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“I want to meet Katherine.”

Matt didn’t know if she was serious or was pulling his leg. He looked up from his plate and knew he was in big trouble. A piece of meat lodged itself in his throat and refused to slide down. He almost choked trying to cough it back into his empty plate. 

“Are you fucking out of your mind?” He cursed out not caring if the whole world heard him. 

Linda’s wicked grin was clearly visible on her lips, “I’m serious Matt,” she replied, “bring her to me,” adding her last command.

“No way!” thinking he could even sway this woman’s mind. She was a rich spoiled bitch, born with a golden spoon in her mouth, a beautiful brunette, blue striking eyes, a mesmerizing personality, but still she was a bitch, and still he loved her.

He had known Linda for decades. They had been college sweethearts since the day they met. Unfortunately their relationship didn’t progress beyond that. They continued seeing each other on and off, going their separate ways for months, sometimes even years, until passions flared and they ended up together once again.

She was an heiress to an oil conglomerate and he was a lowly salesman. They weren’t meant to be except behind closed doors away from society’s praying eyes. Matt didn’t know what she saw in him. Now that he was in his forties, a slight bulge around the waist, he still doesn’t know why she keeps him around. With a total worth in the billions she can choose whomever she desires. Yet she sends for him. With the tweet of a phone, a ding of an email he finds himself whisked away to an island in the Caribbean or to a private secluded boutique hotel in the French Alps. 

Only now he wasn’t so sure if they can continue with this. They have had such cold spells before. Somehow he knew this was different. The conversation went frigid until Linda finished her lunch. She barely said a word, or even looked up at him, which frightened him even more. She left him with the expensive bill and strolled out of the steakhouse without even a peck or a goodbye kiss. 

“Hi Honey,” Katherine greeted him before he slumped down in his favorite recliner. She was finishing the dishes as she usually does after preparing dinner for five hungry mouths. She never once complained even though he knew she didn’t like to cook.

Kathrine used to be a teacher, good teacher at that, only she gave up her career after her second child was born. Two little kids and a man were too much work with a full time teaching career. Once their third was born she knew she was wasn’t going back to work anytime soon. They often discussed her going back to teaching once their kids were in high school but that was still years away. They had to content with his paycheck for now.

“Where is everyone?” Matt asked when he didn’t hear the usual screaming or bickering of his three devils. They often littered the living room with DC and Marvel figures trying to enact Thanos doomsday or whether Superman can beat the avengers nemeses before he snapped his fingers. But the house was quite and Kathrine was busy finishing his meal.

“They are all at Fred’s house,” she explained as she poured the soup in two bowls, “it’s his son’s birthday, Remember?” 

Of course he didn’t remember. He usually leaves those remembering task to his beloved queen. He doesn’t bother himself with little details knowing she always takes care of them.

Dinner was okay, some vegetable soup, a burnt out steak, and a little mash potatoes on the side. Far from the Japanese Wagyu he just had for lunch, but still he didn’t mind. He knew she was doing her best and he loved her for it. Matt looked at his wife and saw those fifteen years visible around her ocean green eyes. Her wrinkled light brown hair was still wet. Kathrine always took a shower in the afternoon, after the kids finish their homework, and start playing. That is when she has time to relax and enjoy a bath before starting her final chore of the day, preparing dinner. Matt thought his wife looked lovely in that jumpsuit she usually wares in the house. He often wondered if she wore a bra underneath that. With her little breasts he couldn’t be sure. He figured that was the best time to find out. He set his knife and fork aside and walked around to the other side of the table. He stood behind Kathrine, bending down to fold his arms around her, surprising her in the process.

“MATT?” Kathrine exclaimed, “what are you doing?” with a huge grin on her face she obviously knew the answer. She tried to turn around, to face him, but he rested his head on her shoulder and wrapped his hands to cup both of her breasts from outside that thick black fleece. He squeezed those tinny things until she finally exhaled, surrendering to what came next.

