Mom confronts son’s bullies

Timmy was a small and withdrawn young man. His mother, has taken care of him as best she can since his father left them. Without a helping hand in the house, Timmy, although he had everything he needed, never had a firm guide in his life, and although showered with his mother’s attention, he was a frequent target of bullies.

Jennifer, his mother, a woman in her late 30s, very beautiful and strong, tried to protect her son as much as she could. But the home-to-work schedule gave her little time to devote herself completely to her son. Even at home, Timmy was often not better. When their father left them, they had to move to a bad part of town, where social cases, gangs, and, in short, the bottom of society lived.

It was only then that the problem arose for Timmy: he could not fit into that society. Kids and young men thought of him as mommy’s boy, and often, even when they hung out with him, they teased him and made fun of him, especially picking on his divorced mother. They told him, often making jokes, that his mother is a good cunt, that she sure likes to be punished, and that she receives a cock as soon as she gets divorced. It really bothered Timmy, especially since he loved his mother very much. He was first year of college, yet he was target of bullying.

The worst were older teenagers and young men, especially the two brothers, Darell and Jamal, several years older than Timmy. They lived in a house in the alley at the end of the street, in a completely run-down house with a yard full of all kinds of garbage. They were abandoned by their mother and lived with their father, a bum and a drunkard, who also completely neglected them.

They had a pick on Timmy and his mom, often sitting on a bench on the basketball court in the street where local boys and men gathered, whistling and throwing jabs at Timmy and his mother as they passed by.

They’d say things like, “Baby, where are you going, Leave him at home and come to the back to have some fun!” or they’d comment on her ass or her tits, whatever.

Jennifer found it very annoying, and she would just snort at their lascivious banter, tighten her grip on her purse and hurry home. Timmy asked his mother if it bothered her, and she said that they were scumbags and little brats who couldn’t be better than a bum father.

Timmy, thus, did not have the opportunity to hang out with other guys, he had to hang out with the girls from the street. He would often be the target of verbal humiliation and teasing, again most often teasing him about his mother.

When he complained to Mom, she said that she would take care of it all and that she would fuck them up if they touched him.

Timmy didn’t even tell his mother everything because he was ashamed, he didn’t want to admit that he was a weakling and that he couldn’t even answer. He would often get slapped by the elder guys, especially Darell and Jamal, who would stop him on the street or in the field, surround him, and start torturing him with obscene questions:

– “Jimmy boy, tell us, does your mom like to get fucked? ” They were very direct and brutal, with Jamal being the most vocal.

“Nnnn, no, I don’t know, let me go, I don’t want to talk like that….”He tried and tried to reason with two brute brothers.

In response, they would keep him in an “Oreo sandwich” so that he could not move or escape.

“Well, look at her tits, and she has a pout?” Two black bullies continued, “So when she puts on heels, she must have been coming back from some fucker’s dick-session.” Two young men laughed, congratulating themselves on their “smart” remarks.

It wasn’t like that all the time, When they rolled him up like that, he suffered until he had it enough and had to complain to his mom, and then for the next couple of weeks, two brothers would disappear from his life, then they would come back again, and then again when they overdid it, he would complain to his mom again, going so in circles.

And Timmy had to be silent and endure all that, but in the end, they would let him go, and he would leave or continue playing basketball or whatever. One day, it was already evening, and the last rays of the sun were in the sky, which was rapidly becoming dark. In the neglected ghetto street, there were only a few streetlights, and Timmy was returning home. He was riding a bike, and the black brute brothers approached him, They were already looking at each other and nodding, smiling wickedly in the direction of Timmy, who could not avoid them because they grabbed him by the handlebars of the bicycle. They were sitting on the field, drinking beer, and waiting for their victim. And it was Timmy again.

” Kid, where are you running? Don’t make mom angry, she won’t be able to fuck herself, she’ll be nervous,” said Darell, taunting the young white man, who was keen to get away.

-” Oh, she loves her fucker, man,” aded Jamal to his brothers remark

“She doesn’t want this kid to bother her, I guarantee you, man, she is bringing lovers to their house when he’s at school, it’s full of dicks, isn’t that right, Timmy?” aded Jamal, inducing laughter from his brother. They laughed in Timmy’s face, and in a wicked way.

-“Eat shit!” Timmy was boiling and finally snapped.

