Layover with Meg

And he had the nerve to ask me such a silly question.
“What is bothering you Meg?” as if he didn’t know. As if my life is anything without him. I wanted to scream. I wanted the whole world to know how important he is to me. I wanted him to know how I feel about him. I wanted him to know how he makes me wet whenever I think off him. 
“You really want to know what’s bothering me Sam,” I almost yelled this time. 
“When I’m in airports, I look for you, Sam. I see you everywhere, hear your voice, feel your hands against me as I’m standing in line. You’re pressing your crotch against my ass when I lean over the counter, grasping my cappuccino. You’re sliding your hand up my skirt as we are loading the plane. I have my hand on your cock as we sit in our seats. With the cabin lights dimmed, I want to unzip your trousers, unbuckle your seatbelt, lower my mouth down your length. I want to feel your hand down the back of my dress as I lean in your lap. 
I don’t care about the stewardess. I want my tongue to tornado your cock to attention, swirling heated storm of saliva, deluge down your throbbing pole, slurping and smacking, licking and sucking…balls tight to the slightest touch of my nails, agony to release down my throat. You know I will swallow; drink all that you have, hold you in my mouth till you’re feather soft. How I love to taste the ooze, final droplets, salty potion of lust, milking your testicles to the last. I want to hear you moan my name Sam. Louder Sam, louder, “MEEEGGGGG….” Yes. I want the whole world to hear.
I want you in the back, in the lavatory. That little room with my hands extended, dress over my head, bra shredded to pieces, nipples to pin point attention, teeth on my skin, lips on my neck, sheer panties dispensed and shoved in my mouth, muffled squeals and sweaty lunges…your cock pounding and plowing my garden; knocks at the door ignored. You fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…oh, how you fuck me; how you own me. Tiny room, tiny breasts, tiny nipples…squeeze me, milk me, make me, break me. Pull my hair. Stretch my cunt. Press my mounds to mirrors. The little streams of cream; they trickle down the glass. Sam, push your finger up my ass. Slide it in. Slide it out. Then shove it up again. You always win. You always win. Saaaaammmmmm. ”
“Now you know what is bothering me Sam. I hate you for making me love you.”
You are probably all wondering how all this came about? 
Actually it all started when we accidentally bumped into each other in the airport.
The storms delayed all flights going out of Atlanta. I got stuck in the airport for the night. I was so tired and there were hardly any seats. This guy was talking on his cell. I had been sneaking glances at him. Really cute, in his 40’s, green eyes, sandy hair and an amazing alluring confident smile. He saw me, I guess. I am almost five month pregnant. I couldn’t hide my bump even if I wanted to. He motioned me over, insisted I take his seat as he sat on the floor facing me. I had been on my phone all day and it was almost dead. So, I just sat there looking at him. He finally looked at me, turned his cell phone off and said. “I’m tired of talking on that thing.” He just grinned the cutest smile and we started talking. His voice was so amazing, so articulate, the world at his feet and a voice that melted in my ears. 
“My name is Sam,” he said. I was wringing my hands, squirming in my chair. He must have thought I was crazy. But as I sat there, listening to him, I fantasized what I could do with those lips. I was pregnant and in heat. God helped anyone who stood in my way.
He looked at his phone, then he gently tapped my thigh and said, “your flight’s a bust, Megan. Best you get a room before the crowds book everything,” with that, he took me by my hand and lead me through the masses. He asked for my itinerary to rebook my flight for the following morning as he walked, talked, did everything himself, totally confident, no questions or apologies. I had no idea how we ended at the hotel desk. He pulled out a black credit card and ordered a room. 
“Unfortunately we are full tonight Mr Nash,” the hotel receptionist said. But Sam leaned over and whispered something to the clerk. She typed on the computer and smiled briefly at me, then handed me the room key. We headed to the elevator and he insisted on taking my carry-on. When we got to the room, he opened the door for me. It was an amazing suite with a huge bath and jacuzzi tub, a king size bed and mirrors, a dining room set with chandelier. I’ve never seen anything like it. He placed my bags where I could open them and sort through what I needed. I am pregnant for heavens sake and my back is in a constant pain. 