She was definitely surprised. Matt had never done anything as spontaneous as this before. Of course she knew he loved her but she always thought he didn’t have it in him to surprise her in this manner. Their sex life was always… well…. always… Blahh… Once, maybe twice, a month was more than she expected from him. That was not so bad, however she always wanted more but was afraid to push lest he did not want to. So she left it at Blahh…. 

He was definitely surprised. Kathrine does not wear a bra underneath those baggy clothes. The palm of his hands caressed her skin, playing with her little mounds as his fingers flickered her nipples between them. He pinched both buds prompting a jolt and a whimper. She was almost on the verge of coming. He knew Kathrine’s nipples were sensitive and she seldom came when he played with them, only this time he didn’t want her to. He took her jumper off and let her stand up to face him. 

“Let’s go upstairs,” she whispered, only the bed was not in his plan. 

He surprised her once again when he pushed away the dinner plates and lifted her on the kitchen table. Matt didn’t know what came over him. He was probably expecting to fuck Linda that day only she left him stranded at the steakhouse. He was thinking of masturbating to relieve some steam, but fucking his wife on the kitchen table was way better. He has never done anything like this before. He has always wanted to, but was afraid to ask his wife for anything other than normal sex. They usually do it once or twice in a full Moon but that was it, and nothing really so spontaneously special or different. He was always reluctant to push her for more, believing she wouldn’t like it or worse letting him down if he did. So he didn’t. Now that he was doing it, he was surprised she likes it.

He scrambled to unbuckle his pants as Kathrine unbuttoned his shirt simultaneously pulling down her jumpsuit along with her panties to the floor. She opened her legs to welcome his hard cock into her wet pussy. A few strokes was all it took for both of them to explode on top of the uncomfortable hard surface of the kitchen table. 

“We must do this more often,” Kathrine whispered. She could barely breathe from Matt’s weight pressing on her naked body. They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

“We can do more upstairs if you want to?” Matt replied surprising his wife once more. They had never done it twice in a single day before either. Something was definitely wrong. However she wasn’t going to refuse his gift but she was definitely going to find out what was going on.

A few weeks passed since the kitchen incident. Life was back to normal, back to that once in a month frolic, back to those quick fifteen minutes of sex before bed time. Kathrine was tired as usual from a long days work. “By the way, I forgot to tell you,” Kathrine said as she stood up to put her PJ back on, “I got a phone call from a business partner of yours. She said she wants to meet us for a business proposal.” 

Matt was half asleep he hardly heard his wife’s last words, “I don’t have a business partner. This must be a prank call,” he mumbled.

“I thought so,” Kathrine replied, “but the woman knew our names and she insisted we meet her. I believe her name was Kinda or Linda, something like that.”

Matt’s eyes sprung open. He didn’t expect Linda to be so stupid as to call his wife. This was bold even for her as well as dangerous if he didn’t do something about it. But what?

“Yes I know this Linda,” he tried to be calm and sound uninterested, “I sold her a few pieces of furniture, but that was a long time ago,” trying to lie his way out of this mess. “Just forgot about it.” hoping this would blow away in time.

Several more weeks passed since the lying incident. He hasn’t heard from Linda for a long time. Matt thought his life was back to normal again. He was hoping his mistress had forgotten the idea of meeting his wife. WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING!?

“I set everything up,” Kathrine confirmed, “Linda called me again and we agreed to meet her at her house to talk about her business proposal.” She was excited, thinking that she was helping her husband to expand his furniture business. 


Kathrine was surprised by her husband’s reaction, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”, she snapped back, “I think you should hear what this woman has to say,” she explained, “ this might be the break you were looking for.”


“What do you mean you’re not going?” Kathrine asked, “We need this Matt. You need this. If you don’t like her proposal then we can just forget about it.”


A few days later Kathrine and Matt drove into Linda’s driveway. They parked their 1991Taurus in front of a large estate overlooking an artificial lake that dwarfed lake Geneva. Matt has been here many times. He tried to pretend this was his first time. 

