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Mr Black 5

This is chapter 5 of 7 chapters in the series Mr Black

“Oh fuuckkk…. This is a big dick!” She moaned.

Of course she was lying but who was I to tell her otherwise. “It’s not the size that matters it’s how you use what little you got that tips the scale,” that’s what my ex used to tell me until she found a bigger dick. I’ve always been on the average side of the spectrum, and I don’t claim I was a state champion when it comes to stamina, but experience does have its privileges,…. well sometimes. When you get to be my age you tend to know when, where and how to touch a woman especially after all the ones that I’ve been through.

Anyway, it was always nice to hear a compliment even when it was not exactly true. If not for the fact that she was even a better actress than a liar I would think it was her first anal, but I knew when I was beaten to that part of the court as well. As I said, more than forty years of experience did teach you a thing or two about those two.

This all started when I was on my back and she was on top. My face was buried between her legs and so was hers. I was enjoying a good morning trickle and she was looking forward to a nice drink. When you have two open and willing holes shoved in your face you simply can’t ignore either, so I didn’t. As my tongue was busily twirling around, searching for the right angle of attack, I couldn’t help myself, I inserted my finger into that other red tight entrance and she flinched.

“Don’t,” pretending she wanted me to stop but I didn’t. In such circumstance I usually do when a lady asks me to cease, but her voice and the way she ground her ass on my face told me otherwise. It was as if she was looking forward to it, aiming her young tight ass toward my poking finger, hoping I would not pull it out, almost asking me to push it further inside, so I did. 

As I licked her clit I did what she wanted me to do, “oh fuuuuckkk, no one has ever done this to me before,” another lie but still, I was willing to let that pass seeing how much she was enjoying herself. “Oh fuuucckkkkk, this is gooooood.” Now, THAT was no lie. She was shivering and shaking from ecstasy as she burst out screaming her first orgasm of the morning. 

She laid face down sprawled on my body with her head on my thigh until she could breath again. She was still holding my hard cock in her hand gently stroking it as if she didn’t want to let it go nor let it deflate. She had a good start to her day but I was still not there yet and she knew it. When she was able to move again she slowly slithered along the length of my body until she sat herself on my waist and opened her legs wide apart. Slowly she inserted my average dick into her dripping entrance. It went right through with ease. I could only see her back as she slid up and down on my member a few times then she stopped. She turned her head around and smiled at me. Her eyes lit up. Damn… those greens. I couldn’t help but smile back.

“I’ve never done anal before,” she said, “I want you to be the first.” A lie or no lie, who was I to stop her. She arched her back towards me, firmly planting both hands and feet on the bed and aimed my dick towards her tight passage. My cock was dripping wet from having visited her wet pussy earlier. I guess that helped to smooth my tight ride inside her welcoming hole. In less than a minute my dick was swallowed whole. My suspicions were correct. That definitely wasn’t her first.

“Oh fuuckkk…. This is a big dick!” As I said, a lie but a nice one none the less.

Unfortunately she wasn’t a gymnast and neither was I. I knew that position with her hands and feet on the bed and back bent backward, could not be maintained for long. After a few moments of painful stretching exercises she decided to change position arching forward once again and kneeling on the bed on her hands and knees, spreading her legs even wider inviting me to continue, “up there pleeeeaseee…” she pleaded, “I want you to come inside, up theeeeere,” an order I could not refuse. 

Now we were both in a better position to enjoy this. I was standing firmly on the floor with her ass in the air and her head resting down on the bed. I slowly started to push my still hard member as far as it could go inside her gaping anus until it went all the way to the hilt. From her groans I knew she was enjoying this and I wasn’t that far behind. Anal sex is a tricky business. If you’ve never experienced it before then I don’t know how to explain it to you. It can be very enjoyable if your partner knows what they were doing and she seemed to be an expert in this field. I was captivated with her body and so was my cock which didn’t want to leave that warm tight embrace as it went in and out until it couldn’t take it any more. It burst out flooding her tight ass with cum before I collapsed on the bed next to her. 

I opened my eyes to find hers were still closed. She was breathing heavily and I knew she was in a world between ecstasy and reality. I managed to stand up and retreat to a little chair to watch what she was doing. She was still lying on the bed with her ass up in the air, her head resting on the bed, in the same position she was in earlier. I could see my cum trickling out of her asshole and slowly dripping down toward her pussy. I didn’t know I had that much in me. Her hand was already crawling between her legs touching her pussy, playing, smearing all that juice all over her dripping entrance. I felt my cock flicker again. Unfortunately I knew I couldn’t help her anymore. That’s when age betrays that part of you. I needed much more time than that to get back in the game. Nevertheless it was a nice show and I didn’t want to miss it. I waited until she finally gave in to her second orgasm with the help of her fingers as well as all my cum spread all over the right places. She finally collapsed on the bed after a well deserved hard session. I sat there for a few minutes looking at that body, wondering how in the world did such a beauty end up in my arms. I had never been that lucky before. I must have done something right somewhere or in some other time. I sure as hell was expecting all this to burst up in my face or wake up from this dream. It was just a matter of time.

