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Mr Black Epilogue

This is chapter 7 of 7 chapters in the series Mr Black

Stepping into a pile of shit was the last thing I needed. I knew I was coming to a farm but I didn’t expect that. I didn’t care. I had to see him. I had to look him in the eyes for the last time and ask him, “WHY?” 

“Why did you leave me like that Sam? Why did you leave me to be devoured by those men? I know I lied to you Sam, but a girl has to fend for herself. It’s a man’s world out there. What did you expect? I had learned how to look for myself from a young age ever since my father was shot dead. I learned that the hard way. You knew that Sam! I learned to smile even when I was being fucked. Only you screwed me much harder. No more Sam! No man was ever going to use me again, not you, not anyone. But first, I have to know why! Why did you leave me like that Sam?” That was the speech I had prepared before I got there, only I forgot it all the moment I stepped in that pile of muck.

I walked all the way to the barn navigating through mud, and god knows what else until I found him. I had searched the house earlier before I came up the hill to that derelict old barn and there he was, sitting on a stool lost between a cow’s legs. Now why was I not surprised? He was hand milking that animal, massaging its teats, pulling down on her udder, squirting her milk into a tin bucket between his legs. If the smell wasn’t so bad I would have been jealous. That continuous squeezing up and down wasn’t helping much, plus the fact that he was shirtless wearing only a pair of jeans made it much harder. I waited for him for a few minutes until he finished. When he stood up he almost dropped his days work all over the floor. I didn’t say a word. I just smiled, turned around and walked back to the house. A few minutes later he followed me inside.

“Hi Sam,” greeting him as he came in the door. He still didn’t have his shirt on. I was sitting on a worn out sofa, the only furniture in the room, with my feet tucked underneath me. I shouldn’t have worn that tight black suit knowing I was coming there, but I wanted to impress, only he wasn’t. 

He walked past me to the kitchen, or what I think was the kitchen. I was surprised he was even living in this place. I’ve never been a country girl myself and I don’t claim to know what a house on a farm looked like, but this was way less than what I expected. As I said, the only furniture in this house was this battered old sofa, a small table in the kitchen and a crumbling wooden chair which he pulled and sat on to face me before he asked.

“Why are you here Judith?” without even a Hi, or a welcoming word. “Or should I call you Jane? Or better still handsome Jack,” he added. Sarcasm wasn’t his trade either. It would have hurt if it wasn’t true, but it still did.

“Okay, you’re right. I deserve that. I’m sorry.” I didn’t come here to apologize but I did. I don’t know why.

“My mother used to call me Jude for Judith, but my father called me Jack, short for Jacqueline. My father always wanted a boy so he got to choose my middle name,” I didn’t come here to explain either, but I found myself doing it anyways. 

“Did you know that I used to have a sister? Only she died when I was very young. She was called Jane. So yes, theoretically, I didn’t lie to you on that front either.” When he didn’t smile I finally shut up.

A few long seconds passed in silence as he starred blankly at me then he asked again, “why are you here Jack? What do you want from me this time?” 

Now it was my turn, “I just wanted to know why? Why Sam? Why did you hand me over to the cops?” I have been dying to ask that question ever since he left me naked, handcuffed to my bed, and waiting for the cops to arrive. That was more than a year ago.

“Because I am a dick.”

“WHAT?” I stood up yelling in rage, “YOU SURE ARE A FUCKING DICK SAM,” I shouted. 

I wanted to scream some more but I restrained myself. I took a long breath and sat back down on the sofa. “I wanted to explain, but you left before I was able to,” I said. “You left me to fight the cops, the prohibition bureau, your friend Eliot Ness, even my friend Nello and the whole fucking Mob, both of them, Al Capone’s as well as Bugs Moran’s and all their thugs from here to Chicago. Didn’t you even stop for a second to think about that?”

“Of course I did. That’s why I’m here,” he simply replied. “If I stayed I wouldn’t have been able to go through with it.”

“So you left me to be eaten by all those sharks all by myself?”

“You seem to have handled them pretty well.”