That was new and the two brothers looked at each other with open mouths:

“Oh, little one, we’re going to fuck your mother now for this,” and Darell, the angrier of the brothers, slapped Timmy with his hand so that Timmy’s head turned from one side to the other.

Then Jamal met him and slapped him again. “Yo, little white shit, is that the way to talk to nice people?” And they started laughing at him.

Tears came to Timmy’s eyes from the slaps and toning, but luckily for him, with a roar of laughter, they let him go crying, pushing the bike home. He could not even afford a half decent car. Timmy entered the house, leaving the bicycle in the yard. He was still sobbing when his mother, who was cooking lunch, approached him.

“Timmy, what was that?” she asked in a caring voice.

“Nnnnn nothing, mom,” he said, not being convincing.

“How come nothing when you’re red and crying?” she noted in shock, “And just look at that mark on your face!” she added care in her voice.

“Nothing, nothing happened,” he continued, but his mom was resolute.

” Who beat you up!?” She was furious.

“The jerk brothers,” he finally confessed.

“Darell and Jamal?!” asked Jennifer, visibly pissed off.

Her son just nodded his head as a sign of confirmation.At the mention of their names, Jennifera felt a tingle in her lower stomach. She was terribly angry. She was intrigued by this:

“Why did they hit you?” she asked her son, comforting him by holding his face in her hands.

“They say all kinds of things about you… that you love… you know that…” Timmy spoke softly, visibly ashamed. Jennifer still had those tingles in her stomach, and she stroked her son’s hair to calm down.

“What, son?” she asked.

Timmy finally confessed: “They say that you like to…fuck and that everyone knows it.”. He continued sobbing and talking, and his mother’s anger was growing.

But every time he mentioned Jamal and Darell and what they were saying, she felt a warm feeling in her lower stomach.Finally, she said to her son: “I’m going to fuck them up!”

Timmy objected and felt further humiliated that his mom was going to deal with his thugs in his place. She calmed him down furiously and told him not to worry about anything.

She started walking down the street of dilapidated houses, while the warm summer wind ruffled her short summer dress and long black hair. She steamed with anger and felt chaos in her stomach. The sounds of nervous and furious walking made by her high-heeled slippers echoed along the rutted pavement. The street was poorly lit, and from the bottom of the street, in the direction of the house of the two violent brothers, you could hear some R&B music and some local radio stations that played such songs. She passed the last house, and after empty plots overgrown with weeds and junk, she reached the last house on the street behind which was a huge meadow… that’s where her son’s thugs lived.

She came to a broken gate and a low fence. Immediately from the gate, she saw under the glow of the flickering light above the front door of the house that the black brothers were sitting at a table in the yard full of scattered garbage, drinking beer, and listening to that disgusting music from the radio that was on the table. They were laughing at something and were under the influence of alcohol, and who knows what? She furiously pushed aside the broken gate and marched into the yard, kicking the trash that was everywhere.

“Oh, who is that, a mother came to defend her son?” They shouted and laughed at her when she approached them, all furious.

She came quite close to them, and they were oblivious, and both brothers turned to her without standing up, spreading their legs and rudely presenting their crotch to her in tights that showed off their huge black dicks.

They were now laughing at her: “Did mommy come to look for something? Hahahahaha!!!”.

Jennifer, all furious, lashed out at them very close, approaching her older brother: “Listen, you bastards, you’ve done that now and never again! I’m going to fuck you up!!!” she shouted, all furious, threatening him with her finger.

Two brute brothers dismissive of her threat said, “Well, mommy got dangerously angry with us!”

Jennifer paused for a bit, was stunned, and then blurted out: “Where is that bum from your father!?”

“He won’t wake up until tomorrow at noon,” added the younger brother, getting up from the chair, “He is drung as hell.”

Jennifer was still silent, while her older brother got up from his chair and approached her. Jennifer then turned her back to him, approached the table so that her stomach touched the boards from which it was fastened, and again silently lay down with her chest across the table She grabbed the end of the table with her hands and just stuck out her butt to her older brother, completely laying down on the table. While she was doing that, the older brother lifted her skirt, which she had already practiced because apparently the three of them had done it before.

“You are a piece of shit; that’s what you are!” Jennifer was still furious but not offering a single bit of resistance while the older brother had already lifted the short summer dress around her waist.

At the same time he was removing her panties with the other hand, and the youngerbrother had already approaching her with a pulled half-raised cock, grabbing her by the hair and bringing his cock to her mouth.