“Is there anything I can get you?” He said as if he was about to leave. 
“Sam, you are not leaving.”
“But I have a plane to catch,” he casually insisted. 
“Not in this weather, Sam…not with me alone in this room.”
I pulled back the curtain. The lightening is flashing, thunder rolling, shaking against the glass, rain pounding the window. I unzipped my dress. It fell at my feet. I unsnapped my bra and slid down my panties. The lights were on; I was a spectacle to the world. 
“Meg, people can see you.”
“Yes they can, Sam. I want them to see me. I want them to watch, Sam.”
“Watch what?” He asked, stepping closer as I slide my hands over my pouting breasts. He noticed my tiny nipples, how dark they are; and the slightest wetness at their tips as I squeezed them for him. 
“Come lick them, Sam…I want you to suck the milk out of me.”
As he approached, I slid my hand down and fingered myself; then offered my fingers to give him a taste. He placed his palm on my bump, caressing me gently. “I didn’t think you’d be this easy,” he whispered. 
I turned quickly, flattened my hands against the glass, elbows locked, exposing myself completely to the outside world. I spread my legs wide for him, ass lifted and ready. My bare pussy glistens, ready…willing. “Stop thinking, Sam. Start fucking”
And that was how I met Sam. Only Now he wants to see me again in Chicago. At another airport just like last time.
“Hmmmm, but why O’Hare airport,” I asked myself a thousand times as I walked the terminals of Chicago airport eagerly waiting for him.
I’ve been here once, but I can’t remember much. I went to a cubs game and shopped in Michigan Ave.  Lots of clothes and shoes! My favorite. But the airport? What’s so interesting about Chicago airport?
I stopped at an information stand to see what does O’hare have to offer.
Let’s see?…Well, here’s something; Tuscany Cafe in Terminal 1 / Concourse B. A pregnant girl gets hungry. And I like Italians…I mean Italian. Those long sausages and a big pile of Alfredo noodles. I certainly hope they have a table cloth or at least a booth, so I can discreetly play with his cock. Italian food sure makes me very horny. But I can’t have wine, and that so sucks. Italian food and wine make me really really horny. I hope no one notices my head when it dips down under the table? Maybe I can get some Alfredo sauce on my lips. Maybe he can lick it off. Better still I’ve got another kind of sauce. Milk sauce, not on my lip though…well, actually…But he has to wait on that. Shit …. What the hell is wrong with me?
Let’s see…. What about accommodations in this place?!…Oh yes. The Hilton Chicago O’Hare…convenience, quiet, walking distance to all terminals, indoor pool…(damn I didn’t bring my bikini) and fine dining; suites with sound proof windows…well, we certainly will need that! Maybe I don’t need my bikini? Maybe just a towel. Damn I am so horny right now I need a change of panties. 
Ohhh? Wait… What is this?!?!?!
“Step back into the ‘Roaring Twenties’ for the finest steaks and seafood.” The sign says. I am surprised to find such a club right at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare. That’s definitely Sam….roaring munching on his steak with two potatoes. I like to lick the salt off them first. What do they have for desert in this place? I like white chocolate sauce. We’ll pick up a few strawberries for him on the way up to the room. He likes strawberries. I’ll provide the whipped cream. Damn it… I just felt a trickle go down my thighs. 
“Hi Meg,” finally. I knew he would come. I didn’t have a doubt. When he put his arms around me I almost orgasmed. 
He didn’t waste time. Grabbing my hand we headed towards the Hilton, a quick check in and on to the room. 
No!! Wait !!! I have something else in mind. 