“Sir?…., Madam. My name is Jane,” a petit lady in a skimpy maids uniform greeted the couple. “Mistress is expecting you,” she said. Matt tried to pretended he didn’t know Jane either who kept looking at him with the corner of her eyes. She escorted them out to the spacious patio where Miss Linda Campbell was waiting for them, dwarfed by two bodyguards standing a few feet away on the far corner of the deck.

“MATT! KATHRINE!” Linda sprang up to meet her guests, “I’m so glad you decided to join me.” She was clearly excited to meet the couple and tried to welcome them with a kiss. She started with Kathrine then turned her attention to Matt who quickly moved his head averting a mouth to mouth disastrous collision. He was hoping the flicker of his wife’s eyebrow wasn’t a sign of surprise at Linda’s deliberate attempt at trouble. 

Matt knew that coming here was a terrible idea. He desperately tried to persuade Kathrine not to accept Linda’s invitation. It was obvious that a meeting between his wife and his mistress was going to completely destroy his life. More so he was going to loose his wife as well as his kids. Unfortunately the more he tried to resist the more Kathrine insisted on meeting Linda. Fate had struck the final blow. He knew that he was walking to his death and he could not do anything about it. He was only here for damage control. He could maybe try to beg his wife for forgiveness and hope Linda would have the heart not to strike too much of a devastating blow. The first kiss of the evening wasn’t very encouraging.

The first part of the evening started with the usual small talk. Houston weather is always an interesting topic to begin with. Then Linda turned the conversation to her house, “I like this place,” she said, “my father give it to my mother when they divorced,” she explained, “I have always liked this house more than my father’s estate in Dallas. This is a much cozier place to live in than that large four hundred acres palace up north.” Now she was bragging, “and your husband here has helped me a great deal with picking some interesting pieces of furniture for my home.”

“Oh he did?” Kathrine.

“Sure he did,” Linda struck again, “you know he does have a great talent in getting good and  solid wooden furniture.”

“Oh he does?” Kathrine.

“Of course he does,” Linda replied.

Kathrine was trying to figure out who this woman was, what was her connection to her husband, and what she wanted from them. Like most woman Kathrine tried to assess, appraise, evaluate, physiologically profile the woman in front of her from they way she talked, dressed, moved or even sipped her drink. Of course women are way better at it then men. By the time small talk was over Matt knew he was dead.

“So what do you want from us?” Matt didn’t know his wife could be so blunt.


“Is it his?” Kathrine finally asked.



“Three months.”

At that point Matt was at a loss for words. He clearly wasn’t understanding any of this cryptic language between the two. He was afraid to ask or even butt his noise into their conversation.

“What do you want from me Linda?” Kathrine asked again.

“I want to know what he see in you,” Linda replied, “besides, I really want to get to know you better.”

“No way.”

A few seconds of silence seemed like an eternity. Both ladies looked at one another with a blank expression that could have melted the Arctic. 

Finally Linda capitulated. “before you came here I asked a friend of mine to hack your phones. Not only that he has accessed your social, your bank accounts, basically both your lives are in my hands,” blood was drawn and Linda had sealed their fates.

Matt jumped from his seat and yelled out, “YOU WHAT?!” He picked up his phone and tried to open it. It was locked. He almost broke his cell trying to access his data until he finally slumped back into his seat, his ego deflated, “Bitch!” The only word he managed to say. He was about to strangle her if it weren’t for those two men standing back. It would have been a massacre, his.

Kathrine tried to remain calm throughout this before she added, “We can go to the police.” 

“Ooo.. the police?” Linda burst out laughing. “Oh I would love what Police Commissioner Sanderson would have to say about all this. Oh did I mention he is my godfather. I do love him so much. He is such a dear.”

“What do you want from us?” Kathrine asked again. She was almost on the verge of crying. The first thing she thought off were her kids, her life, and how she was going to kill her husband when and if she finally gets out of here. “Please Linda. I have kids,” maybe if she pleaded with this woman. She has heard of identity theft, blackmail but those were things that only happen in the movies. She never thought anything like that could happen to her.