The older one, Darell, had already taken out a cock that was bigger and quite thick, about 8 inches long. Jennifer’s butt, stretched out and lifted by her high-heeled slippers, was exactly at the level of his cock. He fingered her a bit, and then the tip of his big black cock slid over Jennifer’s slimy cunt lips:

“Oh, the whore has already wet herself. She knows that two good cocks are waiting for her! ” he said, and the brothers, now even more drunk, started laughing, and their laughter was mixed with some slang rap from the radio.

“-You must have gotten wet when that son of yours told you what we were saying,” he deduced.

“You two are disgusting scum,” Jennifer said in between one brother shoving a big black cock down her lusty throat.

The cock from behind flew hard into her open, hot, and wet pussy, which eagerly received it. Jennifer moaned, but with a sense of pain mixed with great pleasure. The cock began to thrust rhythmically into the depths of her white pussy. Jennifer was fucked by two brothers, black thugs with huge dicks, a dangerous attitude, and good fucking skills.

Jamal took her hair in his hand, although there was no need because Jennifer was already with her lips, pressed against his older brother’s cock, lying across the table with another for his cock in her mouth.The brothers fucked Timmy’s mother, quite clearly already who knows how many times. They were well-matched, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself on both ends. Darell was quite a good fucker, and with long movements all the way to the glans and to the roots of the hair, he thrust into her hot and swollen pussy. Jennifer hated herself for turning on these two thugs and enjoying their fucking, their rawness, which made her female hormones rise. She also liked the fact that they are unpolished, dirty, run-down, and cruel – scumbags.

They fucked her well, because he whined under them and muttered with pleasure, which was met with the approval of the fuckers who were bullies towards her son. At first, she did it reluctantly, but she had to admit that her son’s two bullies filled the void of masculinity in her family, she subconsciously loved their relationship very much.The brothers swapped places, each one entering her mouth and pussy.

Darell yelled at his brother, “Bro, you spread her cunt; now I can barely feel it!” and suddenly all three of them, including Jennifer, started laughing, not stopping from fucking her pussy, nor did she stop sucking his dick.

Her tits were pressed against the table, and she was sorry that the brothers didn’t fuck her from the other side, so they could squeeze her tits, and she really liked that. But, in any case, she enjoyed her humiliation, as an active and conscious participant, for the umpteenth time. Jennifer enjoyed herself and was in fucking heaven. She tried to stand up a little, but the brothers, who were also fucking the other bitches, immediately pressed their hands on her, pushing her down,not to distract their fucking rhythm.

The sex was raw, dirty, and great.At first, Jennifer was forced to jerk off the bully brothers’ dicks, so that they would leave her son alone, so they forced her to blow their dicks, and in the end, she herself couldn’t wait for a reason to have to intervene to protect her son, only to be violently fucked with brothers.

As the victim and protector of her son, who, although he was already big, was too soft to defend himself, she became a whore who enjoyed her own humiliation. And she enjoyed it to a great extent.

The brothers changed places, rhythms, and she felt their cocks tearing her apart. Orgasms came to her one after another.She was held firmly by the hips and head and fucked on a spit as much as she could have wished for.

Jamall suddenly said, “Bro, I can’t take it anymore! Let’s spray the whore.”

At those words, Jennifer immediately dropped to her knees, leaning against the table, threw her head back, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue, quickly removing her large breasts from her dress.Both brothers, satisfied and surprised by her whore move, started with roars to eject their seed from their big black cocks all over her mouth, chin, and big tits.It seemed to them that they would pass out from the force of their orgasms.Jennifer was still leaning on the table, while the brothers smeared their cum on her face with their cocks, pushing as much of that liquid into her mouth as they could.

She didn’t protest, in fact, she licked herself. She looked her fuckers in the eyes, and seeing their satisfied smiles, she asked
“Would it be good for me to go on the pill? I want this in my pussy, and for you to feel a little what it’s like to have your sperm shoved into the cunt of a mature white woman…”, she added in a whorish way.

As she left, she lowered her dress over her ass, put her breasts back in place, covering them with the fabric of the dress. Jamal and Darel suffered from her by hugging her as if she were their common girlfriend, occasionally kissing her on the mouth.Then she gave them a proposal:

“I think it would be good if you spent the weekend at my place. Timmy is going to his father’s for the weekend, I will be alone…”


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