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Mr Black 1

This is chapter 1 of 7 chapters in the series Mr Black

It was raining cats and dogs. My coat was soaked wet. My fedora hat was dripping from both sides and I was standing at the corner of the street waiting for her to leave the club. The Flamingo was one of the few clubs in town that catered to those special clientele which I wouldn’t dream rubbing shoulders with.  

“How did I get myself into this mess?” I wondered. I should not have taken this case, but her eyes. Damn those green eyes dazzled me the moment she walked into my office. I remember that day when….

“I am looking for Mr Black,” she said. Now how was I to say “No” to those eyes?

“I am Sam Black. What can I do for you Miss?” I asked. She was wearing a two piece gray business suit which hugged her body like a rubber on a stick. Her red lace bra was peaking from underneath her white top daring me with every move of her body. The black hat on her head tried to hide the  brilliance of her eyes to no avail. 

“I think my sister is being kidnapped,” she said, “and I need a dick to find her.”

“Have you tried the police Miss?” I asked.

“No I didn’t,” she said. That’s when I should have abstained from the case. But those green eyes… Damn.

I needed more information. “When was the last time you saw your sister?” 

“We were at the Orleans. She told me she was seeing someone,” the green eye seductress said, “I should not have come here. I am already very late,” and she stood up to leave.

I wanted to stop her but she was already at the door, “what is your name Miss?”

She turned around and looked at me. “It’s Jade,” she said, “please help,” then she ran out of the door before I could stop her.

Damn those eyes! Why do I continue to see them even in my dreams? I had to find her. I had to look for those greens…

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