Oooo I wanted to strangle that guy right about then. “For more than a year I have been fighting in the courts to clear my name, and I still have a few more knots to tie.” Actually just one knot and I would be free.

“I know. You’re a good lawyer,” he said, “so how is your club doing?” 

I was a bit surprised he was even asking about that. He must have known the prohibition was over. The prohibition laws have been annulled a few month after he left. There was no need for speakeasies anymore.

“The club is closed Sam, but you know that.”

“I know,” he confirmed. “Then why are you here Jade?” asking for the last time.

“Jade” That was the name I used at the speakeasy. That was my stage name. “Jade.” I liked that name. All the other names did not matter to me anymore. I am Jade now. That was who I had become, and he knew it.

I stood up to pick my purse off the floor, I took them out of my bag, and dangled them in front of his face. “I came to return those to you.”

He put his hands on one end of the handcuffs and stood up. “And why would I need those again?” He asked with a smirk on his face. 

We stood facing each other, each holding one end of the cuffs as if we were trying to decide who was going to get that prize. Our eyes met and I could see the walls he was trying to build between us came tumbling down. I have been told I had those eyes. He did himself. He said my piercing greens did something to him. I was counting on it.  

“I was hoping to use them on you like you did on me,” I said.

His smirk turned into a full fledged smile then he asked, “you came all this way here just to do that?” 


That’s when he extended both his hands in front of him and said, “You are right Jade. I deserve that. I’m sorry.” Now it was his turn to apologize. He offered both his hands to me and said, “here they are. They are all yours.”

I’ve never used handcuffs before. There was nothing to it. I Just had to open the rings, clasp them around his wrists, and he was all mine. That was easy. Now came the hard part. I tightened the cuffs as far as they could go. I wanted him to feel them sting as they did mine.

“What are you planning to do next?” He asked.

“Shut up Sam.”

I grasped the chain connecting both ends of the cuffs and dragged him behind me. I headed to the bedroom, the only other room in this little shithole. It was another simple room with a single bed on one side and a broken down chest of drawers on the other. I pushed him on the bed where he lied back with his legs still on the floor. With one swift move I pulled down the zipper on his jeans and he flinched. I was sure I drew blood since he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Served him right. Then I raised my leg and put my high heeled shoe right on top of his cock with my heels digging into his balls, and I pressed down, hard.

“Do you know how much I’ve been wanting to do that Sam?” I asked, not expecting an answer nor a breath for that matter. “Ever since you left me naked on that bed for every cop in Chicago to look at, all I could think of was this,” digging my heels further down. “I thought I was yours Sam,” harder down, “but now, you are all mine.”

Then I started to unbutton my suit, unzipping my tight skirt to stand naked one last time in front of this man. I wasn’t wearing any underwear either. I came prepared for this. From the looks on his face he was surprised that I was. He was still not breathing. Then I slowly slipped on top, slithering on his naked body, pushing his cuffed up arms all the way up, until I positioned myself right on his face with my legs firmly restraining his arms on the bed. 

“Okay Sam, You have a lot of apologizing to do.”

And he did. His tongue said it all. First he started to caress my entrance, slowly tickling my lips then my clit trying to draw out what I had been keeping locked inside for more than a year. Slowly the gate started to open. A trickle of my hidden treasures started to slip out. I could smell it. But that wasn’t enough. I needed more. I pushed myself further down, showing him what I wanted, so he extended his tongue further, trying to penetrate my pussy a little more. That wasn’t so bad either but still, I craved for more. I guess if you wanted something done right you have to do it yourself. So I grabbed him by his mane and pushed his face between my legs as far as it could go, using his mouth, tongue, noise, eyes… every inch of his face to bring myself off and it worked. He was either flickering his tongue frantically or he was trying to breath, either way I didn’t care. All I cared about was how fast and how hard I could cum and I did. I must have passed out from the shock of that orgasm. Fuck! I needed that. I missed that. It has been a while. But still, I wanted more.