I left her in the bedroom to get some rest, mostly mine. I rapped a towel around my waist and went to the kitchen, made a cup of coffee to clear my head, and sat at her desk which overlooked Michigan Avenue. The street was starting to get busy early that snowy day. Cars crisscrossed the street like dotted spots on a dalmatian bitch. I remembered I used to have one of those. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what was her name. I had no idea why I was thinking of bitches that early in the morning. Maybe it was the picture of her and her dog that triggered those memories, a picture amongst a dozen or so that adorned the wall of her study. What grabbed my attention the most was the largest amongst those picture frames. 

University of Illinois

To all persons be it known that

Judith Jacqueline Merabeth 

having completed the prescribes studies and satisfied the 

requirements for the degree of

Master of Law

A Masters degree in law?! I was very much surprised. Frankly a bit overwhelmed since I hardly graduated from college myself. And there I was bedding a woman who had all those diplomas, honors and memorabilia; A minor degree in the Arts in addition to her law degree, The president of the drama club; The lead member of the university’s singing team; The treasurer of the student union; The speaker of the graduate class of 1928 … a life’s worth of accomplishment all strung on that wall in front of me. Overwhelmed was an understatement.

“Pathetic. Aren’t they?” Jade surprised me as she stood, rapping her blanket around my shoulders, the only thing she used to cover up her nakedness. I could feel her cold hard nipples on my bare back and I felt a shiver traveling all the way down my spine.

“Impressive more like it.” I replied. I really meant it. Not only was Jade one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever met, she was smart, intelligent and a very well educated young woman.

“Yeh? Well, look where all those degrees have gotten me! A job in an illegal dumpster singing to a dozen or so drunks every night for the rest of my life.” I could feel the sorrow in her bitter voice as she said that. “I thought I could be different,” she continued, “I thought I could change the world. I wanted to be like my father. He was a brilliant young lawyer who went early in his prime.”

“Whatever happened to him?” I didn’t have to ask for her to tell me.

“He was gunned down on the street, probably by one of those filth I’m singing to right now. Who knows?!”

I could understand her bitterness. I’m sure a few ladies get to graduate from law schools unfortunately hardly any get to work in this profession. Come to think of it, I had never encountered any in my twenty year career in law enforcement. I’m sure there must have been a few. Who knows! It is a rough world out there specially for women. I won’t deny it.

I stood there admiring more of those pictures on that wall as she stood behind me, hoping the warmth of her body would ignite mine for the next round of exercise on that bed of hers. I was almost there before I stupidly decided to ask more questions, “Did you and your sister go to the same university?” I was curious since Jane was no where to be seen in any of those pictures.

“Who? Jane?” Jade reacted in surprise to my observation. Unfortunately she moved away to sit on the sofa, rapping her blanket on her body, leaving me exposed to the coldness of the room once again. 

“Jane was never into this intellectual stuff,” Jade started to explain. “She didn’t even bother to finish high school. I guess I was the one who took that stupid mantle from my father. All that Jane ever wanted to do was to find a man and fuck him into making a family. Believe me she went through quite a few before she settled upon this Theodore guy. I guess she took that from my mother who is on her third, or is it the fourth? I can’t keep up with that one either. What a fucked up family we all ended up to be. Can you believe that? My father is dead, mother is…. I have no idea where mother is… I’m a dancer, my sister is a slut and now her boyfriend, who might well end up to be my brother in law, wants to kidnap me for ransom, and I have no one to protect me from getting butchered like my own father.”

“Don’t worry we’ll protect you,” I tried to reassure her.

“Yeh? You and whose army?”

“Me and that wall outside your flat,” I said and she chuckled a little.

“That wall outside doesn’t know the end of a gun if it hits him on the head. He might be big but he’s just there to scare away the neighbors.” Another surprise I wasn’t counting on. “That guy guarding my door outside is not one of Nello’s men,” more surprises, “He used to be a quarterback on our university’s team. I picked him out myself to be my bodyguard. I don’t trust Nello’s with the key to the cookie jar let alone the key to my place.”

“I told you don’t worry, we’ll hold the fort. Me and that quarterback of yours. Nothing will happen to you. I promise.”

“I’m scared Sam.” I can see she was. “Are you sure Jane said they are coming for me tonight?” I just nodded and the smile on her face disappeared. “Don’t leave me alone tonight Sam.” She pleaded.

“I won’t,” I reassured her, “I’ll be outside with your man guarding the fort.”

“Why outside? Stay with me here. Please.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” saying that for the tenth time, “I can do that much better out in the street then if I let them pin me down in your flat. I’ll take them out before they even step inside the building, don’t you worry.” And that’s what I did. At twelve midnight I was outside Nello Giacomoni’s house waiting for, handsome Jack, Klutas men to arrive.

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