“I want a dip in the pool first Sam.” If we go to the room now, I don’t think we would ever make it back down to ‘swim’. Hmmmm, and I so want to swim with him right now. But I don’t have a towel. Maybe I’ll just use one of theirs. They won’t miss it.
“Where’s the elevator? Give me your card Sam,” I ordered. Thank God they’ve got people to take luggage upstairs for you in these places. I can’t carry all that shit and still unbuckle his belt. 
“Stop squirming Sam.” The door was getting ready to open. I take a quick look. The coast is clear. There is no one in the indoor pool. 
“let’s get these off,” 
“WHAT?! HERE?!” 
I know, I know. I probably should have started getting him undressed in the elevator. I was just trying to save time; streamline our activity schedule. 
“Your pants aren’t going to come off with these shoes on,” urging him to comply. “Here let me get those,” as I was helping him with his shoes his dick just smacked in me in the face. Did he do that on purpose? Of fuck I hope he did. I kind of liked it. God… I hope he smacks me again.
“Let’s get this shirt unbuttoned,” almost tearing those buttons off.
Finally it was my turn. “Let me get out of this dress,” I said, “Can you get that clasp?” Urging him to do his part. Oh fuck I love those hands. So cold, so smooth and so experienced. With one snap my bra flew off. 
“What’s that in your panties,” he asks.
“What do you think it is,” men can be stupid sometimes. “You’ve had me creaming myself all night. I should have known better than to wear black.”
“Proud of yourself, aren’t you Sam?” reminding him I was pregnant and dripping liquid everywhere. 
“Why are you looking at my tits like that? I already told you my little dimes are dark. Oh, you’re looking at that. Yea, I’m leaking a little, again”
Oh Shit, “Sammmm,” doesn’t this guy give a girl a warning? Oh fuck !!! His mouth feels so nice licking and sucking away at my nipples.  
“That’s it. I love your tongue…right there on my nipple. Oh my god!!!, how do you do that?!?!  Fuuuuck! Can you taste me? I think I wet my bra just for you. I’m so wet somewhere else, Saaaammmmm.” 
“Don’t you want to get in the pool?” I ask, “or are we gonna stand here naked in front of the elevator?” I really need that cold swim to cool my senses right about now. 
Suddenly he turns me around, hands against the elevator door. 
“Are you kidding me?!” I cry out, “Okay, okay….just don’t bruise my wrists. How will I explain that one?”
“Spread your legs” he orders. 
“Is this okay?”
“Oh Shit, Sam!!!”
Was that his finger? Now he knows how wet I am? He is driving me crazy. 
“Sam. Put your dick in there! Shove it in, dammit! Fuck me Sam,” wanting him to finish me off once and for all. 
Suddenly I felt something completely unexpected. “Wait! Wait! what are you putting up my ass??? You know I’m a virgin back there! Sam! Sam! Sam!!! Holy fucking hell! You’re so big, Saaammmm.”
“Okay…okay….I think I’m okay. Just move slowly. In and out….real slow. Spit on it, Sam. Spit on my ass. I’ve heard it makes it easier. Let it run down my crack. I want to feel it.” What the hell am I doing. I am telling him how to fuck my ass. Ok this is it. I am a slut. His slut and I love it.
“Now put your finger in my cunt! Okay, two fingers then! Shit, I feel so full! You’re killing me. Sam! I’m dripping milk on the elevator door. Sam! Sam! We have to stop that….FUUUUCCCCK! ” 
I didn’t expect him to go faster! Holy shit! He is wearing my asshole out! My little virgin asshole! He is splitting me open! 
“Is that your thumb on my clit? Sam, you can’t make me cum here….not here. You’ve got to stop. You’re gonna make me cum if you don’t stooooppp. Saaaammm!”
And that is when the elevator light came on, blinking, announcing the door was about to open. 
“Sam! Somebody’s coming! The door is gonna open! You’re making me fucking cum! I can’t stop it! This door is gonna open, and I’m gonna fall on somebody!”
