Maud’s Game featuring sexy Nikki Delgado

I arrive on court wearing my pristine tennis shirt and skirt. He’s slouched on the bench outside the saggy chain-link fence in some tattered denim shorts and a vest which accentuate his hairy chest. I slide back the rusty bar to the gate and come on court, stand at the net, waiting for him to join me, eager to play.

‘You look stunning, Maud,’ he says casually strolling up to the net.

‘I know,’ I bounce my ball on my racket. He brushes my soft cheeks with the back of his hand and holds me tight, pressing his crotch against mine, stirring for me. Love it when he does that!

‘How does that feel Maud, good?’ he asks.

‘Mmmn, you’re really hard!’ I smile naughtily.

He puts both his hands on my shoulders, gazing into my almond eyes, and gives me his sexiest smile, ‘Come on, I think we should play tennis, don’t you?’

I give him my sauciest look, ‘Mmmn, maybe, for a little while. Before we fuck?’

He spins his wooden racket. It clatters to the court’s hard surface. He calls, ‘Rough or smooth?’

He made me laugh! ‘Smooth!’

He feels the cat-gut strings. ‘It’s rough. I serve first.’

I pad to the baseline, hitch up my skirt and scratch the itchy, red, rash on my thigh. His heart goes out to me. I’m always in the wars! Sniffing, I lean forward, twirl my racket, bite my bottom lip, and concentrate. I nearly do the splits trying to reach his first serve, a blinding ace that lands out of my reach in the far right-hand corner.

‘Oh, good shot, Simon!’


He hops to his left before I can settle, throws the ball high in the air, slams it out of reach.


‘Oh, well done, Simon!’

Another brutal ace follows, this time to my weak backhand, then a hard shot which narrowly misses hitting me in the tummy.

‘Sorry, Maud. Did I hit you?’

I shake my head and grin, his horny little vixen, ‘I wish!’

‘My game, I think!’ he calls, grinning at me, ‘Like to change ends?’

‘No, thanks. Me to serve!’

I bounce the ball, one, two, three times, glance at him and smile to myself. He always lets me win! The court is covered in moss and detritus. As I go to serve, I slip and fall over. He gasps in disbelief. I know, he wants to wrap me up in a shroud of cotton wool by the caring look on his face.

‘Maud, you’re bleeding!’ my hero hurls down his racket, leaps the net, rushes to my side, and kneels to inspect my wound.

‘I’ll live,’ I sigh happily, ‘It’s only a graze.’

I lean back on my elbows holding my tanned legs wide apart. My panties are saturated. He can clearly see the splayed folds of my cleft protruding through the sodden cotton, delicate brown ringlets of pubic hair sprouting from my gusset.

He runs the palms of his hands up and down the soft insides of my thighs, avoiding the rash, stroking my soft down, his fingertips lingering in my groin, kisses a trail of saliva down my thigh. I watch him pick the sharp, embedded grit out of my sore knee.

Neither of us feel like playing tennis anymore. Yearning intensely for one another, we leave the court and walk hand-in-hand across the playing field, along a red earth path, until we reach our hidey-hole-in-the-hedge.

We scramble through a gap into a leafy glade. A lonely, secret, place where sunbeams dance on our faces, lying in the lush, long grass watching a skylark beat its way across the cloudless sky. The sun is at its zenith, its hot rays sear my skin. He takes off his vest. I gently stroke his hairy chest.

‘I love you, Simon,’ I whisper, dreamily, ‘You’re my world.’

He tells me, he loves me too. My heart races with excitement. His eyes sparkle like stars on a clear summer night. I smirk at him mischievously, twirling a strand of my straggly blonde hair.

‘What would you like me to do?’ I murmur.

I really do love him.

‘Kiss me, Maud.’

I kiss him, a longing, loving kiss, then gaze sadly into his eyes, as if he’s all I have left in the world. A delicious tingling sensation passes through my wet love-hole. My cheeks blush: roses.

‘Do you know what happens to me inside when we kiss like that?’ I ask him, he shakes his head, ‘I get all sloppy.’

He wonders at the notion. I sit up next to him and take off my white tennis shirt and bra, freeing my melonic breasts, my magnificent teated nipples, ‘Suck my tits.’

‘Lie on your back then,’ he’s gasping for breath, his ridge-veined cock rearing, straining for me, bursting out of his soiled Calvin Klein pants, fully erect, dribbling wet, and eager!

I lie on my back in the lush long grass while he licks my breasts and sucks my nipples, teasing my teatlets stiff inside his mouth. I unclip my tennis skirt, ‘Pull off my skirt.’

He gropes me, caressing me in the long grass, easing my skirt off down my fleshy thighs, over the dry scab on my knee, along my smooth calves, pulls off my skirt and throws it on the grass.

My heart tries to burst out of my chest with arousal. My face is full of blush, my hair singed caramel with perspiration. I urge him to explore my belly, my navel, my cunt, ‘Put your hand inside my panties,’ I tease, sighing pleasurably ‘Feel my slop.’

He slides his coarse hand over my torso, caressing my soft belly, dwelling on my deep navel with his little finger, probing my hole. Slips his hand inside my sopping wet panties, rubbing my damp ringlets of pubic hair, until he finds my cunt.

My cunt is full of thick slop. He relishes the feel of my slop, my slathering creamy cunt, massaging the fleshy lips of my labial folds, caressing my swollen clit.

My clit is standing proud for him, pulsing, erect, as turgid as a man’s micropenis. I feel his hand slide under my cunt, fondling the moist sheen of my damp buttocks, delving deep, plunging his fingers inside my craving fuck-hole, loving the gripping sensation as I clench them firmly with my birth muscle.

What I say next reduces him, makes him my willing slave, ‘Smear me with my slop, Simon.’

He daubs his hand in my slop and smears the mess all over my breasts, working my slimy fluid into my nipples, stiffening my teats. I arch my body upwards, bucking wildly, pushing his hand inside my panties, holding his agile fingers to my sloppy cunt, as I come, squirting realms of creamy viscous slop over his hand.

He pulls his hand away, setting me free, clutching my pants in his filthy hand, tearing them off.

I scream at him wildly, ‘Fuck me, Simon! Fuck me!’, moaning as he slides his rigid tarse inside my creamy cunt. He fucks me deeply, penetratively, I clench his spurting cock, I suck him dry!

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