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Love and Hate Chapter 7

This is chapter 7 of 9 chapters in the series Love and Hate

Love and Hate Chapter 7

“Welcome back my lady,”  Mrs Mellow the housekeeper said, “hope you enjoyed your stay at Lancaster.”

I didn’t. If I was to be cooped up in a house all day it might as well be this one rather than the little townhouse in the city. As much as I enjoyed my stay at Lowther castle unfortunately it was time to leave. And since my illustrious husband managed to disappear without telling me what his plans were, I decided the place I would rather call home was this large estate by the sea.

“Thank you Mrs Mellow,” I replied, “I’m glad I’m back.” I lied. “And may I ask if Mr Preston is here?” 

“No my lady,” she replied. “We haven’t seen him since you left.” 

I really should have a talk with my husband. There was a lot we have to discuss. For starters, if he doesn’t want me around then, WHY THE HELL DID HE MARRY ME? 

I wanted to scream. I wanted to scream at him for leaving me all alone like that. I wanted my life back. Hell I wanted a life, any life, but most of all I wanted a place to call home. I thought when I was wed that I had gotten one. All I want right now was to get back to my father’s estate, the place I was born at, the place I spent the last thirty years of my life. Even though my father did sell me to Mr Preston to cover his debt however I still felt that that was were I belonged. Unfortunately I was stuck. Stuck with a husband I hardly see, a housekeeper I don’t know if she likes me or not and two sluts that I am sure I don’t like.

“Do you want us to help you take a bath my lady?” the giggling slut asked.

“Shall we prepare the hot water for you?” the other one added.

When I left this place I was hoping I wouldn’t be seeing those two for a long time. I guess I wasn’t so lucky. My husband was pretty clear that Beatrice and Bernice were a permanent fixture in this place. So I might as well get used to them, even though I knew what they did for a living, my husband’s back up plan. Besides it was a long drive from Lowther castle, the time was getting late and I needed that bath.

I strolled past the twins without even a nod. I know that some might think I am a snob but I still needed time to accept my fate. All my life I have been treated as a lady, pampered, spoiled and used to getting my own way. I needed time to accept that I was not in control anymore. I needed time to accept that my husband was banging the maids. And I needed time to accept that I was stuck with the two whom he was banging. They should be glad I hadn’t tore them limp from limp.

I quickly walked up to my room as the two bitches hopped behind me. They knew what they had to do and immediately started helping me remove my clothes. I have no idea who came up with the fashion trend of our time but he or she should be hanged for the torture they puts us ladies through each day. I envy the servants for their simpler dresses. They do not have to contend with wearing an undergarment shift, a corset, a garter, stockings, shoes, pockets, panniers, layers upon layers of petticoats, a dress gown which weighs a ton, and to top of it all we have to pin on those lacy engageantes on the elbows which takes a life time to finish. All those layers of clothing a lady had to put on each morning and take off at the end of the day. If it wasn’t for our maidservants I don’t know how we could have managed.

Finally I was down to my last layer of clothes, the simple one piece chemise or shift. The sisters turned their heads away so I could remove it and quickly slip into the hot tub. The water was fairly warm. I relaxed and closed my eyes for a minute to let the water seep through every inch of my body.

“We’re glad to see you smiling my lady,” Bernice commented as she sat with her sister at the far corner of the room waiting for me to finish.

I didn’t know that I was. If she knew why, she would have fainted. I just remembered that day when I was striped naked by those oriental ladies and had to endure their lavish assault on my body. It was a life awakening experience. Come to think of it, all that lavishing just happened yesterday. I guess time does goes by when you are having fun. I owe it to lady Carolina who not only brought a smile to my face but changed my outlook on things. I’ve never been touched by a woman before. But I liked it. It was normal practice for the servants to help a lady get into the bath and leave her to it. They weren’t supposed to touch her or see what she was doing. Now all I could think off was how beautiful that experience with those women was. Looking at the two sisters I wondered if they did some of the things those Asian ladies do. I even wondered what was it that they do with my husband. Do they give him that rubbing ritual which those ladies at Lowther castle were famous for? Carolina did say that Sebastian built her that bath. So he must be some sort of an expert. Did he built another one for himself here in this house? I wondered. That’s something I had to find out, but one thing for certain if my husband was allowed to play with the help why can’t I? 

“Are you two going to sit idle like that?” I called out to the twins. “Come over here and help me wash my back.”

The two sisters looked at one another with utter surprise. “Are you sure my lady?” Bernice asked to make sure she was hearing straight.

“Come here,” I insisted. “I don’t have all night. The water is starting to get cold.”

The two sisters jumped to my aid. They each knelt to one side of the tub took a bar of soap, and started to scrub my body. Bernice started to wash my back while Beatrice wanted to do my front. At first she was reluctant to touch me but when I guided her hand to my breasts she smiled and commenced with her work. I had never seen Beatrice smile before. She had a nice smile. I just sat in the middle of the tub and let the twins wash me. It wasn’t a bad experience, not as good as the one I experienced yesterday but who am I to complain. I relaxed my back on the edge of tub and continued to let both sisters wash my front. Raising both of my legs on either side of the tub I gave them access to my intimate area and they knew what they had to do. I just had to sit, relax, close my eyes and let them finish me off. I could feel one of the sisters working on my breasts and nipples while the other was busily using the soap bar to locate my entrance. When she touched it I flinched. Abandoning the soap bar she used her fingers to slip inside letting the water mingle there as well. When she located my clit I thrashed and came with a force that knocked half of the water out of the tub.

I woke up a few hours later to find I was tucked under the bed sheets with my night gown on. I vaguely remembered the twins helping me after that extravagant finale in the tub. However I couldn’t go back to sleep. It must have been all that excitement earlier. So I decided to go exploring. I had never been down to the basement since I came to this house. I have always had the impression that it was reserved as a storage area. Being damp, dark and probably rat infested a lady of my status doesn’t usually go down to the basement if she doesn’t need to. All of a sudden I felt the need to. It was probably not as large and as lavish as the one at Lowther castle so it wouldn’t take me more than a few minutes to check out. Oh was I wrong.

I tiptoed downstairs carrying a lamp. It was dark. I didn’t want to stumble and break my neck. As I suspected there was nothing to see, a few barrels of ale, stacks of dry wood and a bunch of cooking utensils. As I was about to head back upstairs I noticed a door hidden behind some wooden boxes at the far corner of the room. A strange place for a door to be. What could possibly be behind it? Definitely not a room like the one at Lowther castle or it wouldn’t have been hidden as such. I was afraid to open the door but I had to. I came this far so I might as well finish my task.

I pushed the door open. To my surprise I found another smaller room right behind it. It was dark and I couldn’t make out what was inside. As I stepped into the room, the light of my lamp started to reflect on the walls gradually lighten up the area revealing that which I never would have suspected to be hidden underneath my own feet. I had stumbled upon a complete torture chamber the likes of which I had never seen before. My heart almost stopped in my chest. Right in the middle of the room stood a large wooden frame with metal chains and cuffs strapped around it. On the walls I could see the shapes of various floggers, whips and canes which I didn’t even dare look at. At the corner of the room I saw some rather strange wooden contraptions. There was one that resembled a chair and another that looked like a wooden horse with ropes dangling from it. I even saw an empty metal cage that made me tremble with fright just at the thought of it being here in the first place. What was all this for? Who was all this for? Whom was all this used on? Why? Who…

“What are you doing here?” I heard his voice and my heart stopped.

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