I reach down again, this time using my two fingers to slide up and down a few times, before sticking them inside my hungry kitty. I groan at the feel of my fingers pumping in and out of my needy cunt, adding a third finger.

You reach over with your free hand to catch some of my moistness as it drips down to settle between my ass cheeks. I watch you add my juices to your own precum to make your rod nice and slippery as you continue to rub up and down.

With my right hand, I start to alternate between stroking my hard clit and using three fingers to fuck my wet hole. My left hand reaches up to pull and twist my rigid nipples. I’m getting close to cuming already and I can tell you are too by your breathing. I concentrate solely on rubbing my hard little nub and I can feel my hips pumping in rhythm to your stroking.

Suddenly, I feel my orgasm wash over me and I moan in ecstasy at my release. A few seconds later, I hear you groan in pleasure and watch as your cum lands on your stomach.

As we slowly relax and enjoy our orgasms, I know we’re just getting started tonight.

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    1. Such a beautiful and erotic moment! Well penned. Great imagery.

      “I’m grab an extra pillow and maneuver my body so that I’m lying back, facing you,” – This is like the fourth paragraph down, and you might correct it

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