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Lie down my lady

Lie down my lady
Lie down

my lady

in my arms.

In this night, beside the sea.
To taste

the feast

which I prepared.

Just for you, and much for me.
Still I


forget those nights.

In that musky place, I couldn’t see.
Except your

hands groping

around, until you found.

The one you seek, to set him free.
Now that

we’re here

we’re all alone, our second date.

Under the sky, beside the sea.
Watching the stars,

watching the moon,

watching their shadows.

As they pass, before they flee.
Picked up

a cherry

so red and ripe.

I knew so well, you’d like to eat.
Turning around

twisting its way

rolling towards, those mounds and bays.

Between your breasts, with every beat.
Touching a

nipple sighing

a cry, so soft to hear.

Which made me jump, right on my feet.
To give

you a taste

of that you crave.

Each Friday night, in that back seat.
What would

you like?

chocolate or cream?

Moose or a dip? to start the feast.
To splash

on top

the pole you want.

To suck it dry, and feel the heat.

Lie down

my lady

in my arms.

In this night, beside the sea.
It’s now

my turn

to taste those lips.

Those which I’ve dreamt, so long to see.
I dove

down there

towards my doom.

If not for luck, I would not be.
I felt

a splash

which made me drown.

Not by the sea, but what’s, in front of me.
Came up

to breath

not wanting to.

But your eyes, wanting to see.
You smiled

at me

I knew right then, you are the one.

Who has the key, to set me free.
I had

to search

the stars and seas.

With ships up high, a boat and sail.
To bring

this feast

to quench our thirst.

I hope, I pray, I did not fail.
You still

deny the love

that wants, a chance.

To speak, to cry, to yell, and wail.
I still

don’t know

why you trust me not.

With your thoughts, and with your mail.
How many

times should

we go on dates, before you say.

What’s in your heart, that which you quail.
Lie down

my lady

in my arms.

So tell me. Should I stay or should I bail ?

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