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Lover’s Goodbye

Lover’s Goodbye


Hold me in your arms, as we lay on silken sheets.

Two lover’s entwined, for just one night.

Your growing heat nestled against my soft cheeks.

Whispered words spoken in my ear.

Your mine forever, Love. Please don’t go,

stay with me. I love you more.

Passion ignites, the bed is on fire.

Two lovers become one, discovering each other.

Laying our ups and downs upon each other.

The heat of your missile, penetrating my barrier.

Our love nest imprinted with traces of unfettered lust.

Your sperm that spills free from restraint seeking salvation into my private stream of joy.

The colour of my rose petals run, evidence of the purity I offer you.

Two lovers join in momentary bliss.

Sleep finally comes, silence is heartbreaking.

Their passion now spent, calls upon the time for departure.

He silently sleeps, as she silently cries.

She kisses him gently, not to disturb his blue eyes.

Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye……

For just one night, you were mine.

A memory that will live in our minds for eternity.

Cherish this moment forever as a flower pressed between the pages of our minds journal.

For you were my first, and one never forgets.

You love me, but I love him more.

It was Lust, not Love that consumed me last night.

I am sorry my lover. I must leave you forever.

To join hands with my true love in marriage, solemnly promising him my forever in saying…….

I do

Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye……..

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    1. Wow…that’s good.
      I like “our minds’ journal” and the reference to ‘colors of my rose petals running as evidence of purity’. That’s nice imagery.
      The premise of the situation is really good as well; this brief infidelity which leads to poignant understanding.

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