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Sam (#10). Kate 1 (2/2): First Dates: Pete And Steve

Pete was 5 years younger than me and just got his degree.  He was 2″ taller, skinny, and probably the same weight.  He had just got out of a relationship and wanted relaxed fun which was good for me.

My only concern was that he wasn’t into exercise at all. I really wanted a guy that could keep physical and intellectual pace with me even as a FB.  While I wasn’t particularly fit by my standards due to work, I was still capable of a decent 5 or 10k run or having my .22 on my shoulder and gear for a few days on my back for going out against the Possums and bunnies, albeit with more effort than at my peak. 

I arranged to meet Pete for a date at a cafe as my second date.

I came straight from work in a black business dress.  He formally took my hand when we introduced which was nice and respectful, but not that good an omen for possible bed tomorrow.  We got some wine which soon loosened him up and then ordered. Over dinner, we found out that we had similar taste in movies and there was a short that we both were interested tomorrow at the Basement cinema.  Pete told me that the cinema was close to his home. I said that in that case, if things went well, it might not be the only basement he might be exploring tomorrow.

As we left, I kissed him on the cheek as a gesture of intent, which he reciprocated qualified test.

For the second date, I wore a fitted blue round-neck dress that I had bought in the Garment District on my last trip over.  I set my bra to show a bit of cleavage to see if I got a rise out of Pete.

We met at the Basement Bar, and he greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, but the kiss just skipped the edge of my lips.  I kissed him back likewise.  He said, “Nice Dress,” and smiled.

I said, “Dress or contents?”  I could see his trousers bulge slightly in response, so I gave him a gentle kiss on the lips as a reward.

We moved down the ticket queue and got them and some wine and a cone each. Then, we walked into the cinema and sat down. I put my hand on his knee which he reciprocated.

Soon the lights were off, and the ads were rolling.  Pete kissed me on the cheek, and I kissed him back, but I moved my head around.  He kissed me on the lips next time and I kissed him back, holding his knee.  I felt his mouth open as he open mouth kissed me, and I open mouth kissed him.  We progressed to gentle Frenching as the movie progressed and I could feel my nipples harden and my pussy moisten.  During the movie, I adjusted my bra to push my tits up a bit more.

The movie finished and we walked into the light.  Pete saw my tits and smiled as his cock hardened in his trousers and I kissed him on the lips hard yes you are getting a reward.  Pete took my hand gently and I returned a tighter grip.

We walked back to his place led us into the hall.  He mouth kissed me gently and I returned with a French.  We kissed softly but increasingly harder as he took his hands around my back outside of my dress, then slid around my side and then over my large bust and finally down over my clit.

I ran my hands over his front and found his bulge and rubbed it as we kissed.   Then he drew me in tight and kissed my neck as he unzipped me fully and I slid out.  He kissed me down to my tits and then started kissing them as I moaned softly at feeling him on me and my hand was now inside his trousers rubbing his lengthening cock.

Soon he reached my nipples, and he undid my bra, then fondled me as I fondled him.

I unbuttoned his shirt and then dropped his trousers and pants in one hit.  Pete got up and put a condom on so I could now kiss and suck his cock.  I stood up and now it was his turn.  He dropped to his knees and removed my panties, then reached in and kissed my open pussy.  I moaned as his lips touched mine and he put his tongue inside me.

He took me to the bed and lay me down, then slid his sheathed cock into me.  It wasn’t huge so far, but he knew how to use it. He slid backwards and forwards in my entrance, gently working his way into a pussy that could swallow him whole.

He was alternating between kissing my neck and mouth as he moved in and out gently and respectfully fucking his way up me.  His kisses made me wetter as he went deeper and grew with each stroke.  This wasn’t like Sam’s first fuck with Tom I thought but each guy is different as I continued enjoying having a cock inside.

Pete was now fucking reasonably fast, and my pussy was swallowing his full length.  He moved around inside to hit my sides which caused gentle moans and me to tighten on him.  As his kisses increased, I could feel his balls start to twitch and he shot his first cum into the condom.  Instinctively, I squeezed him harder as he fucked me faster causing more gentle moans as he shot again, then I felt him start to deflate as he lay on me, gently kissing me while still inside.  I held him tight as he relaxed.

This had been a nice, gentle first screw from a gentle guy that had stimulated me gently.  We lay there making out and I kissed him a final time and said, “Lets shower.”