“Oh don’t worry about your kids my dear, they are perfectly safe,” Linda tried to reassure her victim, “I’m no monster. No one is going to harm them if you do what I say.”

“What do you want?” Kathrine finally asked.

“As I said, I want You.”

“What do you mean?” Kathrine still didn’t understand what this woman wanted from her.

“Follow me.”

Linda strolled inside the house with the married couple following her like two stray puppies. When she started going down the stairs Matt tried to interject, “Linda please! Not there.” Of course she didn’t listen to him and continued on her way down the stairs until she opened the door to a dark room.

“Matt. Will you please turn on the light?” Linda asked.

Of course Matt knew exactly were the light switches were located. He basically designed this place himself. There was no use faking anymore. He walked into the dark room and started to turn the lights one by one until the whole room was lit to reveal Kathrine worst nightmare. She was standing right in the middle of a large dungeon, the likes of which she had only seen in porn movies. She had often secretly watched BDSM porn when her husband was away on his so called business trips. Who hasn’t. However she never thought for a minute she would actual be in one. 

From where she was standing, Kathrine could glimpse a large bed surrounded by a wooden frame. In another corner she could see a cross on the wall even a metal cage was visible in another corner of the room. There were all kinds of wooden contraptions scattered all over the place. Some she thought she recognized, others she couldn’t even imagine what they were used for. Her better judgment was telling her to run, to get out of this place. But her curiosity and fear prevented her from turning around and going back up the stairs. She stood her grounds desperately trying not to shiver from fright.

“Isn’t this amazing,” Linda was very excited, “your husbands really knows how to pick them.”

“My Who? What?”

“Nice furniture, don’t you think?” Linda added.


Kathrine looked at Matt who tried to lower his eyes. She was desperately trying to figure out who her husband was. “furniture salesman my ass,” she thought. How could he hide something like this from her? Was she so naive all this time? FUCKING FURNITURE SALESMAN !?

“Why are you showing me all this?”

“To see your reaction,” Linda replied, “and to discuss our next move.”

“You seem to be holding all the cards. What is there to discuss?”

“Oh no no no,” Linda tried to explain, “this was just to get your attention. I really want us to be equal partners in this. And I also want us to be friends.”

Kathrine was again lost for words. She can either fight this woman, in this case she was most likely going to loose, or she can capitulate and play along. Hopefully, maybe, if she was lucky she can try to reach a compromise which would not destroy her life and those of her children in the process.

Kathrine walked deeper into the dungeon as Linda’s grin lit up her face. She knew she had won the first round. She only needed to win Kathrine’s confidence and she would have won the grand prize.

“So what is this used for?” Kathrine stood next to a raised up bench with plank of wood attached at the end of it. The wooden board had a small hole at the bottom and two pairs of cuffs at the top. She had never seen anything like this before.

Linda was beaming with joy. She knew that Kathrine was a reasonable woman but she didn’t believe she would surrender so quickly. “MATT, strip down and show your mistress what this is for.”


“Where did you both meet?” Kathrine asked Linda. 

“At Rice.”

Katherine had met her husband a few years after he graduated from that University. So he must have known Linda way before they both met. Ooooo, She is going to kill him. 

“Matt !!! we are still waiting.”

“BUT, Linda pleeeease”

“Has he always been your sub?” Katherine asked Linda again. The two ladies still faced one another ignoring the only man in the room. 


“MATT,” this time Katherine shouted at her husband without even looking at him, “do as your mistress says.”


“Does he always give you a hard time like this?” Linda asked Katherine. 

“I guess you’ve known him way before I did,” Katherine replied, “You tell me.”

“I believe we should do something about this, don’t you think?”

“MATT” almost at the same time both ladies yelled at the uncooperative man who scrambled to quickly strip down and sit naked on the padded bench inserting his cock in the small hole. He raised his hands so that Linda can strap them tight in the cuffs. 