I opened my eyes to the sight of his thick dripping cock flickering in the air. I don’t know how I ended up in that position with my head next to his dick and his between my thighs. It must have been the shock of that orgasm. I looked up to see a tinny drop of pre-cum slowly dribbling down the length of his shaft. I watched it slipping down forming a crooked line as it fell toward his balls. I wanted to catch it with my tongue, to cushion its fall, but I decided to let it go. I wanted more. I wanted it all, I wanted every last drop held captive in those two sacks. Without hesitation I grabbed his cock by the balls and shoved that whole pole in my mouth. He must have still been handcuffed and looking at a beautiful sight of his own, my cum drizzling out of my pussy. The only sound I heard as I squeezed and pumped that cock, was his rapid breathing telling me I had him where it hurts. I must have been squeezing very hard. I dug my long nails into his sack of swollen balls pulling them down as far as they could go. I think I understood what that cow felt and I almost laughed. I slipped a little further down so that my pussy was again closer to his mouth. “You still have a job to do Sam. So start cleaning up your mess.” Of course I couldn’t say that out loud with my my mouth stuffed to the hilt. But he got the idea and went back to work. 

As I sucked harder he reciprocated by pulling my clit deeper and deeper inside his mouth. I couldn’t let him win. I didn’t come her to let him win. I wanted my second orgasm before he spent his. I was counting on a few more before the night was over. So I dug in. My teeth scrapping skin as my mouth went up then down. Every time I felt him ready to shoot, I backed off a little then started all over again. No way was he going to win. We spend quite a few minutes with our tit-for-tat spat until he couldn’t take it any longer. Suddenly he flooded my mouth with his sweet salty white milk almost biting on my clit in the process. Damn it. He won. 

“I missed you Sam.” I said after swallowing what I could of that juice. From the amount of liquid that came out of him, he must have been cooped up in this farm for quite some time. 

“You know I could do a better job if you give me the keys to those cuff.”

“What keys?” 

I wished I could have seen the impression on his face, however I was still laying the opposite way, but seeing how his cock flickered in my hand I knew I got him. He was mine now and he would stay mine until I let him go. A few minutes later with the help of my wet lips he was good for another round. I crawled down on his body with my back still facing him until I sat on his cock for the first time that evening. He had his fun. Now it was my turn. Now I could ride him out to my heart’s content knowing he would not let me down. Time passes so quickly when you’re enjoying yourself. I was lost in a world of lust. My whole body was shivering as it tried to pump him for the second time. He was trying his best to help, moving, swaying, bucking up and down, following my every move. I didn’t expect otherwise. However this was my moment. I dictated the time and place I wanted my passions to explode. He was my bull and I was his fucking cow and I mooed out loud as I came thrashing like a happily satisfied heifer, spilling every ounce of passion on his fucking cock.

The morning sun woke me up the next day. It had been a while since I woke up so early in the morning. My whole body was aching from all the exercise we spent on that bed. I could smell it off the damp bed sheets. I looked around and he wasn’t in it. Hearing the sound of the kettle whistling, I knew he was making breakfast. I dressed up, brushed my makeup, and I joined him in the living room.

“Good morning sweetheart,” he greeted me with his back still turned the other way. The smell of the those fried eggs was refreshing. The table was stocked with all kind of stuff, cheese, meat, cakes and bread. He must have woken up early to have prepare such a feast. When he turned around to face me he dropped the frying pan splattering his eggs all over the floor.

I stood at one end of the room and he was on the other side. He knew he could not reach me in time. He also knew I was a good shot, because I told him so. My father taught me how to defend myself and that was what I was doing.

“Why?” was the last word he ever said to me.

“Because you’re a dick Sam,” I replied.

I don’t remember hearing the sound of my gun going off. All I can remember were my bullets smashing on his chest, blood bursting out as he dropped dead on the floor.

“Sorry Sam. I just can’t afford any loose ends.”

I stood looking at him for some time and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if we really tried to make it work. Unfortunately we were never meant to be. Deep down inside I knew he was never mine and neither was I his. We were from different worlds him and I. He could never be other than what he was, a “dick” and a good one at that. As for me, I would always be a “Jade”. But one thing for certain. I do miss him and it still hurts.

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