Making Melissa Squirt

I’d wanted to make Melissa squirt since our walk in the forest. Melissa loves to walk in the forest, at this time of year, dressed in her waxed olive jacket, olive tee-shirt, green welly boots, and leggings. The fresh country air makes her highly aroused and prone to squirting if fucked.

As soon as we arrived home, Melissa dragged me to the bedroom, stripped off my shirt, boots, socks, and jeans, pulled down my sodden pants, and sucked my cock until I was rock hard, like a carbon rod.

She took off her olive waxed jacket, stripped off her t-shirt, demanding I suck her ruddy, red teats till they were proud and stiff. She lay on her back, stark naked (apart from her leggings), waggled her feet in the air, and spread her legs. Her request came as a delightful surprise to me.

‘Rip my leggings from my navel to my arse.’

I obliged her, tearing apart her new olive leggings, freeing her navel, her underbelly, her twisty, flappy cunt, her arse, and her buttocks for me to enjoy.

‘Tug my hair and fuck my arse, all fast and furious, wanna squirt for ya Simon,’ she hollered.

I tugged her teak hair, curling the strands round my strong fingers, pulling her head side to side, and making her giddy as hell. I swear I made her boss-eyed with arousal. Her eyes rolled all madly.

‘Fuck my arse, won’t ya!’ she screamed.

Shit, Melissa! Let me lube your arsehole first, bitch!’

She was, by now, a bitch-in-heat by now, craving a deep fuck. I oiled Melissa’s arsehole with smooth lube, then, quickly, I slid my straining cock deep inside her arse. Fucking her hard and quick.

I made her wet, beige cunt lips twist and splay, peeling back to reveal her erect clit, her dripping-wet, raw steak flesh, even her pulsing love hole, her neat quiff of pubic hair, all misted with sweaty dew.

‘Fuck! I’m gonna piss and squirt and cream and cum! Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse!’ she cried.

I fucked her fast and furious, loving the feel of Melissa’s cunt clenching my throbbing cock with her strong birth muscle. I fucked her deep and penetratively, spurting out seed, and then…

‘I’m pissing and squirting and coming for you, babe!’ she yelled.

I made Melissa squirt and piss, made her squirt and piss so wet and warm and steamy, she wet her leggings fully, soaking, saturating her torn olive green fabric with steaming squirts of piss!



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