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Jen’s postbox posting

I had been at a long, boozy lunch with friends that had carried on to the night as these sorts of lunches tend to.

We ended up at a bar, where I spied on John, an ex-fling. John and I had amazing sexual chemistry, but not much else: unfortunately, every time I see him, I’m drawn to him like a moth is to a light and today was no different. I went over to John, and of course, we got flirting but my friends wanted to leave. I was grateful to my friends as much longer, we would have been in a corner with our tongues in each other’s mouths and his cock in my pussy.

I eventually left to go home to my cosy Uber Eats order and a replay of Clarkson’s Farm. So wholesome. Before long, in came a text from ‘said’ fling “You were looking hot tonight.”

Oh, here we go, I thought. The problem I have with this guy is that he is my kryptonite. Yes, he has the ability to weaken all my senses. I’m very aware he is not boyfriend material, and yet, thirty minutes later, he is out the front of my apartment waiting for me to let him in.

I told myself that he was definitely not staying, so I decided to go out and just say a quick hello, perhaps a kiss, and then head back to my comfy warm bed by myself.

I ran outside in my silk nightie and straight into his arms. We were soon making out heavily against the mailbox and I remembered that he is a ridiculously good kisser. 

The passion was on fire as our tongues probed each other’s mouths.  Then John’s hands started moving up and down my nightie, finding my tits and started massaging my erect nipples under my nightie.

When he hiked up my nightie – I literally lost my mind – my pussy was dripping. I reached down and unzipped John’s flies: his cock was hard as usual. He bent down and put a condom on, then he lifted me onto the postbox and pushed his sheathed cock into my pussy. I drew him in and kissed him open-mouthed as he started pushing deeper into my pussy.

John kissed me back harder, which I returned: this caused him to thrust deeper and faster as my pussy became wetter. Soon, we were both sweating as our kissing intensified as I could feel his cock swelling inside me. Soon I could feel my pussy starting to squeeze John’s cock. I could feel his cock pushing against my squeezing pussy and I started groaning as John came in the condom, then it was my turn to cum.

I dropped off the postbox and off John’s cock and carried on kissing him.

Within approximately three minutes it was all over, and we were giggling like naughty school kids. Then I slipped down my nightie and went inside .. alone

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    1. Okay, I’ve definitely read this elsewhere in a less explicit post – some sort of ‘reality’ confession thing out of an online magazine. I thought it was pretty hot even without the explicit details you’ve added. That’s pretty crazy because I presumed the publication was obscure and I just happened upon it.

      In an unrelated publication, I once read an article by a young lady who lost her husband in a farming accident. The gist of the article was what is good to say to a grieving widow vs what you never say. Her main point was don’t ever tell a person who just lost their spouse that everything is going to be alright because they are young and have time to find someone else. The most helpful thing you can say and do is offer to come by and do household chores that the spouse used to attend. It was a well written piece and well thought out. Oddly, the reason I remember it was because the morning before the accident, the author says she woke up very early (which she never does) and made love to her husband. It must have been extended, but she downplays the details because it’s really not that important… yet, it was. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have mentioned it at all.

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