Pete got off me and folded his filled condom off himself and dropped it into the wrapper, then led me to the shower.

The shower was only a 600 shower: actually, smaller than the ones at both Sam’s house and the Annexe and it had a fixed rose which I knew Sam had replaced quickly at her house and Tom had done during his and Jo’s upgrade at H1.

We squeezed into the shower, Pete semi limp.  We turned the water on, which had surprisingly good pressure. Pete French kissed me which I returned, and we rubbed each other down.  I concentrated on Pete’s cock to bring it fully erect as he massaged my large tits. Our kissing and Pete’s fondling caused his cock to become erect in my hands. 

I wrapped my arms around him, and we started Frenching harder.  Pete put his cock between my legs so his shaft could rub my open pussy.  We started making out harder as his rubs caused my pussy to open up.  

Pete reached over and grabbed a condom packet from the shelf.  I took the condom and put it between my lips, then bent down and slid him into the condom and my mouth.  I held his wrapped cock between my lips as he fucked my mouth gently at first but going deeper and harder each time.  I tightened my grip on his cock as he continued fucking my mouth.

I let him go from my mouth and he took the signal to lift my leg up and push his cock between them.  I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his neck, drawing him in close for a kiss as he pushed into me.  I kissed him deep to encourage him deep into me and his cock followed my lead by pushing up and deeper.  We started kissing harder than on the bed as he pushed up into me, hitting my entrance causing a gentle moan.  This caused me to squeeze him and kiss him harder as I felt him push against me.

We kissed harder and Pete fucked deeper and faster with his growing cock.  Sometimes his balls hit my entrance causing a gentle moan. 

Soon, I felt a twinge as Pete shot precum into the condom causing me to twinge and moan gently.  I kissed him harder to stimulate his cock which resulted in a harder upthrust and then a longer twinge as his first load shot.  He kissed me harder as his second load fired.

We lay curled on the floor making out with me now riding his softening cock gently as we kissed, and he fondled my tits under the stream.

Soon we were all showered out.  We got out and used towels to dry each other off.

I said grabbed my clothes and put my dress and knickers on.  I kissed Pete deep on the lips and said, “Give it back to me tomorrow at my place,” as I handed over my bra and left his house screwed, but only partially orgasmed.

I got home to find Sam and Tom were still up.  Sam asked me how it went, and I said, “Movie good, after movie twice OK,” and smiled as I went to bed to the sound of Sam and Tom laughing.


The following Saturday, Tom’s friend and ex colleague Anna had asked if we were interested in Mex at The Marina which involved dinner and dancing.  She invited us to stay over at her new house 10 minutes’ walk away so we wouldn’t have to worry about the hour’s drive home over windy roads.  

Dinner and dancing were something that was our idea of hog heaven.  We decided to triple down on fun. Her house has a large deck and, as the weather was forecast to only drop into the high teens, we decided to camp out on it, like Sam and I still do when we go Possuming.

The following day, the four of us would walk out along Gulf Coast Path. As she wasn’t a runner, Anna would drop out at 4k to return home, pick up our clean clothes and drive to Tau Tap at The Wharf which we would run along the Path to.  For me, 15ks is at the end of my range, but Tom and Sam do this before breakfast, so it would be an easy run for them as they would be running at my speed.

Leaving Tom’s, my Zoe’s boot was full of sleeping bags, clothes, and Tom’s running pack which he would fill at Annas so he and Sam could drink from.  I wasn’t quite ready for a pack, so I had a bum bag and bottle to fill, but Tom would stash a spare bottle in his pack. 

This was a community event, so we all wore T-shirts, jeans, and trainers.  

The radio kicked off with Steve Wonder’s Part Time Lovers.  I smiled as I now had two Part Time Lovers: the sweet, gentle Pete that I could see several days a week and the lusty, pussy pounding Kev that I would only see fortnightly. 

Hitting the Coast Road, I was glad to have the Zoe as the little EV’s torque hit home on the bottom of the climbs as it zoomed effortlessly up the switchy climbs and then hard regen’d down the steep, windy descents despite the useless Eco mode being off.  My fingers were cycling the radio controller in front of the stalk to change stations or flick back onto MP3.  Meanwhile, Sam and Tom were curled up in the back.

Just as we got into Marina Heights, Murder on the Dancefloor started which I thought very appropriate.

We met Anna her place.  She is 10 years older than Tom and has a body that makes Kate Moss in her 20s look big. Tom introduced us to her. When she hugged me, her forehead hit my nose as she is slightly shorter than me.

