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Murder at the Orient Sexpress Chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of 2 chapters in the series Murder at the Orient Sexpress

Murder at the Orient Sexpress Chapter 2

It was late at night and she was asleep. His hand was wrapped around her naked body almost touching her breast. I did not want to wake them up knowing how hard they must have been working that day. I took off my clothes and sat on the little sofa admiring her beauty. Dani was just that, an oriental goddess with eyes just like the ones you saw in museums. Her lightly dark skin reflected the artificial blue led light of our cramped habitat. I sat to wonder what would a DNA scan reveal of her origins… 17% Indo-Chinese, 15% African, 10% European, 8% North America, 5% Japanese … those do not mean a shit now a days. Race, color, gender, culture, origins… all have merged into a melting pot of billions and billions of people on this tiny speck of dust called Earth. We have moved beyond these meaningless classifications even when a slightly dominant trace does come out on occasion more strongly in some than others. In Dani’s case her Chinese ancestry was the one, especially in the eyes. I don’t exactly know what mine was with my greens, fair skin, dark frisky hair, however my name points to a great many places I have never even thought to explore. Who cares…. I don’t even know why I was even thinking of such things. This murder case was screwing with my head… I must have been reading too much history…

“Another one?” Dani whispered. I did not see her open her eyes. My mind was occupied elsewhere.

“It was Kinda’s place this time,” I whispered back not to wake him up.

Dani jumped out of bed pushing his hands away and stood in front of me to ask again, “is she okay?”

“Kinda is fine,” I replied, “unfortunately one of her girls isn’t.”

“FUCK!” She swore. Dani never swore unless it was really serious. She walked over and sat on my knees snuggling between my arms on our little sofa. Minutes passed, that felt like hours, only we did not move. She knew I loved the feel of her warm body close to mine. Dani and I have been together for years. If we were living five hundred years ago she could have been called my ‘wife’ or maybe my ‘partner’. No one uses these term anymore. They are relics of the past. We live together for as long as we want to live together, for as long as our love still flickers. Love is a strange thing. No one really knows how or for how long it was going to last. For some it survives a lifetime. For others, months, maybe years. I have heard some lovers were so into one another they do not even want to have sex with anyone else. I guess that is a little extreme, but who was I to judge. Loving and Living are genetic trait of our species. I have no idea why our ancestors thought they needed contracts to bind them together. For as long as love exist that was all the contract they ever did need. Again I do not know why I was thinking about all this. That was all in the past… Wife, Husband, Marriage, Partner, Lovers…. all these terms have been swirling in my head since I started to investigate this case… FUCK!!

Dani was my lover and we have been living together for more than ten years. Our love was still strong although not as strong as it used to be when we first met. I hope we can still manage to rekindle it, when it dwindles too low. If not, then that is when we have to move on, as many people do. Until then, I was not going to think about it.

“I hope you two are going to sleep on that sofa,” Kona said as she was laying in our bed, “I love to have your bed all to myself.” 

I could almost see that smirk on his face. I guess that was one of of the reasons Dani was attracted to her friend and the fact that she had a cock that was always willing. They have met a year ago in an astrophysics conference. Dani was an astronomer while Kona was an astrophysicist. Since then they have been working on the strange hexagon-shaped vortex which keeps forming above Saturn’s North Pole, a subject I know shit about. But I grew to like Kona. She was a great person to talk to, with a lovely sense of humor, that’s when he doesn’t keep on talking about Saturn’s rings. The other thing which pisses me off about him is trying to figure out what she wants to be on any given day or night. I had known a few genderfuilds in my life but non as head twisting as Kona. She simply can’t make up his mind. But still, I liked her and so does Dani.

“What do you say?” Dani asked with a wicked smirk of her own that always lit up my face. She must have felt my cock throbbing at the back of her thigh. I could never hide anything from that girl. Dani stood up and glided back into bed to join her friend. They snuggled together smothering each other with kisses. I was still sitting on the sofa admiring that scene with my hand on my hardening dick. I often sat there and watched those two at it. It was almost as mesmerizing a scene as participating in the act itself. 

