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Love and Hate Chapter 6

This is chapter 6 of 9 chapters in the series Love and Hate

Love and Hate Chapter 6

“LORD AND LADY PRESTON”  the announcer bellowed and the room went quite.

We were one of the last guests to enter the ball room. Since we were staying at Lowther castle we could have been the first, but I did not want to. Pretending I still needed more time to prepare I deliberately delayed until almost everyone had arrived. I’ve seen my share of such events and I knew for a fact that the last to enter the room got the most attention however I didn’t expect it to be such. I could almost hear my own heartbeat echoing in the room as we walked to where Lord Lowther and Lady Carolina were seated. It was customary to thank the hosts before mingling into the crowd. 

Lord and Lady Lowther were seated at the far end of the large room. We walked all the way among the hundred or so Lords, Sirs, Madams, Barons, Earls, Marshals, Officers, Ladies and Gentlemen,…. basically anyone who was anyone with or without a title, money or land in this part of the country, and they were all looking at us. They all wanted to see the lady whom Mr Preston, one of the wealthiest men in the Shire, had wed. 

“You sure know how to make an entrance Lord Preston,” the Earl of Lonsdale said in a surprise tone. Sir James Lowther, was a tall chubby man in his late sixties with a bolding hair line and white streaks of hair. He was a powerful man. You could tell by the way he stood and talked; confident, strong and commandeering.

Sebastian smiled and replied, “thank you my lord. Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this show. It is all Lady Elinor’s.”

Lady Carolina chuckled and said, “you can take a few lessons in politics from your wife, lord Preston.”

“Thank you my lady,” Sebastian replied, “you know how much I hate politics. Besides I don’t claim to be a lord, and I’m not looking to become one either. I’ll leave politics to lord James. I’m but a simple sailor who got lucky in trade.”

“You sure are lucky Mr Preston to wed such a lovely lady,” lord Lowther interjected. He took my hand and kissed it. I liked lord James. I haven’t seen him much since we arrived to his castle but from what Carolina told me about him he seemed to be a good man. 

“You are very kind my lord,” blushing as I thanked him.

“Elinor,” Carolina squealed. “Stay next to me my dear. I want to introduce you to many of the guests in here. They are all dying to meet you.” 

Even though I’m but a mere lady from a minor English house however I outranked many of the people attending this gathering. What everyone was interested in was the fact that I was from Essex, an area much closer to the royal courts of london, and that was where everything was happening. So basically all they wanted to hear was london’s gossip and I was there to give it to them. And I did. I was born to this. By the end of the day I was the star of the show and the envy of everyone attending. More than that they could all see I was in lady Carolina’s close circle and that was where they all wanted to be. 

I have been to a few balls in my life time and this was as grand as they get. Lady Carolina sure knew how to organize one and I was enjoying myself. Unfortunately my husband was not. To my surprise I could see he wasn’t too comfortable amongst this crowd. He didn’t like politics, he didn’t want to be called a lord and he didn’t mingle with those who were. So why the hell did he marry me?! I’ve always thought he did because he wanted to use my family’s name to better himself in such circles. Apparently that was not the case. He tried to stay to himself most of the time giving me a glance once in a while to show me how miserable he was. But I was not. I was really enjoying myself. I wanted to savor every moment of my time so I let him be miserable all by himself. Suits him right.

By late afternoon, dinner was served. The dinning area was big enough to accommodate more than a hundred guests and each was assigned to their seat. My husband and I sat next to lord and lady Lowther, an honor a few were given, and it cemented our standing among those who attended the ball. 

The food was exquisite, but what was even more exquisite were the people serving it. A dozen or so exotic women strolled among the guests serving the most amazing food one could ever imagine. I have never tasted anything like it. It wasn’t the normal English food served in such events but lady Carolina opted to introduce her guests to a taste of the orient. Each dish was a world of its own. One instance I would be tasting a sweet juicy flavor and the next a hot spice that torched my mouth. I loved it. I loved the whole experience, so amazingly delicious. It was as if I was transported to those far away places with each bite. However I could see not many liked what they were eating but no one dared complain especially when they were being served by those angelic creatures. Their tanned yellow skin, strange eyes and little bodies reminded me of those heavenly angles I used to read about before bedtime, not to mention the simple yet exquisite dresses they wore.

“Where do those servants come from?” I asked Carolina after we finally finished the last dish on the menu.

She smiled and said, “my husband and I visited a great many places but the closest one to our hearts is a kingdom across the Bay of Bengal called Ayutthaya. My husband does great business with it’s king and so does your husband. He is a good friend of ours. He gave us more than twenty of those beautiful ladies to serve us and this food is but a fraction of what they can do.”