“Okay. Are you two ladies satisfied now? Will you please let me out of this!”

“SHUT UP MATT,” once again both ladies yelled at their man at the same time.

Linda walked to one corner of the room and opened a drawer taking out a black hooded mask. She put it on Matt’s head tightening it up, “we don’t want to hear word from you, UNDERSTAND?!” she ordered, “grownup need to discuss important business. SO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.”

Katherine could barely stand up now. She slumped down on the floor next to the wooden bench where her husband was sitting. Linda’s next task was to try to reassure her potential partner that they could work this out. So she sat down on the floor next to her on the other side of her sub who’s cock was dangling between the two. It was still soft and deflated. He didn’t know what was happening. He was completely in the dark not knowing what that bitch planned next. 

“I know this is all overwhelming for you,” Linda said, “but I would really like us to become friends Katherine.”

“Why?” Katherine needed to know. There was still a missing piece of the puzzle here, “why do you want me Linda? You have taken my husband, heck he has always been yours. You can get anything, anyone you want, why do you want me to be your friend ?!”

“Because I do not have any.”

Surprised, Katherine let Linda explain, “you see all this?” Linda said, “I have everything I want in the world but I do not have anyone to share it with. My parents are dead I don’t have bothers or sisters nor do I have any friends. Oh believe me, I’m 42 years old, I have tried. I have had my fair share of disappointments. They all want my money. Mind you, I was willing to share if only they could have given me a little love in exchange.”

“So why did you keep Matt? ” Katherine asked.

“Your husband is the only one I have ever trusted,” Linda replied, “I have known him for more than twenty years and he has never disappointed me. More so he had never asked me for a single dime even when I knew he needed it desperately. Whenever I wanted him he was always here for me. I have envied you his love even though I knew he loved me as well. However I could never take it in my heart to stand between you two.”

“Why now?”

“I guess, becoming a mother does change your prospectus on life.”


“Shut up Matt” again both ladies simultaneously ordered him to be quiet. 

Linda’s next move surprised Katherine. She took Matt’s deflated cock in her hands and jerked it, “I am sure you know this is not the best there is,” she pulled it a few times until it started to expand in her hand, “never the less it is reliable.”

Of course Katherine could not lay down her cards so easily. She saw an opportunity to level the playing field so she grabbed them. She squeezed Matt’s balls in her palm and tightened her grip a little, “I’m sure you must have had bigger and better specimen so why keep him?”

“Because I love him and so do you.”

For a minute or more both ladies would not relent their hold on their property, pulling and squeezing until his six inches achieved its potential and Matt was moaning and cursing his luck for being kept in the dark. 

Linda was not about to give up her advantage after all the hard work she put in. She sat on her knees and put Matt’s cock in her mouth. She never took her eyes away from Katherine’s gaze even when that cock slid deeper inside her throat. Seeing Linda’s aggressive behavior Katherine wasn’t going to give up on her man either. This was the moment of reckoning. She knelt closer and tried to lick Matt’s balls knowing exactly where his Achilles heals was. She put one sack of ball in her mouth and sucked at it until she felt his whole being start to jerk and he exploded into Linda’s willing mouth. 

“Well, That was fun,” Linda pulled away and wiped the last drop of cum on the back of her hand. She had done this many time but that was the most amount of juice she had ever swallowed from this man. The battle had ended and the result was a draw. 


The two ladies stood up and finally removed Matt’s hood. 

“MOTHER?!” The first word Matt managed to ask Linda whose smirk was contagious. 

“Congratulations Matt,” Katherine said smiling herself, “you’re going to be the father of five.”


“I’m so sorry, I must have forgotten to tell you,” Katherine replied, “you chose the worse day of the month to use the kitchen table.”


“OMG…. that’s great,” Linda giggled, “so we share?”

“Oh, Why not,” Katherine replied, “I guess we will have to share, but he is still MINE.”


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