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Mistress of the Moon chapter 1

This is chapter 1 of 2 chapters in the series Mistress of the Moon

Mistress of the Moon 1

She was High Priestess, the Ornament of the Heavens, Mistress of the Moon and she changed the world.

She sat on a chair in the middle of the room watching them fuck.

His firm buttocks clenched as he plunged his cock deep into his lover’s entrance. His thrusts were accelerating. She knew he was about to come. His rapid breathing gave that away. Beads of sweat were running down his bare back. His shoulder muscles rippled as he tried to balance his weight on the bed. He had pinned his wife on her back, with her legs wide apart, she welcomed her husband’s spear deep into her dripping hole. She was clearly enjoying herself. Her moans gave that away as well. His hands were clenching the sheets around her, as if afraid she was going to escape his clutches. But she wasn’t going anywhere. She was madly in love with her husband, smitten since the day they first fucked, and that was right here in that same bed.

“The Fucking Bed.” That was what everyone used to call it. But she liked to call it her “Cradle of Submission.” A great many men and women had enjoyed themselves on this bed, but not as much as those two. She remembered the day she invited them both to her bed. Actually it was more of a command than an invitation. Being that they were both her slaves they couldn’t possibly refuse. Besides, who would refuse the orders of Princess Iltani, the first daughter of King Sarruken, Ruler of the Four Realms, and Slayer of Men. Her father was the one who named her Iltani. It meant “the lucky one.” She was born when Sarruken slew the king of Kish and took over his throne. It was a lucky day for him and she had been his lucky charm ever since.

Iltani was barely thirteen when she was given her first slave as a gift. ILum was a precious gift by all means. She was the dresser to Queen Enthu of the Amanus, a little kingdom up in the northern mountains. Unfortunately that kingdom no longer exist. Her father made sure of that. He destroyed its walls, killed most of its inhabitants and had their queen and her entire entourage skinned alive and fed to the lions. She infuriated him. But he did save ILum for his precious daughter. ILum used to be an Ishtaritu, a temple prostitutes, who specialized in the arts of dance, music, and seduction. She served in the temple of the Goddess Ashratu before queen Enthu took her as her own. King Sarruken wanted a high class companion for his first born, as well as an experienced courtesans, who could teach his daughter the ins and outs of court intrigues, and he was right. ILum turned out to be a great teacher, a wonderful maid, a talented hair dresser, as well as a sneaky seductress. 

Since day one ILum had become a permanent fixture in princess Iltani’s chamber even though she was more than ten years older then her mistress. Iltani could still remember that first day with her maid because it brought tears to her eyes, tears of pain as ILum introduced her to her first night of pleasure. She also made use of the first cock she could get her hands on, which was that of the high guard on duty. He clumsily managed to take Iltani’s virginity away with the help of ILum who supervised the entire event. It was a mess. Blood and tears drenched the sheets, her tears as well as tears of that poor frightened guard who was later flogged for abandoning his post. She never did see that guard again but she could still remember his face. She could still remember that night ever so vividly. What woman didn’t? the night she gave away her precious blood. Each time she looked into her maid’s eyes, it brought a smile to her face.

As for Sagadu, ILum’s husband, he was another of her father’s precious gifts. Sagadu was one of the scribes captured when her father raided the temple of Enlil, God of the Winds, in the city of Nippur. This same ancient city had been the seat of her father’s kingdom ever since he first started his outward expansion decades ago. Sagadu was brought in as a slave to teach Iltani how to read and write as well as teach her the culture of Sumer, the land her father was intent upon conquering. He had started with the northern kingdoms but his eyes were set upon Sumer. That was the ultimate prize. Sagadu turned out to be a very good teacher but one thing her father didn’t count on. Sagadu was a demon in bed. He could manage to sustain his hard-on for hours upon the delight of both Iltani and ILum, who fell in love with him the instant she felt his dick inside of her. 

“Can I ask you a favor Mistress?” Iltani remembered ILum asking her one day. “Can I have your permission to marry Sagadu?” She shyly tilted her head as she asked her mistress that surprising question. Marriage was a privilege only given to free citizens of the kingdom. It wasn’t customary for slaves to marry but some did if their masters or mistresses permitted. However they were still considered to be slaves and their offspring were the property of their owners until they died.

“Why do you want to marry Sagadu?” Princess Iltani asked. She couldn’t have possibly refused her maid’s request for she had known ILum for years. Not only was she her constant companion, she was her closest confidant. Iltani was just curious as to why ILum wanted to marry in the first place. It wasn’t that she was not fucking Sagadu anyway.

ILum smiled as her face flushed red from embarrassment, “I’m not getting any younger my princess. In a few years I won’t be able to have children and I want to hold my own in my arms before I die,” ILum truthfully answered before she added, “besides have you ever seen any man as big as Sagadu’s? I certainly haven’t. I want that cock all to myself, except for you of course mistress.” That brought a smile to Iltani’s heart as ILum seldom did with her wise sense of humor. 

And that was how this married couple ended up in their mistress’s “Fucking Bed.”

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