“What do you mean? What more can they do?”

I felt a hesitation in Carolina’s voice before she replied, “oh it something I can not explain. You have to try it out for yourself.”

“CAROLINA!” Sebastian interjected. I was surprised he was even listening to our conversation. “Please don’t encourage her my dear,” addressing the lady of the house. “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he added.

It was either his tone of voice or that last spicy dish which I could still feel up my noise. I just exploded, “SIR!. Don’t you tell me what I CAN or can not do,” with sparks coming out of my eyes, I snapped, “I CAN try what ever I DAMN want!”

“Okay . Okay . Suit yourself,” his hands raised up in the air, “but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.” That smirk on his face sealed my decision. I was going to try whatever those Asian ladies do if it was the last thing I do so help me God!…… I hate him. I really do.

Carolina’s laughter was heartwarming. “Oh you two are incorrigible!” She  said, “but you have to promise me to keep an open mind about this, Elinor.”

“It’s not the mind I’m worried about.” 

“Stop it Sebastian,” Carolina gave him a slight slap on his hand then said, “I think you’ll be surprised what your wife is capable off if you give her a chance.” 

Those last words were even more powerful than her slap. He kept quiet and went back to playing with his food. I have never had a sister or a close friend before. Then and there I knew I found one. Now all I had to do was try out what those oriental ladies were famous for. What’s the worse that can happen ?!

By the end of dinner and after all the guests had left, lady Carolina excused herself to get some rest. She told me in a few hours a maidservant will come and get me. “Don’t you worry my dear. I’ll be there as well. And please do as they say. You will not regret it.” She was trying to calm my nerves. It didn’t work. Only I was not going to show it, not to her and especially not to him.

True to her word the maidservant came and I was escorted down to a room in the basement of the castle. It was fairly warm and the fireplace was lit but I was shivering. Not that I was cold but I was somewhat apprehensive as to what was going to happen. 

“Hep yoo undress? Lady…” with broken English one of those Asian ladies who had served us food earlier asked if she could help me undress. So this thing involved taking off a few of my clothes. So be it. I was fine with that. It’s not like I haven’t had a lady-servant help me undress. It’s what they do. However the undressing part was the problem. Heck I spent almost an hour putting my dress on so it was going to take that much time to take it off again.

“Sis oso…” holy crap. I was shocked when she asked me to take the last of my undergarment off. If I took that off I would have been completely naked. “Maybe that was a mistake.” I started to have second thoughts. Was lady Carolina trying to demean me in front of this woman? Was that her plan all along? It couldn’t be? 

“Rob?” When the Asian lady gave me a garment to cover my nakedness I relaxed a little. I quickly removed my shift and put on that light intricately woven silk robe which barely covered my ass. It was better that or nothing.

“Sis wey..” I was getting used to her broken English by now. 

I walked behind her until we entered another room which housed a large stone built tub with steaming water coming out of it. What I didn’t expect to see was the person sitting in it.

“Take that thing off and hop in,” Carolina invited me. She said she was going to be there so why was I surprised! I could see her dark nipples popping in and out of the water. She was stark naked!  I have never had to sit in a bath tub next to a naked person before. I was a little nervous.

“You’re serious?!” 

“Don’t be daft,” she replied, “the water is amazing.”

And it was. I removed my robe and quickly slipped in next to her. I could smell some strange oily essences as well as the aroma of the rose petals scattered on the surface of the water. They cleared my head and relaxed my muscles until my inhibitions slowly evaporated.

“So, how often do you bring Sebastian here ?” I didn’t know I had that courage in me before I asked her that. It must have been those smells.

Carolina’s laughter was unique. With a high pitch, innocent squeal she said, “oh my dear. Your husband was the one who built this.” I hate him. My fault. I shouldn’t ask questions if I wasn’t prepared for the answers.

“Will he be joining us?” Another daft question on my part.

“Do you want him to?”

“NOOO!” I snapped back and she chuckled out loud.

“Don’t worry my dear,” smiling as she said, “maybe after those Ayutthayian ladies finish you off you might change your mind.”

Finish me off? “So there is more to this?” Now I was curious.

“Oh they haven’t started yet.”

A few minutes later a couple of those oriental ladies came and handed us some linens to dry off. I couldn’t make out if the lady who undressed me was one of them or not. They all looked the same to me. I stood up and let one of them help me. I tried to do exactly what Carolina was doing without blushing too much. Next we were escorted to another room. 