Kona was on her back enjoying herself as Dani began her assault. She slowly began to go down on her friend starting from the neck down. She stopped for some times enjoying Kona’s breasts, sucking each nipple and squeezing those firm rounded beauties until I thought she was never going to stop. Then she slowly drifted downwards again, licking and planting hundreds of more kisses along her way until she found what she was looking for. Kona’s hard cock was already dripping precum and lots of it. In a matter of minutes Dani was on top enjoying her friends cock in her mouth while Kona was playing with Dani’s pussy. That was when I decided to participate. I could not help myself. It was either that, or exploded on the sofa waisting a good load of cum all over the floor. So I stood behind Dani and slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. I was really enjoying that, but more so I was enjoying Kona’s tongue which was licking my balls as I was moving in and out of my lover’s entrance. Kona was lying underneath Dani with his head lodged between my thighs. She dragged her tongue on my balls, bravely sucking one, sometimes managing to engulf both in her mouth. I could not last too long under such kind of stimulus. So I shot my load inside Dani’s vagina and flopped back down on the bed to try and take my breath. I was out of the game but they weren’t. Dani was still busy at it, trying to make Kona come. Kona’s tongue was buried inside Dani’s cunt licking and sipping what was dripping out of Dani’s pussy, my cum. If I wasn’t already spent, that scene alone would have made me want to explode. A few minutes later the two friends shivered as well. Kona spilled her juice inside my lovers mouth prompting her to finally release her own orgasm that night.

Dani opened her eyes, looked at me, and smiled. After seeing that final act, my cock managed to flicker back to life a little. It wanted more… damn it! Dani saw it but she also knew I wasn’t who I used to be. I needed a few more minutes to recoup and she was willing to wait. She just snuggled next to me and wrapped her arm around my waist resting her hand on my half deflated cock. She also knew what to do to help so I let her help.

“Why are these murders bugging you so much?” She asked as she was helping. “It’s not like you haven’t seen dead corps before.” She knew more about me than anyone. I could never hide anything from her.

“You know why,” I replied so she didn’t pursue it any further. When I was ready to talk about it I will. Meanwhile she was willing to wait… 26 was more than I could handle and I had to make it stop.

Dani’s head was resting on my chest so I did not see her face nor those tears that I felt trickle down on my chest. Those I had to make stop. So I pushed her closer to me letting her lie completely on top. My cock was almost 80% ready. It will have to do. She helped me slip it into her wet pussy. Now we were both ready and her tears stopped. 

“I love you Sumi,” she said, “but please be careful out there.”

“I know.”

We both knew it, and that was why our love life was so amazing. She knew exactly how to pump every organ of my body and she knew exactly how to make them stop. As she was fucking the shit out of me, I definitely regained the last of my strength. Now I was 100% ready for the challenge of pleasuring my lover, but I needed to give her even more and that was when I remembered I had that more. That more was sitting right next to us. Kona was resting on the other side of bed looking at us, smiling to see such a wonderful act of sultry love. I winked at her and she knew what she had to do. He came behind Dani and slowly let his cock slide inside my lover’s other tighter hole. Dani closed her eyes and moaned even loader. She was so overwhelmed to receive both the full length of her friend as well as my own that her heart must have stopped. Her breathing almost certainly did. When she opened her eyes I saw that smile shine up my face once again.

“I love you Sumi,” she said.

“I know.”

I woke up the next morning and Kona was gone. Dani was already dressed up and about to leave to work. “I’ll be checking up on Kinda on my way home,” she said, “I might be a little late. Kona will keep you warm until I come back.” I hate it when she does that. 

“Don’t you dare leave me at the mercy of that minks. How am I going to get a good night sleep.”

Dani giggled as she was about to leave, “I guess you have to keep her busy until I come back,” she said before the door slid shut behind her.

I didn’t want to get out of bed but Credits don’t come falling from the sky. I had to get to work. I took a quick sonic shower, hopped in my AirPod and headed downtown. I had someone to see first…

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