I was dragging his dick with me! It was shoved a mile up my ass and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let go and neither was he. 
“Whoa! Where are we going?” I screamed, ” That’s my bump! Be careful with your arm around my bump!”
KaaaaSplassssh!!!! And we both fall in the water. 
Fuck! He was almost going to get us drowned ! Wait, the door is opening…oh shit here they come. 
“Someone coming out. Sam, what are you doing?” Doesn’t this guy ever stops, “You can’t put your dick in me NOW! Not here in the pool. There are people looking at us.”
“Oh Hi girls…God, I’m sorry, ya’ll….I’m…yes, I’m naked. I know that. And, yea he’s OHHHHHH! SHIT!!!….fucking me….he’s fucking me! I’m so sorry.” I was addressing the two young ladies who just came out of the elevator. 
“Sam, please! These nice people….OHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCK!” His cock was so deep and on fire. 
“Are ya’ll just gonna stand there and watch?”  I screamed at those giggling  morons who were enjoying the show. 
“Sam, you’re definitely going to make me cum! You know that don’t you? You’re gonna make me cum in front of these girls.” This time I was the one smiling and enjoying myself. 
I was being fucked right in front of people I don’t even know. And not any fuck. I was being ass fucked.  I could feel my ass around his cock. So tight and I was about to cum. Heck My husband can’t even make me cum with his dick in my cunt and this guy is gonna make me climax with his cock up my shoot! Shit! I’m cuming. 
“Sam! I’m fucking cuming!” I wanted him to shoot his cream up my ass! My dirty little hole needs that cum! I want to feel it before I pass the fuck out! My pussy’s clamping down on his fingers! I’m making a mess in the pool.
“Sam! Just shoot it up there! Empty your balls! That’s it! I feel it! I feel it! Keep pumping it in! So hot and wet!”
“You have one hell of a husband back there,” One of the ladies who came out of the elevator broke my concentration.
“What?! Oh, no…he’s not my husband,” I replied. “I’m sorry you had to see this.”
“Oh don’t worry,” the blond replied, “we are actually enjoying this.”
“Oh definitely enjoying this,” the brunette concurred, “but can we see you finish him off with your mouth?” 
“YOU WHAT?” How the hell did I end up in this predicament. “You want me to suck Sam’s dick clean? Suck it after he fucked me up the ass? Oh my god!” I didn’t even know if this was such a good idea but I sure was intrigued.
I turned around in the pool and kissed him before I did anything else. I didn’t know if we’ll ever get to our room! But this was way much better.
“Stop smiling!!!! You look like a moron Sam. I am sure you are loving this more than I am.” I too had a big smirk on my face. I just couldn’t hide it.
“Let’s go to the side where you can sit on the edge. I am sure they want to see everything.” I was referring to those silly girls who were fixated with all this.
“I might as well lick your balls first. Now put it in my mouth, Sam. I know you want to. You’re already hard.”
“I am going to cum in your mouth Meg.” The phrase of the century.
“Stop spanking my face with your dick, Sam. I know where that’s been. It’s not funny, either! Okay,” I opened up and in he came.
I love to suck dick. Specially his. OMG! He fucked my mouth like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! I wanted to shout out loud only I could hardly breath. “Fuck it. Fuck me with that dirty dick of yours!” I wanted to scream. “Shove it down my throat. Pull my hair back! That’s right. That’s what I want. That’s the way I want it. All the way down my throat! Make me drink you, Sam. Make me swallow that cum! I love how you taste. I love how you make me feel! Fuck my mouth like you fucked my ass. Fuck every hole I have. I know you will.” And he did. All night, right after we all went up to our room.
Of course. He also ate all his Strawberries and drank milk until he was full. But that was another story. I guess those two girls could tell it better than I can.
“What is wrong Meg?” He asked me as we were leaving the hotel. My tears were running down my cheeks and I was crying like a baby.
“What is it Meg? What is bothering you?”
As if he didn’t know……

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