Julie’s Stud featuring sexy Nikki Delgado

Julie trusts him, likes him a lot, but doesn’t love him. He is always gentle, caring and considerate with her. Above all else, she trusts his cock inside her when they’re fucking for the camera. After they finish fucking, she always thanks him, kisses his sweating forehead, then thanks her female photographer, Mel. Julie insists on having a female behind the lens for all of her raunchiest shoots.

Julie’s Stud fucking Mel

Mel blushes, smiles and says, ‘You’re welcome, Julie. You were perfect, lovely as ever, great!’

Her stud’s dripping, thick sweat, ‘Are you sure you won’t us for lunch? The game is very good.’

Julie disentangles herself from her stud and swings her slender legs off the bed. The sheet is wet, dirty, soiled. She’ll have to put a wash on after they leave. He’s right. The game, particularly the wild venison, at the exclusive appointment only converted stables in the meadow, is excellent, a gastronomic opportunity, too good to be missed. Added to which, the restaurant is only open when there is an r in the month, as is the case today. She hears the antique clock in the hall strike eleven, standing suddenly, painfully aware that she has yet another stud to fuck. Julie gracefully declines.

‘Thanks stud, Mel. I can’t this time. I’m fucking someone. Someone intimately closer to my cunt.’

Mel, a stunning redhead of apparently unstained purity, feels for her glasses in her hair, casts her big brown eyes side to side gasping fake intrigue, ‘Closer to your cunt? How fucking perverted!’

Julie being fucked by her Stud

‘Be patient, Mel, you’ll meet him here in all his naked glory later, ready and waiting to fuck you.’ 

The stud pulls on his jockey shorts, studying the gorgeous woman he just fucked, he likes to think, fucked for love. He feels blessed fucking a beautiful woman like her, a class model at the peak of her profession, if you can call fucking for the camera professional. Julie has a face that breaks men’s hearts. She breaks his heart if he’s honest: the prettiest tangled, shaggy, mess of auburn-ginger hair caressing her narrow shoulders, haunting grey eyes, her surprised look, her wide pink labial lips, puckered, kissable lips, freckles, dozens of them, smattered over her feint-tanned chest. Spreading as far as her cute, round, pert little puppies, as he calls them, her greatest natural assets.

For the shoot, he undressed her, disrobed her, teasing her body in front of the window. Her pallid skin caught the warm spring sunshine as he tugged her red t-shirt off over her head. He ripped off her skinny jeans revealing her bespoke creation: orange rose lingerie made to match her gorgeous, freckled skin, her sublime tumbling hair. She let him hold her, let him press his hard ebony cock against her, letting him kiss her invasively, until she was ready. Julie revealed her most intimate charms to Mel’s prying lens, tearing off her stud’s Calvin Klein pants, then she climbed on top of him and mounted him.

Mel screws up her face in concentration, rolls her eyes, playing with the broad beige braces that, somehow, displace either side of her ample breasts. She’s wearing her white, short-sleeved shirt, pearl choker, thick rouge on her lips, brown baggy trousers: feminine combinations that meet with Julie’s approval. Another time of day, tonight maybe, she’ll invite Mel to stay, to bed, have sex.

‘I’ll tell you all the juicy news when you get back. Must get ready,’ the tarnished Julie calls, sliding off into the bathroom, ‘Help yourself to coffee. I bought you hot cross buns and homemade marmalade at the village market yesterday, the butter’s in the larder. Enjoy your pheasant, stud.’

Mel’s Stud enjoying her ‘pheasant’.

He pulled his spurting cock out of her lubricious cunt at the last moment and came all over her breasts and belly. She stands in the shower rinsing his semen off of her dusky nipples feeling no guilt or shame just a mild residual ache inside her tummy. It’s her job, her occupation, that’s all, a means to an extremely wealthy end. She washes her pubic hair, considering all the benefits of her rise to fame, a name on millions of men’s and women’s lips, a fashion icon, a catwalk model, an artist’s model, a nude model, a rising porn star.

A grateful patient at the hospital suggested Julie, an underpaid, overworked trainee nurse, take up part-time modelling to augment her pay, treat herself to a few luxuries. She approached an agency, sent them a smart portfolio of tasty nude photos, produced by Mel, and was snapped-up. The rest is history. Mel inspired her to success, cautiously at first, starting with fashion shoots, alluring facial portraits, moving on to her tasteful topless photos, full frontal nudes, the inevitable porn. In little more than a year Julie, just eighteen-years-old, quit nursing, earned the deposit on an isolated converted barn in the meadows, complete with duck pond, invested in a blue metallic Mini Cooper S Countryman with tinted windows, and chose her own lovers.

By the time she’s taken her pill, dried herself, cleaned her teeth and done her face, her friend has left with the stud.

Mel being fucked slowly, deeply and penetratively by her Stud.

She lies on the bed, closes her eyes, and wanks her swollen cunt with her fist, teasing her clit erect with her ring finger until she’s sopping wet and ready to squirt. The doorbell rings: her next stud.

‘Just coming!’ she cries.

Julie arches her body upward and comes, making a mess of the crumpled sheet with her girlie jus, squirting gently. After she has landed, she dresses in her flimsy black bra, taut suspender belt and stockings, and pads to the door to admit her stud. They kiss, deeply, and embrace. She undresses her man and guides him to her love nest.

‘I didn’t have time to change the sheets,’ she says.

He stands proud, his huge cock erect, standing to attention saluting her beautiful body, he shrugs, ‘Love the notion of fucking you on soiled sheets, makes me hard. How would you like me to fuck you, Julie?’

‘On all fours, stud, if you would,’ she says politely.

Julie gets up on all fours on the soiled, messy sheet, spreads her legs wide, tautening her suspender belt, bows her head: her tangled, straggly mess of ginger-auburn hair draped over her face, smiles, and says, ‘Fuck my cunt.’

The bald, hairless stud kneels inside her thighs, and grasps her waist, adoring the gorgeous woman he’s about to fuck, he likes to think, fuck her for love. He feels blessed fucking a beautiful woman like Julie a class model at the peak of her profession if you can call fucking her for fun loving her. Questions. This really isn’t the time for moral questions.

Mounting her from behind, he slides his ten-inch, rigid, joint of meat inside her sopping wet cunt.

Julie’s stud….

Mounting Julie from behind he slides his rigid joint of meat into her sopping wet cunt.


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