Ming E finds her sweet spot

‘That’s the spanking bench’ said Madame de Sade she stood next to it stroking the leather surface ‘we strap clients in here while we use one of these’ at that she stroked a whip along the length of the bench ‘or one of these’ at that she slapped the bench with a paddle.


‘I have a client who’s coming this afternoon I call him Mr Mercy as that’s his safe word. He has agreed to let you watch.’


Mr Mercy was tied naked to the spanking bench, he was at first spanked with a paddle, his backside turning redder and redder between the blows.


Madame de Sade put on a strap on and entered him. She inches in slowly to his anus. She drew in and out. Pausing in between to spank his backside.


His cock started to harden, Madame de Sade moved it so that it was stuck between his torso and the leather surface of the spanking bench. She then changed to using the whip. This time she brought down her whip with great force on his naked back side. He let out a whimper.


Ming flinched as the whip came down.


‘I’ve not finished with you yet, when I’ve finished beating you, you won’t be able to sit down.’ The whip whistled through the air as she bought it down on his backside. His backside became redder with every stroke.


‘Oh! Oh! It hurts.’


‘You pussy, you pathetic animal.’ His backside was starting to bled a little. The whip continued to crack on his backside. Ming flinched, as with each new contact of the whip the cuts became more numerous and Mr Mercy’s cries increased.


She entered him again with the strap on. Mr Mercy writhed against the spanking bench and then let out a large groan and began to shake slightly. ‘You can’t cum I am not giving you permission to cum.’                                               


‘Oh, please mistress’ he moaned.


‘If you cum, soon you’ll have to lick it up’


‘Please let me cum.’


‘Not yet.’


He whimpered.


With the next thrust of the strap on, he shook, yelled out and cum over the spanking bench. She unshackled him. ‘Didn’t I tell you that if you cum you’d have to lick it all up.’ He looked up at her. ‘Now’ she shouted.


He started dutifully licking his cum off of the surface of the bench.


After he’d finished up. Madame de Sade patched up his wounds and when he was dressed, she hugged him and allowed him a little rest before his departure.

This is a short extract from the following book:

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