As we walked down through the new houses to the marina, Anna chatted to me initially, then Sam. Tom was content to play third fiddle. Then, we could see the red jet drive ferries tied up at the marina and heard the clinks of the yachts’ masts mingling with the diffuse beats of the Latin music.

Anna had booked a table of 8 for her friends as well. We ordered Margaritas and sat down, waiting for them.  Soon, her friends arrived, and she introduced us to them, saying that I was an engineer. Good idea: I thought tell them enough to be truthful, but not enough to kill the vibe!  I’m not shy about being a Rocket Engineer, but it can scare people off, but it will come out when ready.

Steve was one of them.  He was a builder, with muscly arms and stubble and had known Anna for a while, she told me.  We chatted as a group for a while as the food came out and several more pitchers of margaritas arrived. I sat opposite Steve and we small talked.  I felt his foot touch mine briefly and I responded and then my knee rubbed against his.  This was just playful flirting, but it made me damp and my nipples hardened slightly. 

Sam and Tom made an excuse to go to the loo.  Sated from the food and slightly buzzed from a second run of margaritas, they actually walked along the marina foreshore and stood next the yachts and under a darkening sky and started making out.  As usual, Tom got hard quickly, and Sam was getting wet feeling him against her. 

She took him by the hand, and they walked behind the marina office.  They re-started their Frenching, this time harder and faster.  Sam dropped his jeans, exposing his erect cock.  He unzipped her jeans and slid his cock against her wet, open entrance and pushed gently up so it was fully in her.  Their making out became faster as they ground each other quickly, causing Sam to wetten and tighten on his thickening cock.  Soon, their Frenched and grinding caused her pussy to pulsate on his cock and it responded by firing cum against the pulses.  

They stood there entwined briefly making out to unwind and then returned to our table.

I turned around to Anna and asked about Steve.  She told me that he was recently divorced with two kids and had a 5 staff in his business and was busy with work.  She said he lived in Sandy Bay but was staying at his friend’s place tonight.  Good to know, I thought, in case flirting progresses as I’m not doing a one-time with a local.

Churros arrived, accompanied by more margaritas.  Legally, we were all DUI, and we had a pleasant buzz from the booze.  Sam and Tom were playfully touching and kissing each other’s hands across the table.

Steve took a Churro, leaned across the table, and proffered it. I took it in my mouth and ate it from his hand, then kissed his hand once I reached its end. I felt his hand run up my leg as he did this, and I playfully grabbed it. I returned the favour and let him kiss my hand.

Sam said to Anna knowingly, “If things heat up between them, she’ll let him know her rules first.”

The lights went down, and the music went up, so we made for the dance floor.  The first few songs were a fast, fun, free for all: Sam and Tom started together; Steve and the girl sitting next to him paired, so I got Anna.  

Then we swapped and I got Tom.  Sam went off to get some water and Anna was soloing next to me. Tom and I were laughing, then I suddenly felt his mood go deep, dark.   His side again, I thought.  I reached up and loudly over the music said, “Orange” [our short for Jo, his late fiancé, and our friend] into his ear.  No response from Tom, so I said repeated loudly.  No response which was unusual.

Desperately, I reached over and pulled Anna in fast and hard.  I yelled at her, “GET SAM NOW. ORANGE.” Anna was shocked at my grab but rushed off.  I was desperate now, so I open hand slapped his arm.  Tom looked shocked but I saw him climbing out of his reconciliation.  

I wrapped my arm around him and took him back to the table, just as Sam and Anna arrived.  Sam wrapped her arms around him and embraced him.

Anna said to me, “What happened?”

I replied, “Vodka first.”

We walked to the bar, and I said to the bar girl, “Two Double vodkas, then two Margarita pitchers please.” The vodkas came fast, and I passed one over to her and we downed them straight.  I said, “You’ve seen fade before?” Anna nodded.  I said, “Sam and I know why, and we can get him out, but he’s never gone that hard before.”

His soul was afire with joy. But at the sweetest time, the Jo bottle had seeped, and his reconciliation was so deep and powerful that it shook the soul’s very foundations. I realised as my shock wore off and the vodka hit home. My Jo bottle’s whiff hadn’t worked that time, so I’d had to shock him. Hard.  My heart had led the way and I had done the right thing, I realised as the burn of the vodka subsided.

