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Mistress of the Moon chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of 2 chapters in the series Mistress of the Moon

Mistress of the Moon 2

It was early in the morning, the birds were singing, the rooster was waking up his hens for his morning joust before Utu, the God of the Sun, rose from his lumber sleep, but Princess Iltani was fully awake. She sat on her chair in the middle of the room watching them fuck.

Sagadu finally managed to shoot his load into his wife’s vagina and collapse on top of her until he could breath again. She could see his sack of balls dangling between his legs as his semen started seeping out of his wife’s entrance. He must have pumped her with a great load of his offsprings this time. That is what ILum loved about her husband, not only was he big, he could manage to shoot a huge amount of his precious nectar every time. The husband and wife had been at it like chickens ever since Iltani gave them her permission to marry almost a year ago. As her slaves their child will also be hers. But they didn’t mind. They so wanted that child, especially ILum. She wanted a kid to call her own and she was going to suck every last drop of her husband to get it. Poor Sagadu.

A few moments later the husband and wife stood up to face their mistress. The smile on their faces said it all. They were happily in love, sexually satisfied and drooling from all the right places. ILum knelt between her mistress’s feet while Sagadu stood next to her and asked, “what is on your mind your highness?” His concern was obvious from the tone of his voice. It wasn’t usual for their mistress not to be in the middle of their morning fuck. She hadn’t slept well that night so she left the bed early leaving her two companions to it.

“Today is a very special day,” ILum added, “it is a joyous occasion for all the kingdom. You should be happy my sweet princess.” 

It surely was. King Sarruken was coming back home to Nippur from one of his campaigns where he just won his most important victory of his reign. All of Sumer was now part of his domain. It was indeed an important occasion for his people especially his household. But Iltani couldn’t hide her concern especially in front of her two closest aids; ILum her maid and Sagadu her scribe.

“I know,” Princess Iltani reluctantly replied. She couldn’t put a finger on what was bothering her but something was not right. Her father, the king, had sent her a letter stating that he officially wanted her to be present in his court during the midday celebrations. Of course she couldn’t refuse her father’s orders. Besides, everyone that is anyone in his kingdom was going to be at the celebrations, his generals, his ministers, his aids but most importantly his family. So why did he officially request her to be present when he knew very well she was going to be there in the first row? It didn’t make any sense. Well, nothing her father ever did made any sense. That is why he was the king of the world and ruler of the largest empire that ever existed in all the lands. She felt scared.

“Don’t worry your head little one. We will always be by your side until the last drop in our bodies.” Sagadu tried to reassure his mistress. He had known her ever since she was a young girl and now that she was in her twenties, and one of most powerful princesses at her father’s court, Sagadu still managed to call her “little one” and she let him do it. Sagadu was not only her scribe he was her mentor and the only man she ever trusted in this world.

Iltani smiled as she looked at her maid kneeling in front of her on the floor, then she lifted her eyes upwards towards her scribe. His cock caught her eyes. It was still hard and dripping from his earlier encounter with his wife. For a forty year old man it was still impressive and enticing.

“It looks like your last drops are still dripping my dear Sagadu,” Iltani replied with a smirk on her face. “Do you still have more of those drops left or did your wife drain them all?” She asked before she grabbed his shaft and pulled it towards her. She rested her other hand on ILum’s head and steered her between her legs. “I certainly need you two to take my mind off of things.” She added, “and you know what is it that does,” and they did.

ILum immediately dove between her mistress’s thighs aiming straight towards her wet pussy. She started using her tongue as ordered, while Sagadu stepped forward to offer his long and hard cock for his mistress to feast on. This was not strange for them. They have been doing that for more than ten years and they were experts at it. ILum’s tongue was a legend. She could immediately find the most sensitive spot in any pussy and tickle it to death until the receiver couldn’t but scream from lust. As for Sagadu’s cock, it was the talk of the court. Many women had cried just from the looks of it. But once they sample it’s delight their cries of passion would ring through out the walls of the palace. Princess Iltani was lucky and proud that those two landed in her lap. They were her last line of defense after a long day of scheming and political maneuvering at her father’s court. She couldn’t live without them and their counsel. 

It didn’t take long for her counselors to make her reach her climax. As her scribe shoot his load into his mistress mouth, her maid was licking off her last trickle of juice with her expert mouth. She really needed that before she was going to face her father. More than that she needed those two by her side more than ever. She couldn’t help herself as she felt a shiver run up her spin, and it wasn’t from her second orgasm of that morning. She still felt scared.

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