Journey to Submission

She looks at the digital clock on the nightstand next to the hotel bed. 6pm. She has one hour to go before he is scheduled to arrive. She unzips her suitcase, grabs her toiletries bag and heads into the small bathroom. Even though she took a shower and shaved that morning, she does it again to wash the day away and to make sure she didn’t miss any little hairs. She wants tonight to go well. She is doing this to slowly forget about the real world and concentrate only on him.

She steps out of the shower and lathers lotion all over her voluptuous body. As she does, she thinks about him and how it all started. She had just turned 40 and realized that she wasn’t completely happy in her life or her sex life. Something was missing and had been for a long time. She needed more than just being a wife and mother, she craved more than the routine, obligatory mission-style sex she had with her husband once a month. She wanted something for herself.

Over the years, she had occasional fantasies of being tied up and being spanked but now these fantasies were constantly invading her thoughts. She knew she couldn’t talk to her friends about it as many of them were not even having sex at all with their husbands, let alone the kind she wanted to have. She had tried bringing up the topic with her husband but he had no desire to spank her. He grew up with the idea that you don’t hit or hurt a woman and there was no changing his mind. So she went online.

It was just supposed to be research, to see if there was a way she could spice up her sex life with her husband, something that he would be willing to do but would also satisfy her own urges. She did still love her husband very much, even if the sex was rather boring.

She wound up in an online chat room and began asking questions. The people were all friendly when they replied but there was something about his responses in particular that called to her. He sent her a contact request and she accepted. For 6 months they did nothing but chat privately every day. Sometimes innocent conversations, talking about their lives, work, children and spouses. A lot of times though it was sexual in nature. Neither had any interest in leaving their respective spouses. They both just craved more than their partners could give them. She realized very early in their relationship that he was a Dominant and that she craved to be a submissive. She wanted to give up control of her body to someone else.

They had met for coffee once when he was in town, and had lunch together the second time. Their physical chemistry was just as amazing as their online chemistry. She desperately wanted to feel his hands on her body. This was the first night they were both finally free to meet and spend it together.

She puts on a bare minimum of makeup, a little powder, mascara and lipstick. She looks at her naked body in the mirror with a critical eye. She has some wrinkles on her forehead, her big breasts sag a bit from gravity and breastfeeding, her hips are a little too wide by society’s standards, her stomach is soft with a few extra pounds and stretch marks from giving birth, but there is a light of excitement in her eyes, a natural blush to her cheeks and she realizes she feels alive and she is beautiful in her imperfections.

She looks at the clock again. 6:45pm. He will be here in 15 minutes. She quickly puts everything away in the bathroom. She’s nervous but she’s also excited to begin this new journey. He asked her to be waiting, naked, kneeling for him and she said yes. She knows he will be picking up his own room key from the hotel clerk.

With five minutes to go, she grabs a pillow off the bed and throws it on the floor, kneeling naked onto it. She places her hands in her lap and her head down as a sign of her submissiveness to him. She clears her mind of everything and just breathes.

She hears the buzz of the hotel door lock and the turn of the handle. She hears him set his own overnight bag down and walk towards her. He stands for a moment, looking down at her without saying a word. His hand reaches forward and with his index finger he lifts her chin up, so her eyes meet his.

“Are you ready to begin your journey, my pet?”

“Yes Sir.”

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    1. So, this is by far the most erotic story of yours that I’ve read. Isn’t that interesting, since there is no actual sex – just the allusion to it. Your maturity as a writer shines through by just the way you left this…anticipation. It’s a tease, and it’s fab. It’s perfect … except, it would be so much more powerful in first person narrative.

      Unlike your bar story, it was pretty obvious from the beginning this would not be her husband. I like that too. If you could think of a twist, that would be something.

      • Thank you! And I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks erotica means there has to be sex in it for the story to be erotic. One of the few stories that I’ve written that wasn’t in the first person narrative lol. I look forward to seeing your comments as I continue to post here.

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