We took the pitchers back to the table and decanted it.  Tom was fully up again, and he was playfully kissing Sam.  The four of us downed the margaritas in one hit after the incident.  Anna looked at me rather lightheaded and I nodded.

The music had turned slow again. Steve came up and put his arm around me and guided me to the dance floor.  We held hands and danced the first slow dance.  The second dance, he held me so that my bust was against his chest and our faces were nearly touching.  I looked down and could see a growing bulge in his trousers and felt a growing wetness in mine. Then he moved in slightly and kissed me on the lips.  I kissed him on the lips back, then he open mouth kissed me.  Just then the music stopped.  

Time to set the rules, I thought, but Rule 1: no sex on first date gets broken if the others are obeyed.

I led him to a table outside under the moonlit sky with the dance sound mingling with that of the yachts and sat on his lap with his cock against my clit and my tits against his chest. I said, “I need some rules clarified?” and gave him a quick grind. Steve nodded and I kissed him closed mouth and short grind, feeling his cock grow against me. I continued, “I’m neither dating nor or exclusive with anyone.  Are you?”

He closed mouth kissed me and said, “Me neither.” I open mouth kissed him, which he responded with a French, and ground a bit harder causing his cock to grow more and continued, “I don’t want tonight only.  I’m looking for someone at least once a week.  What about you?”

Steve held me and Frenched me saying, “You know I have kids and I just want someone to have fun with regularly.”

I Frenched him again and we made out for a bit with my grinding increasing, then I pulled off his mouth.  I reached down and grabbed his growing cock and pulled it upright in his trousers and said, “But this is always wrapped?”

He Frenched me again and reached under my jeans, fingering my wetness, and said, “Always.”  I kissed and ground him harder, stroking his cock even thicker and longer and said, “Prove it.”

He led me round the corner and against the office wall and we started making out fast.  His hands wandered up my T-shirt and pulled it off, exposing my bra. I pulled off his shirt, exposing his muscly chest.  His hands found my jeans button and undid it, dropping them to the floor along with my panties that he had grabbed. His mouth started kissing my wetness.

I reached down and undid his jeans, dropping them to expose his thick, fat cock. Then he reached into the jeans, unwrapped a condom, and put it on.  I kissed him hard and slid the wrapped cock between my legs so he could start playing with my clit.

He leaned back and grabbed my tits, kissing them as his cock was massaging my entrance, then undid my bra and kissed my nipples.  I was moaning by now and I lifted up and slid onto it.  His fat cock went all the way up and I kissed him hard and deep, and I ground on it to seat it.  He held me tight, kissed me hard and fucked me deep and fast as I rode on his downstrokes.

I kissed him fast like I did with Kev and tightened on him, starting to squeeze his cock.   This caused his cock to spasm and shoot into the condom.

He kissed me and came out just as I climaxed.  I was a bit disappointed, but next time, I thought.  As we stood there, I could see a pair of writing figures further down the wall.  Wonder if its Sam and Tom again, I thought.

We got dressed quickly and had a brief make-out, then walked holding hands to the dancefloor and danced cheek to cheek, periodically kissing.  I slipped my card into his pocket, and he slipped his into mine.

Then we returned to the table, and I sat next to Sam.  She kissed me on the cheek and pinched my leg.  This was our signal for You’ve Fucked.

I sat next to Steve and kissed him as Tom and Sam briefly kissed. A final set of pitchers arrived, and the table drained them, then the lights went up.  It was 11pm and we had each knocked off over a pitcher.

Steve said he’d walk back with us as his friend’s place was just before Anna’s. 

Anna led the way up the new builds with Sam and Tom next to her.  Steve and I held back several steps chatting with them and exchanged kisses as we walked.  Just as we reached the bridge turn, Steve called out, “Thanks Anna, I’ll just hang back with Kate a minute.”

They walked on and we wrapped our arms around each other, kissing passionately again.  He leaned me against the bridge railing and pulled my t-shirt off in one hit, kissing me as he dropped off the bra.  Still kissing hard, he unzipped and dropped my jeans, leaving me naked and moonlit against the bridge.  He stripped off his top and removed a condom from his pocket. Then he dropped his jeans and pants and quickly sheathed his fat cock which he put on my wetness.