“Face doww on Sis bed lady,” that I got from watching Carolina before me.

She had already laid face down on another one of those strange looking beds. They all had a round hole into which I would put my face in so that I was laying comfortably on my belly. Only I wasn’t. Heck I was sweating by the buckets plus the fact that I was completely naked and they could see my ass as well as my private parts all too well. So I tried to keep both my legs as close together as I could.

Suddenly I felt two hands, no four hands, running from my toes all the way up to my shoulders. They held my arms and slowly, turned them all the way to the back and laid them straight parallel to my body. The thought of those hands running down my spine was too distracting. I was trying to guess where each one was as they slowly slipped down my thighs, then my legs until they found my feet. With one stroke they parted my legs. Holy god!

“Relax lady!” One of the Asian ladies whispered in my ear.

She must be out of her mind?! How the hell could I relax when my legs were being parted like that?! Ok! Ok! Relax Elinor! Relax! I kept telling myself. If Carolina was doing this so could I. 

And that’s when it started…

Holy fucking Shit!! I didn’t know I had muscle in that area. Heck I didn’t even know I had muscles next to those muscles. Oh my god!! I couldn’t feel my back anymore! I kept asking myself each time those four hands touched, caressed, squeezed, glided, or pinched me, “will I be able to move the next day?” For the life of me I couldn’t even imagine what they were doing to my back, to my legs, to my arms… Each time they did something they applied some kind of strange oily fluid on my skin which helped them move their hands all over my body with ease. A few minutes later I started to get used to this. A few minutes more and I started to relax. A few minutes after and I started to enjoy it. Time just slipped by and I didn’t want them to stop. 

When she climbed on top of me I froze.

Holy crap! She was right on top of me! And she was as naked as the day she was born. I could feel her body right on top of mine. Her nipples slowly caressing my skin, slowly going up until they almost touched the tip of my ears then down again until her nipples parted the folds of my ass. Then she used the weight of her whole body especially her breasts to press down hard on my back. It was amazing. I didn’t want to raise my head out of that hole to see what she was doing. I could feel what she was doing, and I didn’t want her to stop.

Slowly, I started to relax until she said, “turn lady.” This was it. I was running out of there…

I turned around to find Carolina on her back with two other ladies on either side of her. They were doing what they were doing to me. Ok! Ok! Relax Elinor! What was the worse that can happen?!. 

And they parted my legs again. Crap!…

When she put a piece of cloth on my eyes I relaxed a little. At least I wasn’t going to see what they were doing. Only it made it worse. I couldn’t see what they were doing and that dramatically heightened my senses.

Aaaaand it started all over again….

Those four hands continued their assault on my body. They glided up and down, caressing, squeezing, and pinching every inch they could find. They started with my legs, then my arms until they slowly reached my breasts. 

“Relax lady.” If she continues to say that I’m going to kill her. 

How could I relax when there were two hands playing with my breasts and nipples?! WAIT!!!! Two hands?! What ever happened to the other two? Suddenly I felt a bolt of lightning down there. I found the other two. They had crept all the way down and started caressing my entrance adding more and more oil with each stroke. 

“Continue lady?” Oh god if she stops I’m going to kill her.

I didn’t know if I nodded or not but she continued and I shivered. While one of the ladies was using her two hands to cub my breasts flickering my nipples between her fingers, the other lady was using her fingers to touch and caress my pussy to hell. A few minutes of that fingering torture I screamed out my surrender. 

“Stooooop,” I didn’t want them to stop but my heart couldn’t take it. “Stop!. Stop!. Stop! Pleeeease stop!.” I was out of breath and out of orgasms. I don’t know how many I experienced but definitely more than I could count and I wanted more. 

“So this is what Sebastian had built for you?” I asked Carolina before I managed to walk out of this place. “Impressive. I guess I have a lot of things to discuss with my handy husband.” 

Chuckling out loud once again she said, “You do that my dear. You do that,” before she bid me goodnight.

“Hate” and “Wonder” were two distinct feeling I was having when I left the basement of Lowther castle. Hate for my husband who didn’t tell me about all of this, and Wonder about all the things he still had not told me about. Was there more? I wondered. This was the best thing I had ever experienced in my life and my muscles can vouch for it, as well as some other parts of my body. I could spend days down there in Lowther castle but all I wanted to do right then was to experience it again with the man I wed. Now all I had to do was find him and ask.

“I’m sorry my lady but lord Preston left on urgent business,” one of the servants told me. “He left you the carriage so you can go home by yourself.”

I hate him.

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