He kissed me deep and hard which I returned with extra as his cock rubbed my wetness causing me to open and get wetter.  Holding me to the bridge, he pushed deep into me and fucked me deep and hard with short in and out strokes exploring my wetness.  His kissing was hard and rough which caused me to rapidly tighten on him, moan and kiss him harder as his cock slid up and down inside.  I was hot and sweaty, and my pussy twitched as I kissed him harder.  His cock twinged and a load shot into me as I twinged on his cock, moaned, and kissed him rougher.  He fucked deeper and faster, causing me to twinge and him to twinge and cum.

Under the moonlight, we kissed as his shrinking cock gently fucked me down from my orgasm door a few minutes, then we fondled helping each other get dressed. 

“See you next week, I’m leading”, I said. We had a final hard make-out as he turned left up the street and I turned right on the bridge.   

I got back to Anna’s about 20 minutes after they did, and it was now gone midnight.  As I went up the driveway, my phone dinged. See you next week bridge girl. S.

I responded, All of me next time. K and saved his number.

I rang the bell and Anna opened it, hugging me and said, “Long goodbye.”

I hugged her back and said, “Very Long,” and playfully nosed her shoulder which she laughed at.

As usual, Sam had my spare key. She had got the sleeping bags out and had unrolled them on the deck under the beady eyes of Anna’s cat, Kitty.  Anna had decided to join us camping out and hers ready was ready too. I grabbed my overnight bag from the lounge and Anna showed me to the bathroom so I could shower and change. 

Under the moonlit sky, I slid into my bag next to Sam and Tom who were already in, asleep and wrapped around each other. I was lightheaded from lots of booze and lots of Steve’s carrot and quickly faded into a deep sleep.

We awoke under a brightening sun with Kitty repeatedly walking across us stating I’m the boss here.  

We took turns changing in Anna’s bathroom as she set out breakfast.

Anna wore her one-piece swim and shorts.  Sam and I had our race bras under singlets.  Tom had a slightly scruffy tri top on, though he explained that this one he only wore when he had a pack on as the straps rubbed and this top was his sacrificial one.  We all had base and over shorts.

Tom had made a Ciabatta yesterday and its toasting smell wafted through her house, mingling with the coffee we all needed. 

Tom had a large bruise on his arm from my slap.  He came hugged me and said, “I went deep, you certainly hit me out of it.” Sam came up and hugged us both. Anna had a hand-mark from where I grabbed her and she just smiled at us, All good.  

Anna and Tom knew that I their bruises were due to my issue of Mercy: the sole form of love that can cause both temporary damage and healing simultaneously but enriches all concerned.

Of us, Anna looked the worst for wear.  My two hard screws with Steve had purged the vodka and margaritas out of me.  My slap had done likewise to Tom and helping him recover had the same effect on Sam.  Anna had neither of these expurgations so looked a bit weary.

Kitty looked on as we ate, then we tidied up our overnight gear into the Zoe.

Tom had filled his pack’s bladder and installed it, then filled the two bottles which were in my bum bag and his pack.  We fast walked down the creek to screw bridge as I nicknamed it, through the marina, then onto the Gulf Track where Anna left us to loop back home.

On the rolling Gulf Coast track, we chatted about the rolling views and last night, omitting the episode. I set the pace and was surprised at how energetic I felt after all the margaritas and dick.  Tom kept his hose loose so that Sam could drink from it as well and I sipped from the bum bag bottle. We drained all the water as we definitely needed the hydration.

We knocked off the 11ks up the track in an hour which I was surprised at as this was supposed to be a gentle run, but I had set the pace.

Anna was in her one piece and shorts at the Wharf, waiting for us. She shed her shoes and shorts and jumped first in as we unshod, de-layered, then joined her for a relaxing swim in the warm, azure water with the mountains clear across the Gulf. 

We mostly breast stroked through the water, chatting.  Tom and Sam briefly trod water for a quick peck.  Out of range, Anna said that she thought that Tom looked very happy.  I replied that, apart from the flash, he was the happiest we’d known him.

The offshore breeze carried the smell from Tau on the Wharf’s pizza oven over the sea and it called us.  Anna opened her boot and grabbed our bags.

After a quick change and shower, we answered the Pizza Oven’s siren call and ordered its delicious temptations, plus some Olibollen for dessert.  The coffee machine called us, and we surrendered to that call too.

After last night, the taps definitely didn’t get answered, but the Off License did as we bought several mixed slabs.

I now had three FBs: Gentle, sweet, and regular Pete.  The Athletic monthly, enormous dicked, hard pounding Kev.  And the muscly, lusty Steve.

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